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Summer & Beach Quotes with a Splash of Soul

I have created beauty of nature summer and beach quotes with a splash of soul.  I hope my words put you in the mood to relax, celebrate, and enjoy the warmest season.

Some of my words hold a dash of nostalgia.  After all, a trip to the ocean brings waves of memories along with it.  As such, we may recall special moments spent on vacation with family and friends.

On the other hand, a beach journey roots you to the present.  Indeed, the ocean demands you remain in the “now.”  Sunlight, sea salt, and smiles remind you, too, that time is best spent living and loving!

So, lounge back and enjoy some summertime soul.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Beach Quotes

a quiet walk quote
A quiet walk to the seashore is a meditation in bliss.

Perhaps you have been far from a beach for a long time. You crave that first moment when you reunite. Once it happens . . . the sand, the waves, the sea salt scent fill you with calm. Then, every footstep closer is a meditation, one that leads you to inner peace and joy.

In the ocean, I slip from my skin into the soul of the sea.

This beach life quote speaks to the ocean’s soulfulness.

I can’t think of one other piece of nature more soulful than the sea.  As we enter the waves, worldly worries wash away.  We reach beyond our skin to feel one with the pulse of the sea’s currents. And once we’ve had our fill, we leave refreshed, the shoreline an extended place of serenity.

in the ocean quote
she is home quote
She is home at the sea; her soul a part of its deep melody.

This is my daughter, soaking up the soul of the sea. She loves the summertime, which is a good thing since we named her Summer!

At the beach, the heart opens a little wider.

A trip to the beach not only opens the heart a little wider; it warms it at the same time.  In fact, the heart sunbathes in true love.  How can it not?  The beach is such an inviting place to unpack life’s business and allow it to wash away.  What remains is the surrounding soothing beauty of the ocean alongside family and friends.

at the beach quote
vacation to the ocean quote
A vacation to the ocean swims you deep in to the past; when summer spun her beauty into moments meant to last.

When I go to the beach for a vacation, old sweet memories return in waves.  I first recall childhood moments of bliss by the sea; and then they graduate to every era of my life. 

Something about the sand, sunshine, and ocean jars the mind; as it warms the heart.  I hope this summer vacation quote does the same for you.

The ocean moves with baited breath, in deep awe of each sunset.

The day is nearing an end, and the ocean awaits the grand finale. Eager to pay homage, the waves move more reverent, with awe.

As the sun sets, sea and sky seem to merge and remind us that life is all about connection.  

ocean moves quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Cute Summer Quotes

a sweet breeze quote
A sweet breeze and a patch of shade are the loveliest gifts on hot summer days.

In the dog days of summer, heat can tire and drain the spirit.  So, we gravitate towards all things cool.

One of my favorites is a trusty tree’s shade and some hopeful wind.  Better yet, place a drink of lemonade in hand and you have a recipe to restore the soul.

Now, summertime is a friend once more.

Summer kisses the salty sea with hope, and sunlight, and waves of glee.

This sea quote is aimed to uplift your spirits.  After all, it’s hard to feel cranky at the beach.  But if you’re in that mode, summertime will soon kiss you with sunlight and ocean waves.  Hope surely returns, and happiness is only a smile away.

summer kisses quote
i found magic quote
I found magic as a child, dreaming with Nature, embracing her wild.

In childhood, magic feels possible, and each new day offers a chance to tap into it. Summertime is a season unlike any other to get lost in such enchantment.

As a girl, I’d wander my yard, barefoot, and hang with Nature to find that spark. I’d also sit on my lawn, watching trees, clouds, grass, and flowers move, mesmerized into stillness. It fed my imagination, and my soul.

I still take time to do this very thing, and so magic is a part of my everyday life. It keeps me a little wild . . . and still dreaming.

Summer settled into the mist, a honeysuckle dream, sunlit bliss.

This enchanting image by @eberhard_grossgasteiger stirs all of the senses. I can feel the mist. Hear the stillness. Smell the wildflowers. Taste summertime. Touch the dream.

summer settled quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Summer Love Quotes

the sun's love affair quote
The sun’s love affair with summer perfumed every inch of her warm soul.

The sun shines with power in the hot sticky summer months.  We are cast beneath the spell, no escape.

But I imagine the sun loving summer so much, so sweetly, that it plays a hand in the fragrant world around us.  The way light casts magical on nature, and perfumed scents fill the air, it is a sensual love affair.

The moon is ripe with summer’s love; her heart wild as a rose.

This is a romantic beach quote fit for wild young love. Summertime draws desire; and a blood red moon mirrors it.

Like the red moon, romances can end quickly; but the memories of a summer love may last a lifetime.

the moon is ripe quote
summer meadow quote
Summer’s meadow, flowers aglow, warmth and romance touch my soul.

Summer is the season of love, in the way sunlight stirs the heart, and stripes meadows with an ethereal glow. It is a dream world, a pure space to roam. ⁣

Run through a field of warm wildflowers. Feel the romance. ⁣

The sea took heart from the sky, companions in the graceful wild.

The sea and sky travel seemingly endless miles together. Through sunlight, darkness, and stormy weather, they remain with one another. Gracefully brave, they endure the elements of the wild, and reflect them back to each other. It is an epic friendship, born of deep support and beauty.

the sea took heart quote
a love grown quote
A love grown old holds summer’s soul.

What is more lovely than a couple grown old that still holds a playful soul?

Recently, I watched an aged couple brave the ocean’s wild waves; holding hands. The deeper they went into the ocean, the more they laughed. Together, they jumped and swam and loved.

From the shore, my heart warmed and wished the same for my future. I also sent this blessing to all of my loved ones, including my daughter.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Beach Girl Quotes

She beats to the beauty of her wildflower heart and seashore soul.

I created this beach girl quote in honor of my daughter.  Her heart and soul definitely beat to this vibe.  

she beats quote
her soul belongs to quote
Her soul belongs to summertime; graceful footsteps on warm sands. A heart that leaps in ocean waves; sea salt memory in her hands.

Here is another picture of my daughter, Summer.  As you can see, her soul shines brightest near the ocean!

I wade in her droplets of mystery; my soul one with the wild charmed sea.

Even on a moody nature day, a true beach girl seems at home in the ocean.  My daughter will fearlessly enter the waters, rain or shine.

i wade in her droplets quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Soul Quotes About Summer

there is selfless quote
There is a selfless lull to the sound of summer; as if the ocean has reawakened merely to soothe the soul.

The season of summer is selfless.  Nature opens her arms wide along her shorelines; and gives us joy, sun, and relaxation.  The ocean moves in a rhythm that invites us into presence and calm.

My wish is for you is to enjoy some quiet beautiful moments at the beach this summer.  The experience may look different due to Covid-19.  And some of us may be carrying burdens and losses more weighted than others.  If so, may the ocean soothe the depth of your pain and being.

And may we always give back to nature in as selfless a way.

The beauty of nature is best known in waves of silence and stillness.

Whenever I feel stressed, I can look to silent still time in nature to heal me.  Quiet places outdoors allow me to center my soul.  Also, it opens the pathway to appreciate all things large and small.  

I took this photograph on the beach.  Then, I spent time on the shore in a meditative state with the moon.  In the end, I felt a oneness with nature.  With the moon as my muse, this quote flowed to me.

You can find more nature peace quotes in my post, Nature Quotes for the Wandering Soul.

the beauty of nature quote
on the twilight sands quote
On the twilight sands of summer, I met the ocean’s soul.

This hope springs eternal quote may resonate with those feeling lonely or forgotten. 

This walking on the beach quote resonates a deep truth.  Along the shoreline, the ocean acts as a portal to our soul.  It both reminds us of how small we are, at the same time that it shows us we are a part of this world’s mysticism.

I believe we all feel this power, which is the reason people love moonlit walks along the beach.

I am no exception, as you can see by this photo.

The ocean washed into my soul and never left. It became a home.

Once the ocean takes you in, its magic is imprinted in your soul. And as you meet again and again in your lifetime, it always feels like coming home.

the ocean washed quote
the wild whim of summer quote
The wild whim of Summer walked through storms and still survived.

This photograph tells a compelling story of endurance. It is that of Summer, a brave nomad. She wanders through her season with a will to survive, fielding every storm. Even in the chaos, she still blooms.

Like Summer, let us always carry on with strength. And if you fancy, add a splash of flair along the way!

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Beach Inspirational Quotes

Hope greeted me on the horizon with a warm gleaming smile.

The beach is a perfect place to find hope even in dark times.  And a walk on the sand can be a delight to the senses; making you feel more alive.

I find this image of the dark clouds and a sunrise compelling; as it matches the mood of the quote.  Wistful, I snapped this shot on a day I left the beach.

hope greeted me quote
run with me quote
Run with me where the wildflowers dream. Feel the pulse of what it is to be free.

The season of summer is the perfect time to feel the delight of what it is to be alive. Days stretch with warm moments, and night falls with magical touches—fireflies, sparkling wildflowers, and . . .  dreams.

I love the idea of inviting someone special in to your dream world, and running together within it . . . free.

Summer glistens in shades of gold, as the sun sets with warmth and soul.

Each evening in the summer, the sun tenderly says goodbye to the long, hot day. It is a reminder to share and shine light from our souls in this world, and to then part from those around us in a kind, noteworthy way.

summer glistens quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Endless Summer Quotes and End of Summer Quotes

on the shore quote
On the shore of nature’s magic, I dreamed summer knew no end.

There are some photographs that you know will be cherished for a lifetime.  This is one of them for me.  I took this picture of Summer at dusk.  She looks ever so soulful and enchanting.

Then, I created this end of summer quote with her in mind.  She lives for the beach, and longs for an endless summer.

If only I could give her this dream, I would.

I chased summer, an endless sea of wildflower meadows and warm memories.

When the summer begins to fade, this always happens. Waves of the season’s warmth and memories crowd in on me, and I long to run through them, soak it all up for as long as I can. I chase the summertime sea of joy!

i chased summer quote
summer mourned her quote
Summer mourned her final days amidst her wildflower bouquets.

An air of melancholy floats along the final days of the hottest season. A longing for sunlight and warmth to forever stay. ⁣

Summer spends these last moments in her meadow of wildflowers. Fields grief by gathering her jeweled blossoms, immersed in a fragrant presence. She will return, this she knows. But never in the same way. ⁣

Such is the cycle of life, both somber and beautiful.

Summer sat all alone and bid farewell to the sea’s warm glow.

I think we can all relate to saying goodbye to a beach vacation, to summertime, to those magical, carefree days. It brings on the blues. But the good news is that this means you lived the season to its fullest. Carry on with that nugget of joy.

summer sat all alone quote
summer backpacked quote
Summer backpacked with her dream, to reach a place forever green..

Summer will keep your warm dreams in her backpack, as she wanders through the seasons with an evergreen heart. Until next summertime . . . be well, beautiful souls!

I hope my summer and beach quotes swim you deeper into your soul.   Many of these images are also my own.  As you can tell, I love the beach and summertime!

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