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Tree Quotes & Forest Quotes that Branch to Your Soul

Some of my most beloved words can be found in tree quotes, forest quotes, and classic tree poetry. So, it’s no wonder that I am fixated on writing both so much. Trees, to me, are simply fabulous in every aspect and form. I could spend hours beneath their canopy, awe-struck; days on end in the woods, my preferred home. Today, I hope to open this wonder to you, and inspire the love I feel so deeply.

So, come with me into the realm of wooded wanderlust as you read my tree quotes, forest quotes, and tree poetry. Also, I have placed in this post some of my all-time favorite words and poems about trees from famous nature-loving souls.  I bow to their wisdom and artistry.


Quotes About Trees and Love

tree quote with a woman sitting beneath a tree...

Here I sit beneath a tree. Heartbeat calm.  Soul hums free.

Under a tree, I achieve stillness, as my heart is able to calm and embody a vibration of love.  Beyond that, my soul feels nothing short of free.  And I owe all of this to the majesty of a tree.

I adore this lovely artist! Her name is Heena Shrivastava, and you can click @Heenanik to find her on Instagram.  She is the kindest soul, and her talent is endless.  Heena used my “Here I set beneath a tree…” quote as an insta caption for this sweet leaf art. 

Joyce Kilmer quote from the poem

This is my favorite line from the awe-inspiring poem, “Trees,” by Joyce Kilmer.

wanderlust quote with a woman in the woods...

I am wedded to wooded wanderlust; a true soulmate in the rough.

The forest can feel like an enduring lover.  Indeed, you will surely find peace, acceptance, and adventure the deeper you wander.  And always will it remain.

Victor Hugo tree love quote...

Nature Photography of the Misty Deep Woods by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

In the depth of the woods, nature leaned into me; shading the ache of humanness with loyal loving trees.

To ache is to be human.  No one can escape this fate.  But we can find places that allow us to field a spectrum of emotions, and feel comforted.

Nature is that loving loyal space, and the more we care for her well-being, the more we care for our own, both individually and collectively.  In a time when there is such despair in the world, my wish is for all of us to find these quiet moments of solace in nature.  And with loyalty, give back in return.

Nature Photography by Vladisnav Nahorn

The forest birthed her soul in me, and I belonged to every tree.

This is dedicated to all those nature lovers who feel most at home amongst the trees! I know that I can sit with, stand by, gaze at, and commune with any tree, and imagine being one with it.

In the spirit of my tree sprite, Scarlet Oak, these are lines that she would speak, too! And for those who have read my novel, when I saw this image, it reminded me so much of how I envisioned Scarlet/Willow.

Scarlet Oak, a magical realism novel by Angie Weiland-Crosby

Foggy Pines Nature Photography by Ebehrard Grossgasteiger

A mother is a forested gift, branching from roots, and strength, and Love that uplifts.

A mother’s Love is a force as beautiful, steady, wise, and all-encompassing as an endless forest. She is a blessing beyond all blessings. A giver of life, who takes your soul and guides it to the light.⁣

Quotes About Trees and Life

Forest Quote with Misty Woods by Eberhard Grossgasteiger The forest wandered through misty morn with quietness and peace reborn.

A new day rises, mist swirling the trees, it is a moment to honor a rebirth of peace and promise.

forest quote with pines and fog | Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger I slip into a moody forest to dance with the enchanted winds for a spell.

When you are down, enter a foggy windswept forest.  Then, dance with the enchanted breeze, and the chances are that you’ll exit enlivened. In a strange way, syncing with nature’s moodiness can help to release negative emotion. 

I find the weary woods a perfect place to banish fears, worries, and sadness.  And, yes, you may catch me twirling there for a spell! 

Sylvia Plath quote about a tree and immortality...

Forest Lover Girl by Vladislav NahornThe forest cradles my shadow as hers; and gives my soul company without saying a word.

I am always mesmerized by the forest’s shadows, and how they engulf my own.  In this way, I feel a part of her wonder, and certainly less alone.  In fact, in dark times there need not be words, but only the forest’s empathetic company.Tree, country road, and starry night by Daniel Olah

Remain rooted as a tree, through times of success and adversity.

This is a truth for both life extremes. When you are riding the high of a success, you need to remain grounded, humble, and rooted to the earth, family, and friends. Likewise, when darkness makes a visit, you need to have the wherewithal to remain with it, work through its layers and branches, and then let go.

Henry David Thoreau quote about trees...

Spring Tree and Sunlight by Eberhard Grossgasteiger If you have never loved a tree, life’s true magic has ceased to breathe.

This quote about trees and life speaks to pure magic.  If you haven’t embraced nature, truly you’ve missed charmed rooted moments.

Martin Luther King tree planting quote...

Nature Photography of sunlit trees by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

When all else fails, look up to a tree. It will restore life’s wonder and possibility.

When life feels challenging, I stand at the foot of the old oak in my backyard. Then, I stare upwards, and study pure magic. It is in the way leaves waltz with sunlight, and branches create an intricate map of wonder. The sky peers down, reassuringly, a constant in a world of change. And the trunk roots for me to stay grounded, and hopeful. ⁣

With many calming heartbeats, I remind myself that to be alive is the greatest gift.

Tree Quotes

Friendly Forest by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

The forest is a field of friends, and on any given day, I am one of them.

When I enter a forest, I do feel oneness with the trees. And they are surely friends I would hang with on any given day!

wanderlust quote with a road and trees...

Wheel me to a country road; where treetops are a winding map to deep silence and soul.

My favorite ride is one through a lonely country road.  My soul soars to the treetops, at the same time I feel wholly grounded.  Also, driving the windy roads is nearly meditative, and nature as a quiet passenger feels downright homey.

tree poetry by Maya Angelou...

This is an excerpt from the soulful tree poem, “When Great Trees Fall,” by Maya Angelou.

tree poetry with a fruit tree | photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

How sweet is the blessing of just one tree; a towering gift of divinity.

One tree is enough to feel as if in the presence of divinity.  We are blessed with a planet full of them.  Marvel at that truth!

words by Rumi about friendship and a tree...

a foggy redwood forest...

The breath between trees is as vital as the tree itself.

I recently read a compelling article from the Smithsonian Magazine, Do Trees Talk to Each Other?  Check out this fascinating read that mirrors my quote, speaking to how trees communicate with one another and depend on a complex kinship with each other. 

Then, read the best-selling book The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.  It explores the fascinating notion that trees are social beings.  And Peter uses groundbreaking scientific discoveries to do so.

words from the classic children's book, A Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein...

This is the final line to my most beloved children’s book, The Giving Tree.

Moody Nature Forest Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Take me to a concert in the forest deep; wind crooning with trees in a symphony.

I stood amidst the trees one windy, glorious day. As I did so, I imagined them playing their instruments for me. It was a symphony for the senses, and brought me to a state of bliss.

So do this very thing often. Wander. Listen. Enjoy. And if trees are your musicians and your crowd, all the better! 

Nature Photography of Pines and a Windy Road by Eberhard Grossgasteiger The trees show us rooted grace so we can bond with nature’s pace.

Trees are a divine marker to slow down from life’s windy, hectic road. Calm your breath. Become in sync with nature, and her rhythms. This will take you deeper into your soul, and keep you rooted there.

Trees in the Fall Quotes

autumn leaves quote...Sheer madness strikes the scarlet oak tree for her heart to bleed such lovesick leaves.

I adore writing fall quotes, as evidenced in my popular post, Autumn Quotes to Enchant & Deepen the Soul Autumn trees are poetry to me.  So, my imagination always rises with the season, and falls with its final leaf.

This autumn quote speaks to a mad lover bleeding heartbreak.  Of course, a broken heart is universal.  And I’m sure all of us have had moments when we didn’t handle it in the best way.  I imagine trees a part of this landscape when they must let go of their leaves.  And the scarlet oak taking it a bit harder, perhaps with a stroke of madness.

Scarlet Oak, a magical realism novel by Angie Weiland-Crosby

tree poetry by Emily Bronte...

This is an excerpt from Emily Bronte’s poem, Fall, Leaves, Fall.  Although the tone of these lines are whimsical, it is rather a dark little spectacular piece of poetry.  After all, Emily Bronte is the author of Wuthering Heights; a classic gem of literary madness.

autumn quote with a gold tree by Eberhard Grossteiger...

Autumn dresses up in gold; the richest season of the soul.

This is an example of a fall quote from my autumn post.  You can find @eberhardgrossgasteger, the photographer of this stunning shot, on Instagram.  I like to call him the Autumn King.  He is a true talent, and a dear friend, and I’m blessed to often work with him. 

Sun and Tree Quotes

tree and sun quote about friendship with photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

A tree knows the sun intimately.  They are old faithful friends.

The sun and trees enjoy a longstanding relationship with each other. While the sun provides basic needs to trees, in return it receives a kindly place to rest while rising and setting each day.  Always they are there for one another.

We can look to this bond to nurture our own relationships.  For a faithful friendship is one of life’s most precious blessings.

Henry Beecher Ward quote...

tree poetry with sunlight and fall yellow trees...

Trees stretch their patchwork leaves; braiding sunlight into a blissful dream.

This short poem on trees is imbued with the beauty of sunlight.  I adore walking in the forest and studying the sunlit patterns amidst greenery.  It always feels like strolling along a waking dream.

words about trees and peace by John Muir...

Nature Photography by Chris Lawton of beautiful trees in sunlight

The forest entwines her trees as one, in communion with the sun.

The pure beauty and soul shared between a forest and the sun is oneness.

Forest Quotes and Tree Poetry

forest quote with moody nature photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

As I wander the windy woods, I gather pieces of a lost childhood.

Childhood is the age of innocence, and some lose it quicker than others. But a return to nature is the route backwards in time. You can revisit your younger self, engage with childlike notions and activities.⁣

I like to walk through the woods and collect acorns or leaves as I do. It takes me back to being a girl, when I would create leaf houses in my backyard and play there for hours. When I reconnect with the fragility and wonder of my inner child, nature is always with me.

forest quote by Avijeet Das

forest quote with woods photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

I grew into a forest child, forever rooted in nature’s wild.

From the first step into my grandmother’s forest, I felt oneness with the cozy network of trees. And the more I entered, I knew that I would never leave this realm for good. No, the woods rooted me in her wild, and it is in this very spirit that I return over and over again, now as an adult, yet always a forest child at heart.  

tree quote by Herman Hesse

forest quote with nature photography of the woods by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

Deep in the forest I stroll to hear the wisdom of my soul.

This is one of my most popular forest quotes.  I think nature lovers vibe with its truth and simplicity.  For the wise old woods often gives us a portal to hear the soul.  What a treasure!

Mary Oliver selection of her tree poem, How I Go to the Woods...

This is an excerpt from the poem, How I Go to the Woods, by Mary Oliver.  You can find it in entirety in her book, Swans: Poems and Prose Poems

tree quote with a green forest . . .

And there I marveled at the forest’s trees; my soul rooted to its deep verdant sea.  I could no more leave it than it could walk from me.

I created this simple poem about trees while watching my daughter gaze at the green forest.  She appeared as if she  could stand there for an eternity.  Of course, she inherited this deep tree love from her mom.  She also gives sweet hugs to trees as we hike through the woods.  She’s my literal “tree hugger.”

words from Jane Goodall about trees...

moody nature photography of the woods, fog, and mountains by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

The forest spoke to my soul in a language I already knew; a distant lullaby from the womb of peace and solitude.

The forest hearkens back to a world before birth–a cozy spot to grow while listening to the muted voice of one’s mother.  To enter the shelter of trees, we return to a magical womb.  There, peace can accompany one’s every movement.

Franklin D. Roosevelt quote about forests...

Nature Girl in the Forest by Alex Dukhanov

When grief visits my weary soul, the forest holds my body’s woe.

Grief is unavoidable in this lifetime, and so it is important to find spots to ‘be’ with it. Allow the sadness to move through you, and release, little by little. In the forest, the trees are sacred umbrellas—a shelter. They will take on some of your pain, and move with the rhythm of your cries. The ground will quietly hold you, drink your tears, and not let go. 

I am sending love and comfort to those who are grieving in this moment.

nature photography of the green forest wilderness by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

In the wilderness, my soul strums to the rhythm of pure bliss.

Deep in the rustic realm of trees, a melody plays.  If you listen closely, some of it may be strumming from your own soul stepping in in tune with nature.

John Muir wilderness quote...

The forest stretched on tippy-toes, a mystical ballet with an evergreen show.

The fog moving as a fluid curtain through a pine forest is sublime, and the trees reaching to the sky is pure elegance. When you add a dash of inspiration, it creates a story.

This image delivers me to an evergreen ballet show. The trees stretch as a mystical extension of stamina and grace, while the fog moves freely and twirls for them.

You see, nature is always there to entertain us, sustain our sense of wonder, and nourish our souls. As her captive audience, we must applaud her performance.

forest quote with pines and fog | Photo by Clement MThe forest echoes through fog and trees true wisdom rooted in nature’s peace.

The forest is a haven of ancient life’s ceaseless echoes. A walk through her terrain quiets the mind and opens the soul. Wisdom whispers, and we listen, rooted in peace.

tree quote by Rumi . . .

A woodland path | Photo by Benjamin Lehman

If this path I do not take, my soul may wither, a quiet ache; for the woods are home to me.

This is a plain truth. Nature is our home. Without her, we are lost, empty souls wandering aimlessly. 

Scarlet Oak, a magical realism novel by Angie Weiland-Crosby

forest quote with foggy woods by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Walk your heart into the forest deep, hold my hand softly, feel the soul of me.

A true blessing is someone who will walk beside you in presence, and comingle in soul. I can’t think of another place lovelier to do so than the forest.⁣

Go deep. Spend time with people who see and cherish the authentic you.

Forest Quote and Misty Forest by Dave on Unsplash

Lost in forested wonder, here I find a magic shelter.

The forest is a magic place to lose ourselves in, over and over again. In doing so, we find our souls.

Inspirational Tree Quotes

tree quote with a storm and a windblown tree...

There is no wild creature so tethered yet free as the stormy windblown tree.

A tree in the storm is a paradox of shackled strength and freedom.  Living in the wild elements, it can teach us how to stay rooted in darkness until it passes.  At the same time, a windblown tree embraces the wild uncertainty; flows with it until the sun shines once more.

Dalai Lama quote about a tree and storms...

“Be still and mindful,” said the wise old tree. “Life may seem long; but time will flee.”

In childhood, we instinctually know how to be mindful. Even as we run wild, we feel every heartbeat, all of our senses alive with nature. Children don’t march to a clock, but rather to the whims of each breath . . . how it takes them to the next moment.  And, Nature is the kindest friend, a constant. Our days with her feel long and meaningful.

As adults, we lose a piece of this. Our minds may be stuck on autopilot, or racing beyond the present, or tangled in the past. Time then feels as if it’s either run ahead of us, or trapped us. Look toward a tree to ground you. It can show us how to still for a beat, to “be,” and enjoy the present moment for what it is.  This practice actually slows time into presence. 

Life may seem long, but rushed moments on fast-forward promise to whiz you quicker to its end.

inspirational tree quote...

Persistence, passion, self-belief…all of these things will nurture you into the best version of yourself.  Let’s all be little nuts that grow into the greatest oaks!

Photo of Pines and Fog by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

The forest guides you deep within, to find your soul, to live again.

A journey into the woods is a walk into one’s soul. The forest offers the quietness, grace, strength, and shelter to allow for this visit. It is here that we brush against what it is to be human, and a part of the divine world.

With each trip, over and over again, our two lives—inner and outer—converge. We then learn to live anew. All is well.

Tree Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

The only road that I need is the one that leads to trees.

Some days, this is my truth. Okay, most days!

Nature Peace Quotes about the Forest

tree quote with a forest | Photo by Matej SefcikLost in the lore of trees, my soul sings earthen melodies.

The forest is a universe of knowledge, carried on for centuries. When we tap into this mystical realm, our souls become one with it. The rhyme and rhythm of the earthly past and present infuse our very being. Let your soul sing to that melody!

tree quote by Herman Hesse . . .

forest sunlight nature photography by Eberhard GrossgasteigerPeace is a sweep of sunlight, a coat of mist, forest bathing in Nature’s bliss.

The most peaceful folks I have ever encountered are the ones who spend quality time in nature.

Along this earthen wonderland, my heart falls in green love; as I gaze awestruck to the trees sharing grace from above.

There is something otherworldly about trees, and how they branch beyond us to the heavens—out of reach. Still, they shelter us with such grace and hope.

Misty Forest Nature Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

The forest shrouded me in mist, an angel’s wings, a heavenly kiss.

When you go into a misty forest, you enter another realm. Let it be one that takes you to a divine place, and swathes you in comfort.

Forest Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger I travel deep in the world of trees to map my soul with tranquility.

As I travel in the woods, I etch each peaceful vibration into my soul. I draw upon the wisdom of trees, the magic of wind, and the canopy of oneness. Together, it creates a map that I can return to in times of trouble. And even if I can’t make it to the forest, I can wander into my soul and feel this route to calm. Be soothed.

woods quote with moody nature photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

In the backwoods of nature’s soul I left my wild true heart.

That about sums me up. 

I hope these tree quotes and selections of tree poetry sparked your imagination, and soothed your soul.  May you venture into the backwoods to find your wild true heart!


If you are a tree lover, my novel will speak to you! 

Scarlet Oak, a magical realism novel by Angie Weiland-Crosby

Readers are embracing Scarlet Oak!

My very favourite read of 2022! This novel delivered everything I ask from a book! Transported me right out of the mundane and into a magical world of nature! Her writing style and unique descriptives are not only clever but inspiring. I loved loved LOVED this book!  —Kay Wren, Canada

This book found me at the perfect time. Its made me crave more forest walks and when I haven’t physically been able to go, each word has painted the colours of my imagination to create a world where I feel like I’m there . . . The magic isn’t just within the world Angie writes about. It’s within the power her words have to touch your soul too.  —MJ, England

The writing is beautiful, and so unique! I’ve never read a book quite like it. That’s a fact. This world needs more Scarlet, Horace and Pin Oaks in it . . . I’m going to be watching for sprites in all the trees now!
–Kris, United States

A special thank you once more to Eberhard Grossgasteiger for allowing me to use so many of his soulful tree images.  If you scroll back through my post, you’ll be able to identify his signature backwoods moody nature style.  They are pure poetic soul.  You can also find him on Unsplash.

You can find me on Instagram @angieweilandcrosby.  I have been blessed with such loving followers.  I hope to see you there!

Enjoy some relaxing music, “The Secret Life of Trees.”