I am a mom to a daughter who is amazing and has autism.  It took time for me to connect the two.

In fact, I walked through a lot of fear to finally have a child, and then the diagnosis blindsided me.  Fear, uncertainty, and a host of other debilitating emotions returned with great force until gradually my soul deepened.  I realized I wasn’t on the other side of fear and its cohorts.  I was somewhere else—a rooted place that offered me the branches, leaves, and blossoms to weather all storms, and in the process find the inherent beauty and power in my life situation.

Still, every day offers stressors, and so I look to calm and center my soul.   This more times than not accompanies some sort of imaginative endeavor, as well as meditative time in nature.

I always know when I’m heading in the right direction.  All the signs are there.  I experience a frequency of well-being and inspiration.  Creativity flourishes and balances me even further.  I can give freely to those around me with light and love.  Most of all, life flows with profound presence and purpose.

It is my hope to offer some of that creative soul-soothing flow to you through this website.

Over my adulthood, I have worked in restaurants, the legal field, as a Hollywood story analyst, a teacher (on the west and east coast), and presently I write magical realism.  I love to spend quality time with my family, create, read, travel, experience nature, hike, laugh, and practice well-being.

I live in Annapolis, MD with my husband, Tom, my daughter, Summer, and my yellow lab, California.  I’m also a proud east coast mom to my former west coast kindergarten student, Amber, as she goes to college to pursue her dream to be a doctor.  The best things in life come full circle.  She is one of them!