nature wandering soul quotes from angie weiland-crosby

Nature Quotes for the Wandering Soul

I have created nature quotes to enchant the wandering soul.  And if nature isn’t your thing, I hope my words direct you there.  After all, creating a connection to our natural world provides a spring of well-being.

Here are only a few benefits nature has to offer:

From an early age, I knew Mother Nature existed as a healer.  I would sit for long periods of time in my backyard in a meditative state.  As such, my soul settled into peace.  And my imagination remained ripe to pick as I then played.

As an adult, my relationship with her has only deepened, the one constant in a sea of change.  No matter what obstacles life offers, the great outdoors soothes me.

Moreover, this is part of her charm.  It exists as one wild entity that mirrors the human experience, as well as teaches us how to live, love, and grow.

You see, nature has always served as my most magical refuge.

I hope to deliver you to that beautiful space today.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Wanderlust Quotes

A vintage ride, Nature by your side, heart and mind free, soul fully alive.

Traveling with Nature in a vintage ride ignites the heart, mind, and soul. It is a bridge from the past to the present. Stories echo. Oneness breathes. Magic happens. You become fully alive.

We are all sum parts of this beautiful epic called life. And Nature always leads the way to narrating yours!

Wherever I roam, nature is the only stranger that feels like home.

It doesn’t matter where travel takes me, I retreat into nature if I need a slice of home. There, I am greeted with familiarity even in a foreign landscape.

Mother Nature simply houses the ability to nurture me wherever I journey.

In this photograph, I am enjoying the view from a covered bridge in Rutland, Vermont. I highly recommend an autumnal road trip through Vermont at the height of the season. The foliage alone is breathtaking!

Nature is the dream, and I am her wanderer.

Nature exists as a living dream. Magic can be found in the simplest of things, both large and small—clouds sailing, a blade of sunlit grass, a flower budding. And we are mere wanderers amidst her enchantment.⁣

Some trails defy destination, longing only for soul.

In this hurried world of “getting somewhere,” nature offers an alternative route. Soul.

Soul isn’t too concerned with arrival; but more so with depth.

I love finding a trail that seems to meander gloomily along, particularly if I feel blue. As I wander, nature mimics my mood. Understands.

Oftentimes, that’s all we need to raise our vibration. Someone to listen. Nature does that for me, and so the farther I go, my worries begin to lift.

In time, I return to my life situation with a restored outlook.

In time, I return to my life situation with a restored outlook.

Knee-deep in the wilderness, my soul strums to an orchestra of nature’s sounds. And within that rhythm, I absolutely meet pure bliss.

Time in nature soothes my soul’s lovely wild.

Nature soothes a piece of my lovely free soul. It is a part which roams beyond society’s expectations. And, instead, allows me the room to feel both wild and peaceful all at once.

Anyone who has found this paradox in nature will vibe with this quote on a deep level.

I escape into the great outdoors; where freedom’s soul forever roars.

Sometimes you just need to feel purely wild!  And nowhere can you find freedom and the wild coexisting with the mightiest roar than in nature.  It’s where we go to feed this part of us.

We are lucky that the great soul of the outdoors is our forever feral place.

Solitude, on the road, raindrops falling, a trip to soul.

There’s nothing like navigating a lonely road with nature, a friend to your soul. And when it’s a moody day, raindrops groove along with you, the perfect soundtrack.⁣

A brook flows unapologetically, aware that sometimes one must go, not stay.

As a brook ripples along with clear intent, so must we. Life isn’t meant to remain unchanged, stuck. We must always seek to expand our horizons: explore, learn, and grow. In doing so, not only do we evolve as individuals, but we are also able to share more gifts with each other.

The desert wandered before me, a nomadic soul, and I chased her wisdom of ancient gold.

There is no place like a desert. The sand, dunes, cacti, horizon, all coexist as a breathtaking painting of survival. And as a nomad, the desert wanders before you, granting a view for miles on end.  You may nearly hear her wise, golden voice, guiding you. In time, her heat and open land beg for one’s truth to surface, like an oasis.

I have made some of my most important life decisions in the desert.

Twilight lures me to her luminous dream, and I feel the wonder of things unseen.

Dusk dims at the same time she shimmers—a marvel of dark and light. And we are left to roam and imagine in this realm, fashioned for dreamers.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Forest Quotes

Deep in the forest I stroll to hear the wisdom of my soul.

A long walk into the forest is true meditative time. The trees still the mind, and the deeper you go the more the soul’s portal widens. Within that space, wisdom whispers.

In the backwoods of nature’s soul I left my wild true heart.

There is nothing more freeing for me than to escape into nature’s soul and solitude. In doing so, I both nurture and tame the wilderness within.

It also takes me back to childhood when my wild true heart relished every second playing outdoors. I spent most of my time in the forest. It existed as a stomping ground to grow my imagination.

A return to this space always feels like slipping into my authenticity.

A return to this space always feels like slipping into my authenticity.

A journey into the forest never feels like a solitary path. Nature provides company, large and small. I can lose myself in finer details or bask in her overall glory.

Whatever I do, I know I’m with the fondest friend.

nature love quote
Nature lulls me in her enchanted woods; soul flowing through greens, and roots, and tangled loves.

To wander through the enchanted woods is to witness an old love story, one that spans the seasons, never-ending. As the tangled trees root with and for one another, pure soul flows. It interconnects every aspect of the forest. And we bear witness to this sustained wonder . . . a part of it for a heartbeat. Magic!

This image is courtesy of John Freud, a generous nature enthusiast and talented photographer from Texas. Check out his website, and learn more about the fine work he does for the Cibolo Nature Center in his region.

The forest is a recipe with homegrown ingredients for the soul’s remedy.

There is no other recipe that soothes and heals more than that of the forest. Fresh air. Tangy scents. Lovely melodies. Homegrown wonder as far as one can see. The spice of life seasoned with each and every tree. Give your soul some Love. Roam the woods (and don’t forget to hug a tree)!

the forest is a recipe quote
the forest spoke to my soul in a language I already knew; a distant lullaby from the womb of peace and solitude.
The forest spoke to my soul in a language I already knew; a distant lullaby from the womb of peace & solitude.

As I enter the woods, the sounds soothe me. Indeed, the sensation mimics a dream world. Perhaps a place from long ago when a buffer rested between me and all of life’s problems.

Inwardly, we all long to seek comfort from that sort of safe serene space. The forest can take us there.

And there I marveled at the forest’s trees; my soul rooted to its deep verdant sea. I could no more leave it, than it could walk from me.

This sentiment washes over me whenever I find myself in the peaceful realm of the deep woods. Even as I walk away, the forest still occupies a part of my soul.

forest quote
angie weiland-crosby forest
My soul longs for deep forest greens, a gray-laced sky; foggy wisps traveling by.

When there has been one too many days of sunshine, I yearn for that moody nature vibe. Wandering in to the woods, one with nature, I feel her deep spectrum of emotion. My soul blends with it, and feels peace.

Deep in the pure wild woods I run; where my heart can breathe and my soul finds love.

The forest is my soulful go-to place to feel alive, to connect with my authenticity, and to embrace self-love.

deep in the pure wild woods I run quote
the forest is a mystery quote
The forest is a mystery, a pocket of soul, a breath of the unending, a love grown old.

What a blessing to wander through the forest’s wise, aged magic!

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Inspirational Nature Quotes

The morning rose, a pastel dream, inspiring our earthly dreams.

Nature rises in glorified light each morning, casting shades that are otherworldly. It inspires us to channel our heartbeat to the rhythm of purpose and reach for our dreams.

Life can be a wonder, when we train our eyes to look in this way, and fine-tune our souls to feel it. Believe.

morning quote
nature peace quote
Let’s meet in nature, and be the bedrock of shared peace.

Nature is a grounding place for us to meet. In troubled times, she offers a wide expanse, a view large enough to hold your problems. Surely, she gives us a new perspective, and comfort.

Now, to meet a friend in nature, it’s all the better! When two people are on her wavelength, and embrace peace, it creates a ripple effect. Together, you backpack this calm to your life circumstance, and share it freely with those around you.

Nature shows us how to live, love, & grow alongside each other.

A forest is a glorious entity. It can teach us valuable lessons about life, love, and growth.

I recently read the book, The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben, in which he describes the forest as a social network. He draws on groundbreaking scientific discoveries to prove this point. Most engaging, he reveals how trees are like human families.

If you love the woods like I do, his book is a must-read!

nature shows us how to live, love, & grow alongside each other
nature's heart is evergreen quote
Nature’s heart is evergreen; her soul deep as the wild blue sea.

The natural world embodies a full realm of emotion, so vast and deep; yet, nature is constant and ever-changing all at once. If we take the time, we can find ourselves in every facet of her great wild and wonder.

What a gift!

The photographer of this amazing shot is Eberhard Grossgasteiger. Check out his Instagram gallery. Give him a follow! He tells Mother Nature’s soulful story with every shot.

Nature’s soul fields stormy weather, harboring strength to carry on.

Nature rolls with “what is,” the highs and the lows. Even if broken, Mother Nature restores herself in time.

We can take a cue from such resilience, and always chose hope and strength as a means to move forward.

nature soul quote
hike past the realm of human greed, to where Nature gives so selflessly
Hike past the realm of human greed, to where Nature gives, so selflessly.

If we spend too many days in the commercialized world, a hike into nature is a necessity. After all, we need that detachment from “human things,” a space to breathe, and be.

Nature, so selfless, gives it to us, free of a price tag.

Peace is rooted and alone in a roomy place I call home, Nature.

There are times when aloneness is peace. It is not loneliness; rather, it’s a reprieve from activity. A rooted place to listen to one’s soul.

Nature is that home for me.

angie weiland crosby alone in nature quote
inspirational nature quote
Reflect the sunrise in your soul. Shine light and focus on your goal.

The sun rises with purpose—to bring us light. In the same manner, begin your days with a singularity of purpose, one unique to your soul. Spend your moments nurturing it, and in a way that uplifts others, too. ⁣

Most of all, reflect Love. 

Each moment in nature brings one heartbeat of healing.

Nature is a magical healer. Find some moments this week and let your heart beat beautifully with her.

each moment in nature brings one heartbeat of healing
angie weiland-crosby beauty of nature quote
The infinite beauty of night is in the way she gifts her light.

The night is a wondrous backdrop of dark and light. It reminds us to embrace and balance both, mining the gifts deep within each realm. ⁣

Spend some time in the night’s quiet. Wonder and wander, and then feel yourself a part of this marvel. ⁣

Starlight threads into the sky a luminous quilt on lonely nights.

When the night is vast and loneliness finds you, step outside. Allow the stars to blanket you with a wave of hope, and friendliness. Take the light into your soul, a comforter, and sleep with the knowledge that you are a unique part of this world. You are never alone.

starlight threads into the sky quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Grief Quotes About Nature as a Healer

broken soul quote
Dear Broken Soul in the wild, Let Nature heal your inner child.

When we begin our time on earth with trauma, life is spent playing catch-up. Reaching to feel normal, like those around you, who seem to navigate years better than you. There is a search outside of yourself, when truly, one needs to journey deeper within, and heal. Go to Nature, a beloved therapist.

She will whisper, “You are broken, but not in the way you think. Rather, you are a cherished piece of the beauty that surrounds you.” And when you can see, and feel, and believe this truth, your inner child will reawaken, and recovery can begin.

When grief rains down in far too many pieces, nature still holds my one blue soul.

Nature reflects the human experience. In her spectrum of moods and landscapes, you can find and field your own feelings. And in this exists solace.

I enjoy walking in the rain during times of grief. A downpour reminds me that heartache is a part of life. But with time, like the rain, it will pass.

grief quote for nature lovers
moon quote
The moon nurtures her deepest fear with a light so fierce it draws hope near.

Like the moon, we are alone, at times. And if loneliness gets the best of us, fear may shadow our light. But to face fear—and let it be seen—is an act of self-love. We can then gently reveal our inner light, and shine with beats of bravery. Put fear, so needy, to rest with kind words. Invite hope to make an appearance and nudge our souls to follow our skyline of purpose.

The world is full of stars just waiting for your moon to inspire them!

Nature is the kind of friend that never leaves my side. Even in grief-stricken times in her soul I can confide.

There is such solace in times of despair to know that you can always rely on nature. Entering her terrain when times are tough feels like mourning with the closest friend.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger. Click to find more of his moody nature photos on Unsplash.

nature is the kind of friend quote
nature as a healer quote
There lives a place deep in the woods that shoulders all my tears; while sunlight grazes wildflowers, soothing mosaic tears.

We all need that place in nature that feels like an enchanted respite, and a healer.  I dedicate this to my brave aunt who is presently fighting cancer.  She is a gifted mosaic artist with a golden heart.  May you find a slice of the serene outdoors, Denise, to soothe your worries, and catch your tears.  Please take a quiet moment to send her healing wishes.  Thank you!

I am also extending my warmth and blessings to anyone out there who is struggling as well.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Tree-Lover Quotes

Lost in the lore of trees, my soul sings earthen melodies.

The woods is a universe of knowledge, carried on for centuries. When we tap into this mystical realm, we grow all the wiser. Let your soul sing her pure melodies!

lost in the lore of trees quote
angie weiland-crosby forest quote
Whisperings from trees of old, the forest is a route to soul.

Look for the route, and then listen carefully. You will find your soul amidst the land of old trees.

Here I sit beneath a tree. Heartbeat calm. Soul hums free.

My daughter inspired this quote. Since a very young age, she has been drawn to an oak in our backyard. Her mystical friendship with the old tree never ceases to fascinate me. I even wrote a book inspired by it.

My daughter has autism, and I’ve noticed throughout her life that nature is her second mother. She goes outside to calm herself. As such, her oak towers and bends as a source of beautiful comfort.

In the same vein, time beneath a tree calms all my worries. My soul, too, hums free!

angie weiland-crosby nature quote
Along this earthen wonderland my heart falls in green love; as I gaze awestruck to the trees sharing grace from above.

There is something otherworldly about trees, and how they branch beyond us to the heavens—out of reach. Still, they shelter us with such grace and hope. Like Joyce Kilmer wrote in his classic poem, “Trees,” (a favorite!) . . .”I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”

My favorite place to rest & be is tucked in the shade of an old oak tree.

My old oak offers me the perfect respite. Tucked beneath its shade, I love to enjoy the present moment. It also offers a beautiful canopy in the summertime to savor a great read!

tree quote
poetic heart of nature's love quote
Sunlit soul and trees above, the poetic heart of Nature’s Love.

When we rest in our souls, take Nature in and allow her sunlight to enlighten us, Peace and Love are ours to know. We become living, breathing poetry. One heart full of diverse wonder.

And this is true beauty.

You can find more tree quotes and forest quotes on my post, Tree Quotes and Tree Poetry That Branch to Your Soul.


“Weiland-Crosby weaves a moving tapestry of grief, family, and the enduring power of nature . . . [T]his rich fusion of connection and resilience will remind readers of their own magic.” –BOOKLIFE REVIEWS
“A mesmerizing and beautiful debut novel . . . Scarlet Oak will enchant you with its soulful prose. The novel is a magical ode to nature, and a story of grief, hope, and love, from a unique new talent.” –J. SEXTON, POET
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Childhood Quotes about Nature

nature peace quote
Nature, I have loved you from my soul’s very first breath. Your open arms have nurtured me in ways no human can.

From birth onward, Mother Nature is a constant source of support. She soothes and inspires in her unique and grand way.  Run into her open arms often and rest in her calm. She won’t let you down.

Childhood is the magical keeper of nature's imagination.

In childhood, nature is a wild template and we create her added wonder. That’s because through innocent eyes, we see the potential of her magic. And so, we fashion her landscape and many jewels into imaginative hours of play. I think nature loves us for it!⁣

Time does pass and we all grow up. We may have children of our own. And then once more, through them, we glimpse our past, and give a wink and a nod to our long lost paradise, nature. After all, she shaped us, as much as we spruced her up into magic. ⁣

childhood is the magical keeper of nature's imagination quote
frozen on the seashore's sand quote
Time felt close at hand, frozen on the seashore’s sand.

I love this photo by Annie Spratt. It feels antiquated, yet timeless. Also, it holds a wistful energy. The beach is a magical place that stores moments from our past in her sands of time.

There we spent each dreamy day, loving on nature, endless hours of play.

Moments in nature as a child feel like a whimsical love story. Replay these times often, and try to mimic them. I do with my daughter, Summer. We all need playfulness in our lives.

there we spent each dreamy day quote
childhood nature quote
Childhood walked us through a magical door into Nature’s dreamworld. We needed nothing more.

This picture took me back to childhood. It looks so much like my cousin, Craig, and I, ready to begin a day of woodland adventures. Nature was our dreamworld, and an active participant. A character in our imaginings. A beloved friend. 

I can still wander through a forest and hear our voices. Feel the pulse of excitement. Keep the magic alive, and carry it into my writing.

Make childlike wonder a part of your life! Your heart will thank you.

Her heart beats in nature’s bluebell wild: the soul that loved her as a child.

Traveling into untamed nature is one of childhood’s delights. I liked to find wild fields and sit, daydream, feel comforted.

A blanket of bluebells always offered me a soulful refuge. In my mind, the flowers loved me back as much as I loved them.

her heart beats to nature's bluebell wild quote
angie weiland-crosby forest quote
Take me in to the forest and leave me with old trees, so I can unpack my trunk of childhood memories.

The forest unpacks nostalgia in us, and so takes us back to the treasures of childhood. There, nature lives as a constant part of our memories, an old friend.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Nature Girl Quotes

She journeys with a magical step to the loving realm that knows her best, Nature.

If you have lost your sparkle for life, step outside and travel along with Nature. You will rekindle whimsy, and the heart will direct your senses to the makings of pure magic. Wildflowers. Grass. Mountains. Clouds. Sky. Let the harmony of these gifts remind you of the hopeful synergy within your own body, spirit, and soul.

At our best, we are Nature.

angie weiland-crosby wanderlust quote
she beats the to the beauty of her wildflower heart and seashore soul quote
She beats to the beauty of her wildflower heart and seashore soul.

I created this nature girl quote in honor of my daughter as well. Her heart and soul definitely beat to this vibe. She loves the summertime, which is fortuitous since we named her Summer!

Check out more nature girl quotes on my post, Summer & Beach Quotes with a Splash of Soul.

Wild is nature in the young girl’s heart, a fearless piece that befriends the dark.

We are taught to fear. But Nature begs us to wander and wonder.

When we are young, an open canvas is ours to paint. Nature is that broad landscape to forever roam and as dusk comes, so, too, does magic. The dimming of sunlight sparks the imagination, and as darkness falls anything and everything could be masked in this marvel. Then we create it in our souls.

I believe we all still hold that bold piece of us that befriends the night. And in reawakening it, we find other parts of ourselves as well. They are valiant, curious, never with a want to give up on life. Longing only to know more of it.

wild is nature in the young girl's heart quote
how brave the moon shines in her skin quote
How brave the moon shines in her skin; outnumbered by the stars.

Once more, my daughter serves as my muse. How brave she is to face a world in which she, at times, may feel outnumbered, sometimes even out of place. But still, she shines and smiles into her own beautiful sky.

Nature can show us the path to self-love; and that is why I adore time spent in her grandeur.

Nature was her silken world, the fabric that embraced a lonely girl.

My daughter inspired this quote as well. She loves nature and fashion in equal parts. It has been an ongoing journey to help her make friends, however, and I can see that lonely piece of her. But one thing is for sure. Nature is the soft garment which fits her just right every time. And this is beautiful.

nature was her silken world quote
still in nature quote
Life trapped her in four walls, but she was still in nature; that shiny electric spark riding wild with the wind.

Life dictates that we remain indoors for a good part of our days, and for a nature girl this can feel like being trapped.  But a wild earthy soul maintains that bond with Mother Nature no matter the limitations.  It is tied to her very being—the electric spark that fuels her.

As I roam the meadow’s home, a solitary soul, I slip into a silent dream, never to be alone.

Nature is a dream, and a companion. You are never alone in her territory. Instead, you are an integral part of her magic, if you open your soul to her.

as I roam the meadow's home quote
nature, a kindhearted home quote
When I seek to be understood, I come to Nature, a kindhearted home.

Nature is a home that welcomes everyone. And this is her most beautiful truth.

She tangos with twilight; her soul enlivened by the wild dance in to night.

This quote is for twilight lovers. Of course, every hour spent in nature is something to celebrate. But this beautiful space in between two worlds, day and night, creates a soft ambiance and draws us into an authentic dance with our souls. It is here passion stirs, and magic. We are enlivened.

she tangos with twilight quote
she was drawn to things that grow in the dark quote
She was drawn to things that grow in the dark: stars, and moonbeams, and her soul’s wild backyard.

Because all nature girls (& guys) have this side to them: an untamed piece that embraces the night . . . and the mystery that comes along with it. Beneath this dark canopy, our soul’s backyard, we find ourselves over and over again. It is a wild ride of perpetual growth.

Autumn whispered to the wind, “I fall but always rise again.”

My very favourite read of 2022! This novel delivered everything I ask from a book! Transported me right out of the mundane and into a magical world of nature! Her writing style and unique descriptives are not only clever but inspiring. I loved loved LOVED this book!  —KAY WREN, CANADA

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Nature Love Quotes

nature is the heart unbound quote
Nature is the heart unbound, a diverse world where Love resounds.

Nature is a pure heart, set free, a place to wander endlessly. And as we travel through her diverse landscapes, and grow more in tune with our souls, Love echoes.

A raindrop forest laced with mist, earth meets sky, a romantic tryst.

Feel the magic of Nature. She will romance your heart every time!

Be well. Be Love. Be Nature.

a raindrop forest laced with mist quote
rest your heart in nature's warm quote
Rest your heart in nature’s warm, and the deepest love of life will form.

We all have times in our lives when the heart feels tired, and requires a kindly place to rest. Nature offers that warm spot. Beneath her rays, we connect with the moment. Presence fills us, and we carry this well-being away, renewing our love for life.

Come into nature’s home, sit next to me, and bare your soul.

When we enter the home of nature, there is enough room to truly connect with another, and reveal our truest selves. This is a treasure!

come into nature's home quote
Nature, a dog, and a cozy heart: Love’s truest work of art.

Need I say more? 

Nature is a sublime storyteller in every setting.

Nature inspires us with awe, as she weaves her many stories. And all of her tales flourish in the most epic settings. From mountains to forests, deserts to plains, beaches to meadows . . . I could read her magic all day and night!

nature is a sublime storyteller quote
leave me in the heart of nature quote
Leave me in the heart of nature beneath the sunlight’s glow.

Sunlight is a potent healer.  It gives us Vitamin D for optimal health, and uplifts our mood.  As the heart of nature, we all need to bask beneath the sun’s warm spell.

The stars are olden love stories in a sky spun of soul.

It is awe-inspiring to stand alone in the night and star-gaze. Older than time these gems twinkle, telling us love stories from afar, all of which feel soul-born.

Take some time one night to read the sky. Feel the magic!

the stars are olden love stories quote
nature is my soothing spot quote
Nature is my soothing spot, a faithful friend with an evergreen heart.

Nature is a loyal place, rooted in deep friendship. Be present, and give time to her care. She will surely repay your hospitality tenfold. After all, Nature is our largest home, trusty friend, and the truest meeting ground of heart and soul.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Mountain Quotes

The mountains whisper for me to wander; my soul hikes to the call.

A moody mountaintop invites me to wander. Like a magnet, I’m drawn into the mist and marvel during a climb. At the apex, the horizon stretches as a dream and my heart finds peace.

Give me a mountain, and its grandeur will surely speak to my soul.

the mountains whisper for me to wander; my soul hikes to the call quote
the mountains chants quote
The mountain chants in rock and stone a rugged tale of coming home.

While we climb a mountain, our footsteps create a simple melody to keep us going. As we ascend, our souls harmonize, too, along with our heartbeats of bravery, strength, and resilience. When we reach the top, it is to the tune of a rugged, grand story. A homecoming. The mountain has become a part of us.

Along the mountain’s weathered face, sunlight traced her age with grace.

The mountains are a testament to age. I imagine the sun, another longstanding force, paying homage to them. Sunrays fall gently on each crack and crevice, and trace the beauty of a worn, wondrous life. ⁣

For to age is to grace into one’s soul. Let your mind be the sunlight that tells you so. ⁣

along the mountain's weathered face quote
the mountains raised me quote
The mountains raised me somewhere far, to view the earth with grace and calm.

If you are a mountain lover, chances are these loving, stalwart structures raised you. And, in doing so, taught you to look at life through many perspectives, grace and calm being a few of them.

The mountain reached for his true, the sky, staring into her ethereal eyes.

I imagine the mountains gazing upward to the sky, lost in the wonder of a true love, just out of reach. Still, they stay with one another. Allow their love to grow in the only way it can. ⁣

Nature is this sort of romantic story, and all of her pieces belong to each other.

the mountain reached for his true love, the sky quote
my footsteps know the mountain quote
My footsteps know the mountain, a rhythm born from soul.

Scaling a mountain is a dance, and one needs rhythm for the climb. When we are home in nature, every move comes from a place of intuition and soul. There to push our boundaries, to confront our fears, a mountain is motivation and a partner.

As our heartbeats sync with our footsteps, the mountain feels this pulse of life. Even as its peak reaches for the sky—so above us—it’s also rooting for us.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Meditative Quotes about Nature

Each sunrise is a chorus in Nature’s never-ending song.

Each day we wake to our senses, and if they are keen enough, we hear Nature. For we are a part of her cycle, from the birds, to the trees, to the sunrise and beyond. A part of her never-ending song. At our best, we not only bear witness to her chorus, but hum in harmony with her each day.

each sunrise is a chorus quote
swept into nature's calm quote
Swept into nature’s calm, the soul stills as clouds move on.

Nature is a moving portrait which paradoxically shows us how to root ourselves, and “be” in the moment. There is nothing more hypnotic than to watch the clouds sweep by. The soul calms. The heart soars. The mind stills. All is well.

My soul steers me into nature’s silence.

When life becomes too rushed, my soul compels me to nature. In fact, it steers me from people and into silence. Escaping to still quiet waters in a kayak or a boat delivers calm.

We all need that sacred space to become more of ourselves rather than less. The great outdoors offers a serene respite to do so.

my soul steers me into nature's silence quote
nature is the purest portal to inner peace quote
Nature is the purest portal to inner peace.

Years ago, when I first began teaching, my mentor echoed these wise words to me. Your class will mirror your energy, so stay calm. As I practiced this truth, it grew clear that I held the power to shape my reality.

I backpacked this piece of wisdom to the great outdoors. Over time, I learned to quiet my mind, body, and spirit to reflect nature’s tranquility. My life transformed as a result.

Nature is not only the purest portal to inner peace, but also serves as an evergreen teacher.

Nature draws us in to see, our souls reflected in her body.

Nature is one diverse body, an artist who draws us into her wonder. As seekers, we are a part of her. When we take the time to reflect on this truth, our souls unite in the language of peace.⁣

nature draws us in to see quote
nature's rhythm is simple. be. quote
Nature’s rhythm is simple. Be.

Truly, it is this simple. Nature is presence.

Nature streams into my soul, an earthen mother immersed in Love.

We all need a break from devices and life’s pressures. Time to wander, and flow into a different stream of consciousness. Nature takes us there.

After all, she is our earthen mother, calling for us to replenish our souls. Love.

nature streams into my soul quote
the sea echoes serenity quote
The sea echoes serenity to the tempo of Nature’s kind heartbeat.

Tranquil to our souls, the sea takes us into Nature’s musical heartbeat. There we mirror her peace, and flow it to others. 

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Oneness and Nature Sayings

The home I’ve built within is Nature. Strong. Free. Peaceful. My soul is one with her.

I created this quote as I wrote my post, Time for Nature. In it, I take the reader along with me on my meditative evening walks. The post ends with this realization.

“I return to my house, a structure to protect against nature. But the home I’ve built within is Nature. Strong. Free. Peaceful. My soul is one with her.”

Building my soul has taken a lot of work. But I credit nature partly for it. She has offered me that safe and beautiful haven to grow.

the home I've built within is Nature quote
i am not locked away quote
I am not locked away. I dwell in the soul that feels nature’s waves.

Nature exists as one beautiful entity. And this is “what is.” ⁣

Still, as humans, we have chopped her into pieces, and used sounds and words to do so. As such, we named this a tree, or that an ocean, or this a cloud. When we are fully present in the natural world, however, labels are not necessary. We simply feel divine oneness.⁣

My daughter received the label of autism, and for this, some may think she is locked away in her own world. Or believe that this “piece” makes her less than, not whole. But I know her truest essence. It breathes in the same wavelength found in nature’s unity. 


Earthing is a wooded dream, my feet in step with every tree.

When our bare feet touch the ground, we feel our interconnection with Nature on a visceral level. With each step, we flow into her dream. Root our souls in her wonder.

Earthing is a wooded dream quote
let me walk you in nature quote
Let me walk you in nature. I can BE & you will see.

A dog can serve as our teacher in so many ways. In fact, all one needs to do is watch a dog outdoors and oneness is yours to know. Our furry pets are tuned into the present moment and its many wonders.

Allow your dog to walk you! You may see the natural world through new eyes.

Window-shop a peaceful view. Nature sells the goods to soothe.

It is my kind of browsing experience!

window-shop a peaceful view quote
nature is a gift for the soul quote
Nature is a gift for the soul. Oneness in her profound flow.

At times, we move through life on auto-pilot, detached from our souls. But a walk outdoors returns us to this truth. Nature is the gift of presence, and we are forever a part of her flow.

When the sun whispers goodbye in soft gold, it hugs the earth as one beautiful soul.

Every evening, the sun sets in a radiant farewell; a seeming moment of unity between earth and sky. This is a reminder of the beauty in oneness. And how we hold the power and choice to live, love, and grow from this space.

when the sun whispers goodbye in soft gold quote
one with nature quote
One with nature. One with soul.

This fantasy drawing by Larisa Koshkina resonates on a deep level with me. She taps into nature’s soul.

When we connect to this place, our wounded pieces can merge and heal.

We no longer feel apart, but a part of Nature.

Instead, we are home.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

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