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90+ Fall Quotes & Autumn Quotes to Enchant the Soul

Today, I wish to enchant and deepen your soul with some autumn quotes. At an early age, I fell in love with the season. I collected jewel-toned leaves, created imaginative leaf houses, and jumped in hefty leaf piles. Surely, the fall season inspired me on a creative level. But it also spoke to me somewhere deep in my soul, even as a young girl.

Through adulthood, my love for nature as a teacher and muse expanded. I used the seasons as a tool for soul-work. After all, they mirror humanity and our journey from the spring blossom of birth to the winter finale of death. Studying nature not only renders peace, but insight.

Whenever I feel life is traveling too quickly and loaded with one too many stressors, I look to my autumnal season to ground me. It reflects the wisdom and rhythm of middle-age. I then seek to emulate it with grace.

Featured below are beautiful nature images alongside quotes from some of my favorite writers, as well as my own. Soothe your soul and admire fall’s poise, depth, and wonder all at once.

Summer to Fall Quotes

Sunflower Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger Summer said in shades of blue, “Let me be young a few days more.”  “Walk forward,” Autumn whispered. “There’s a colorful horizon to explore.”

Summer is a young season, and we long for those rays of joy to never end.  After all, moving on means saying goodbye to this magical time.  But such is life.

It helps to keep in mind that every era of one’s journey offers gems to be gleaned.  And if we look ahead with hope, we may just meet a wise, enchanted horizon.Summer and Fall Quote

Summer and fall waltzed to the wind in a stolen sweet romance.

As I took a walk with a summer breeze and fluttering leaves, this cute quote came to mind.  It felt as if the seasons were romancing each other in such a beautiful way.  As a result, the entire stroll seemed like a guilty pleasure.  Check out my post Summer & Beach Quotes with a Splash of Soul if you’re a summer lover like me!

Also, I found this charming drawing on Instagram inspired by my summer-to-fall quote.  I adored it!  The artist is Heena Shrivastava and you can find her profile @heenanik on Instagram.

a drawing of summer and fall waltzing to the wind...artist, Heena Shrivastava @heenanik, Instagram

Summer to Fall Quote | Nature Picture of Autumn Falling and a Nature Girl by Alice AlinariSummer dashed off, her sundress flowing with greens; while Autumn slipped into a gown with jeweled seams. 

My daughter’s name is Summer.  She adores fashion, and pairs things in an eclectic, fab way. I believe autism partly gave her this gift.  One day, she wants to be a fashion designer.  “Dreams can come true,” I tell her! 

As I walked one evening, I pictured the seasons as fashionistas, working nature with style. Of course, I saw my Summer girl at the season’s end, running away in a sundress woven with greens. Then Fall made an appearance. Draped in a gown, she spun, smiled, lived her colorful dream to its fullest—all before falling alongside her last leaf. ⁣

I dedicate this quote to my Summer girl.  May you stay true to the beautiful shades that are you, in every season of your life.  Keep dreaming!

Photo by Alice Alinari.UpStArt Magazine Feature on Angie Weiland-Crosby, "Forest Dreamer" by MacDuff PerkinsI am honored to be featured in the ‘Ink’ section of the 2023 fall issue of Up.St.ART Annapolis, an art + culture + life magazine based in Annapolis. 

Read Forest Dreamer! The article speaks to how my daughter, Summer, has influenced my writing, and much more!

Happy Autumn Quotes

a picture of nature with autumn trees in Vermont. Autumn.

Autumn, you blush my heart with a beauty that travels through my dreams year round.

Fall’s initial blush is one of happiness in my heart. And everything beyond that first leaf change sends my soul to a state of bliss. I store the magic deep to last through all the seasons.

Nature Photography with oak leaves | Photo by Dimitry B, Unsplash

Rustle, rustle, autumn’s here. So wander in the magic, and keep hope near.

Autumn is rich with pleasing sounds: the rustle of leaves, the crackle of fires, and the beat of our happy hearts. Yes, the season is an orchestra of magic, and an ode to hope. Wander, wander, and enjoy!

Delia Owens fall quote with a beautiful sky and falling leaves...

Autumn leaves don’t fall, they fly. They take their time and wander on this their only chance to soar.

This happy autumn leaves quote is a jewel! It is a passage from the best-selling novel, Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens. If you are a nature lover like me, give it a read. It captivated me from start to finish!

a beautiful picture of nature with trees with red leaves and a road...

A journey into autumn’s deep puts all my worries fast asleep.

A road trip is one of the delights of the season. I love to travel to places that offer an array of foliage and let happiness serve as my tour guide. As a result, my worries seem to float away!

I took this gorgeous photograph in Annapolis, Maryland.

Rural Fall Setting by Steppeland LutgaAutumn narrates her own folktale in a rural setting, as leaves fly south.

I can see her now. Campfire burning. Banjo strumming. Eager audience enjoying every word (or leaf!) that she paints. I’d love to be there!

Autumn Woods Sunlight by Vitaliy Shevchenk

When Autumn sets the woods aglow, she paints with sunlight from her soul.

Autumn dips her paintbrush in sunlit soul and takes it to the trees.  And our souls are the recipient of her majesty.

Autumn Nature Photography of a Fall Forest and a Cabin by Saso Tusar

I cozy up to autumn’s trees. Fall asleep to the lullaby of windblown leaves.

And this is pure bliss, is it not?

Inspirational Fall Quotes

Misty Mountains in Autumn by Eberhard GrossgasteigerAutumn whispered to the wind, “I fall but always rise again.”

This is one of my fall captions that I see the most on Instagram. I am so glad people find these autumnal words relatable! I use this message in my own life to keep me going.

This inspirational fall quote is also a line from my novel, Scarlet Oak. It is a story about grief, hope, love, and resilience.a beautiful fall red rose dangling over a wooden gate...Autumn arose and my soul bloomed.

I saw this lone rose, photographed it, and a quote soon flowered. Not only is the red rose lovely; but it also seems self-assured even as it dangles alone.

It reminds me of a woman who has grown into her soul with wisdom and grace. She no longer needs affirmation to love herself. Rather, she exists in a deep state of beauty, and this flows into her world.

inspirational autumn quote with leaves falling...Autumn embraces change, even as she is falling to pieces.

Change is inevitable, and autumn knows this all too well. Leaves will color and fall, as trees then rest naked until the spring.

Likewise, we can’t stop the force of time and change.  Instead, we have to find ways to accept it, even in the midst of grieving what was. This life task is difficult, but so necessary for growth.

Nature Photography of Beautiful Autumn Trees by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Fall rouses the spirit of change to color your soul brave again.

Let the fall season awaken this spirit in you. Face change with shades of bravery, and know that your soul is a guide to a golden tomorrow.

autumn trees, fog, and mountains...

inspirational fall quote with a falling leaf |

Believe in your fall. It’s paving a new way for your climb.

We stumble in life. There’s no getting around it. But I’ve often found that my fall is leading to a new path, and typically it’s better suited for me.

So, I believe in my missteps. And I look forward to what twists, turns, and victories await me in my future. I work my way there, step-by-step.

Fall Road by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Autumn is serenity, an old soul’s passage to deep dreams.

It is the season to fall into peace. And an old, wise soul may also find autumn a path to new, deeper dreams. We can begin again at any age. Celebrate the magic of who we are.

nature photography with red leaves on a tree branch...

Autumn flew with fire & sun until her last breath was said and done.

I love this picture. It appears to either look like a fiery angel or a phoenix. In a nutshell, this quote speaks to living life fully with passion. In the end, we all want to look back and know our moments on earth mattered.

Golden Autumn Nature Photography by Alicia Petresc

Autumn spun in twilight’s hour, golden leaves glowing, her soul empowered.

I dedicate this quote to all women in their twilight years. May you feel the golden glow of self-worth, and may the road ahead be paved with empowerment.

Moody Nature Pictures with Quotescute autumn quote with a moody nature photograph by Maximilian Zahn...

Autumn.  Time to dim the sunlight, cue the moody fog, & watch nature’s most charming story unfold.

During this time of the year, Mother Nature directs a gripping story. As her mood shifts from summer’s lightness to fall’s depth, daylight shortens, fog rolls in, and color blooms before falling to sleep.

In short, an epic film about living, loving, and dying unfolds. I’d surely pay to watch it over and over again. Luckily, we don’t have to do so!

a photograph with beautiful trees in Vermont in the fall time...

Autumn’s soul is deep and true.

This setting is purely soulful, and so inspired my quote. I took this picture of warm autumnal colors in Vermont just past the cusp of the season. If you haven’t been to Vermont to view fall’s splendor, it is a sight you don’t want to miss.

moody nature autumn photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Autumn shades the weary soul in golden dreams and long lost hopes.

Autumn has a way of offering golden nuggets of presence. She can stir even the weariest of travelers awake, shake the pain from one’s soul, and allow a moment of reprieve. She may even shade you with a dream or two, and the return of long lost hopes.

Be open. Let her bring you magic!

Orange Moody Fall Photography of the Woods by Hans IsaacsonOctober welcomed Autumn’s dream with haunted woods and lovely scenes.

The month of October ushers in spooky scenes and beautiful sights. Autumn conjures it all up, and we get to enjoy the goose bump chills. It is a thrill ride of a month!

Misty Forest Dance by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

The trees dance with the mist, an autumn tradition clothed in elegance and bliss.

Before Autumn falls, there is a magical dance. The trees and mist partner to engage us in pure beauty. And our souls smile.

Autumn Leaf Photography by Kristina Tamasau

Each leaf a blessing, a unique soul, laid to rest in Autumn’s home.

There is life all around us. Nature is breathing her story, each page a blessing. And when the leaves drop, Autumn catches them, and lays them to rest in her home.

Forest Quotes for the Autumn Season

Autumn was ripening, and the forest grew crisp. So deep my soul ventured, I returned with her scent.

The autumnal forest invites us into her vast, diverse realm. And the deeper we stroll, the more we blend into her magic, so much so, that by the time we exit, her scent is ours.

Then we recreate the pleasing aromas of the woods throughout the holiday season. As we sniff, the fragrances reroute us to nature.  Our souls feel it on a visceral level; we are home.Deep Sweet Woods by Pascal Brandle

Magic wafted through the nutmeg woods; a sweet recipe from Autumn’s cookbook.

The woods feel spiced with something extra this time of year. Colors are seasoned with Autumn’s touch, and it makes even the deep woods feel like a sweet treat. Pure magic!

Country Woodland in Autumn PhotographyAutumn tucked me in her woodland home, a honeyed spot for my soul to roam.

Fall exists outdoors, yet, we bring her indoors.  In doing so, her rich colors and gems dot our interior. Pinecones. Garland. Wreaths. Pumpkins. In all, we create a cozy honeyed space, adorned with nature’s bounty. Even while tucked inside, your soul still seems to be roaming through the season.

Orange Haunted Autumn Tree by Devon BeardAutumn cackled for the sun to rest, and give her more time to haunt the forest.

I love the idea of Autumn wrestling her inner demons, especially as Halloween nears. While most of the time, she is busy creating beauty and magic with her leaves, still she holds a dark spark, as she frightens the sun. Demands even more darkness, so she can haunt longer.  

“It is all in fun,” she cackles.  Fall Leaves in the Misty Woods by Ricardo Gomez

Autumn wanders through her barren woods, as fog cradles the pain she feels.

Autumn is not alone. She has companions on her journey of loving and letting go. Even as she mourns the end of fall, fog gently comforts her. Leaves reveal that she has created pieces of a story. And the trees console her, and remind her that they will still be there when she returns next year.

Soul Quotes and Fall Time Quotes

fall soul quote with autumn leaves...Every footstep into fall, fills my soul with undying awe.

With every step into the season, I feel awe. It’s simply a feast for the senses!

I also love the thought of the soul fueled with undying awe. No matter that autumn leaves us, the wonder remains. And hope for the next year stays very much alive.

I took this cute pic of bright leaves and my daughter in her silver shoes during a recent forest walk.

Autumn Sunset by Lukasz SzmigielThe soul is sought on autumnal days, the jewel of earth’s landscape, as sunlight wanes.

The fall season draws us closer to the soul, and deeper to the earth. As such, we are reminded that time is of the essence. We must live our fullest realm of colors before our sun sets.

George Eliot quote with a blue hummingbird...

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.

I bow to George Eliot. She has captured the magic, whimsy, and wisdom of autumn. I found this perched blue hummingbird gazing upward in beautiful alignment with her soulful quote.

beautiful golden fall leaves on trees...Autumn dresses up in gold, the richest season of the soul.

The fall season loves to dress up trees in decadent color. As I look at its leaves, I marvel at the aesthetics. Still, I remind myself of the soul of things. After all, one rooted tree produced the beauty. The leaves drop. But the tree remains. I believe we can learn a lot from the essence of a tree.

It’s always nice to dress ourselves up and feel attractive on the outside. However, life’s truest riches are nurtured in the bare bones of our souls. In this space exists the timeless beauty of sacredness, self-discovery, and exploration.

Autumn falling in warm sunlit leaves | Photo by Kristian SeedorffLet autumn leaves fall to the depth of my soul, a reminder to live with wisdom aglow.

When we are grounded in the depth of our souls, we are aware that life moves on. Creating space for capturing fleeting moments is essential. And only wisdom can turn them into warmth, a memory worth keeping aglow.

Make time this season for loved ones and simple pleasures. Your soul will thank you for it!

Fall Season Quotes About Motherhood

Red Autumn Tree by Angie Weiland-Crosby

Autumn knows a mother’s heart. It gives and then lets go.

A mother’s heart is a rich blossoming sort of entity. This quote came to mind as I reflected on a fall tree’s scarlet beauty, so full and ripe.

But as with an autumnal tree and its eventual journey, the path of motherhood is one of giving life and love and then letting go.

autumn quote about grief...

When Autumn grieves, she bows her head, so rainbow tears fall gently on her leaf bed.

I imagine Autumn’s mother-grief, deep and layered. She gives, and she lets go. In doing so, she cries tenderly, yet selflessly, ensuring that her every leaf feels loved.  That each truly knows all shades of her emotion.

And this is what it is to be a mom.  You give even in the midst of sorrow.

a picture of a moody forest in autumn...And there autumn met me with the loveliest of winds; but a heart blown asunder as her leaves would fall again.

This is the first line of a poem I wrote called, “Autumn’s Mother Heart.” Click to read the full version here…

Autumn’s Mother Heart Poetry

fantasy art of a beautiful woman in autumn...

Scarlet Oak, a magical realism novelMy magical realism novel, Scarlet Oak, was inspired by my daughter’s deep connection to an oak in our backyard. 

Fall Season Quotes About Grief

Moody Nature Autumn Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Autumn, melancholy soul, love and grief color your bones.

And so it is. The season bears hues of melancholy, and I think it draws us in. It mirrors truths within us, and our journey of love and grief on earth.

Moody Nature Autumn Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger I long to forever hold you in a place autumn’s never met; a golden summery dreamworld far from the path of death.

For all its vast beauty, autumn still moves along the pathway to loss.  As humans we do the same, traveling the four seasons of life.

We all house a longing, however, to keep a loved one close.  In this wishful musing we embrace in a dreamworld that never has to say goodbye.

Fall Pine Forest Nature Photography by Eberhard GrossgasteigerLike autumn, we pine for a peaceful place to fall.

In times of grief and darkness, I crave a peaceful place to fall. I believe we all do. That place typically isn’t beneath beaming sunlight and full-on obvious beauty. Rather, we need a quiet pure space as we build a gradual ascent from the dark towards hope, healing, and light. This tranquil setting fits that want.fall grief quote with railroad tracks and autumn leaves, photo by Tamara Gore..If I fall, leave me to rest. I’ll awaken deeper yet.

Life brings periods of darkness.  Oftentimes, we may cover up the pain, or move on too quickly from it. But these times require resting into it, experiencing the strife fully, to then awaken once more, stronger. This is growing, and unfortunately, no one else can do it for you.

So fall, feel, and come back, healed, and a healer. Be well, brave souls.  It’s never easy to do.

a moody autumn painting...

Autumn’s humming with the wind a soulful lullaby; as heartbroken trees shed their leaves in a tear-stained goodbye.

The season creates shades of woe. After all, we witness nature move from life to death.

My falling leaves quote pays homage to grief. Just like we pine for a peaceful place to fall, we also long for someone to see our pain. Stay.

Moody Nature Photography of fall trees and mountains by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

When Autumn knew that she must leave, grief befell every tree.

Periods of suffering are inevitable. No one is immune. Still, autumn leaves us with the promise of her return. What a comforting thought.

Famous Fall Sayings

Vincent Van Gogh fall quote with golden trees and a reflection on a lake...

As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see.

Vincent Van Gogh’s art exists in a masterpiece class of its own. And I agree that autumn’s splendor is endless. As mere mortals, we haven’t the time to recreate the depth and breadth of its beauty. But I still think Van Gogh did just this in his paintings, and with true majesty.

Oscar Wilde summr to fall quote...

And all once, summer collapsed into fall.

The work of Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde, has stood up to the test of time with sharp wit and timely wisdom. I love this phrase, which would make a great summer to fall caption.

Emily Bronte autumn quote with a fall pathway...

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.

This is one of my all-time beloved quotes about the crimson season. And who can argue with the literary genius of Emily Bronte? I like to meditate to the charmed sound of leaves fluttering. It lulls me into a space of calm and bliss.

F. Scott Fitzgerad fall quote...

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite literary reads. This passage from the famed novel should be on your list for compelling fall captions.

Wild is the music of autumnal winds Amongst the faded woods.

William Wordsworth was an English Romantic poet. His love for nature trickled into the wonder of his poems. This deep quote holds a hint of sadness and hope in one wild breath. I adore it!

Sarah Addison Allen fall passage from her novel, First Frost...

It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.

This is a passage from Sarah Addison Allen’s enchanted novel, First Frost. You can nearly taste the season as you read her vivid autumn words.

Autumn Leaves Quotes

Golden Nature Photography by Pixabay

Autumn lures me on her road to travel miles scattered in gold.

She surely does gift us during her season a walk lined with treasures!

Raindrop and Autumn Leaves Photography by Faith Lehman

Autumn came adorned in change, and flying leaves dancing in rain.

Autumn is multifaceted, and so is personal growth. Both can also create magic! So cry, dance, be with change.

Nature Photography of an autumn landscape by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Autumn is a vintage soul. She colors each leaf with wisdom’s gold.

Autumn has lived, rich and long. Mindful, each leaf that she touches is imbued with her life experience.

May we move through our midlife in this fashion, as golden wisdom radiates from our souls.

a drawing of an autumn setting...

Twirl me into autumn’s wind, as leaves fly dressed in precious gems.

The season of wind inspires the notion of leaves dressing up in jewels to dance as they fall. What a delight to spin with them!

And I adore this artwork by Danussa.

a picture of nature with a path and fall leaves...

Steer me to an autumn path to travel all alone. Fall leaves the finest company; rustling in my heart like home.

Give me a lonely fall path, and I will walk it with a happy full heart. As the leaves shimmer and speak around me, I feel at home with nature’s company.

If you are a tree lover like me, you may enjoy my post, Tree Quotes & Tree Poetry That Branch to Your Soul. I also have included some forest quotes to feed one’s wooded wanderlust.

red and green leaves...

Autumn paints emotion like no other season.

I photographed these beautiful leaves in my front yard. While doing so, I envisioned raw emotion dripping from them, as they parted ways with life’s greenery. It inspired this quote.

bright scarlet and orange autumn leaves | Photo by Angie Weiland-Crosby

Autumn set her leaves ablaze with sunlit color on the sky’s blue face.

A canopy of bright fall leaves and sunlight creates one hot portrait. As the earth and the sky’s features fuse, we witness autumn’s fiery wonder.   

Beautiful Fall Pines and a Nature Girl by

She is drawn to autumn’s grace, the everlasting leaves of change.

Flow with the grace of change, and life will always be an adventure.

Cute Fall Colors Quotes

a picture of a little girl on a stump with autumn trees...Autumn recalls childhood dreams, deepening the colors.

During this time of the year, I leap into my childhood memories. When I do so, I first recall sensory things: the scent of burning leaves, crackle of autumn’s leftovers, and sight of colors galore.

Slowly, people then populate this diverse landscape. Joy, laughter, and love also crowd in to revisit. I stay there for a while. Once I’ve had my fill, I return to the present, grounded. It shows me how far I’ve come in life, and how much I’ve grown.

This is one of my favorite pics of my daughter, Summer. She still loves her mom’s most beloved season even if beach days are more to her liking.

Beautiful leaves falling photo by Taryn Elliot

Autumn is a painting come undone. She moves past her canvas, leaves falling as she runs.

This time of year feels like a painting that has unraveled in vivid colors . . . free to run wild!

autumn quote with colorful leaves...Autumn blustered into town, a vibrant folk artist with a bluesy sound.

Autumn is a windswept wanderer with a deep, soulful voice.  In this sense, it made me think of the great folk artists.  And then these lines flew to me.  Next, I gave this article a read, 50 Best Folk Music Artists of All Time.  Enjoy!

Fall Photography of the Forest The fairies glimmer in autumn’s deep woods; tucked in the magical nooks of an enchanted childhood.

The deep woods in autumn house pure magic, and in childhood it is so ripe for the picking.  In fact, every facet of the fall forest holds charm for a child.  Fairies seem real, and nature exists as a dreamlike setting.

This sort of enchantment always returns to me at this time of year.  I still love to roam the colorful forest and bask in my girlhood wonder. 

And I surely backpacked some of this magic and wove it into my novel, Scarlet Oak

Scarlet Oak, a magical realism novel by Angie Weiland-Crosby

Fall Captions for Diehard Nature Lovers

autumn wanderlust quote with a road and fall trees | Photo by Vali Sabau

Take me on a road trip to autumn.

This cute fall quote is for diehard autumn lovers who are up for a road trip . . . at any time, anywhere.

cute fall quote with an autumn pic of hot cocoa, fall leaves, and a book | Photo by Alisa Anton

Happiness is a crackling fire, a cozy book, a cup of hot cocoa, and an autumnal nook.

Here’s a quote for all of my fellow book lovers. This season is made to cozy up, sip warm drinks, and catch up on reading!

fall friendship quote and moody autumn nature photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

A friend you are, sweet autumn day; to never falter, in my soul you stay.

Fall is my favorite season, a friend even. After all, she is a constant, coming once a year for a stretch. She fills me with awe and warmth. And even when she leaves, forever my soul keeps her near. My imagination does too!

This is the reason I am working on new fall phrases right now in the summertime. 

beautiful autumn nature photography by Jonathan Mast...

Autumn is the best kind of lonely.

If you are an introvert, you may vibe with this saying.  After all, there’s no other time of the year that makes being alone feel downright amazing. I adore solo walks on lonely trails! 

Golden Autumn Road by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Each mile traveled with Autumn is one well spent.

During this time of year, we can all accrue the most precious bounty. After all, Nature gifts us her richest currency, and our souls profit from it!

Autumn Photography by Simon Berger

Autumn is a mood that stirs the soul to wander outdoors and feel earth’s love.

Autumn love is a real thing, and it vibrates in every cell of your being. It’s that soul mood that you just can’t shake. You have to wander, and feel it wholly.

Beautiful Autumn Quotes

Autumn Time with a Castle in Slovenia by Artem Sapegin

Autumn is the kind of queen who colors her throne with whimsy.

She is a fair ruler. A beautiful soul. A queen who shares only the most magical pieces of herself with those who adore her. Autumn!

Autumn Photography by Arian DarvishiBe the spirit of Autumn: stalwart, and colorful, amenable to change, the grateful breath that greets each day.

This time of year teaches us so much about how to live, love, flow, and grow.

an autumn quote with an enchanting tree...

Autumn colors my soul in the loveliest shades.

As I took this photograph, the color reminded me of cotton candy. In fact, I imagined sitting on that hill as a young girl, shrinking the tree, and eating it as such.

Then, I grounded myself enough to sit still. Relax. And this tree shaded my soul in such loveliness.

Child playing in Autumn Falling Leaves by Sander WeetelingPure in magic, autumn’s leaves, a child’s playground amidst the trees.

The fall season brings children the purest form of magic! The leaves are a wonder, and a playground.

A fiery fall pine forest | Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Autumn fires up her hearth, burning beauty onto earth.

Autumn is a fiery trailblazer, and I adore every morsel of her beauty.

Charles Dickens's enchanted words with a cozy house...

Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own.

Charles Dickens has inspired and influenced me as a writer in so many ways. If I could meet him and sit for a fireside talk, I’d do it in this regal abode, mining his imaginative flames that have never ceased to burn.

fall quote with a foggy path and trees with gold leaves by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

As I travel, an autumn wanderer, my heart flutters in leaves of gold.

The season inspires one to roam; and a moody path is the perfect place to do it. Colors pop amidst the fog, and deep soul sparkles. If I could pick a shade that my heart beats to the most, it would be gold. For this time of year is beyond golden; rich with treasures that you don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy.

@tamiswildtribe on Instagram . . . beautiful golden autumn photography...

I adore this golden wanderer image! The lovely Tami @tamiswildtribe used my above fall caption alongside it.  Give her a follow on Instagram. She posts moody, soulful nature pics. I enjoy each and every one!

Nature Photography of Autumn Pines by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Autumn, you’re a soul so deep, styled in aged, earthen beauty.

This is the essence of Autumn, and that is why she captivates our souls!

Beautiful colored fall trees by Angie Weiland-Crosby

Autumn shades the earth with lovely leaves, indelible pages of her love story.

If ever a season lived and loved with flair, it would be the fall time. Stand beneath her epic shade. Feel the fluttering of her love story.

Autumn Season Love Quotes & Heartbreak Quotes

autumn love quote with photography of farmland in the fallMeet me in the middle of your story when the soul is worn but wise.

This is one of my most popular quotes.  It speaks to autumnal love—the hope of finding a wise, rich romance in the middle of one’s life.

It is also a memorable line of dialogue from my novel, Scarlet Oak.

Fall Quote by Angie Weiland-Crosby | Scarlet Oak leaves Sheer madness strikes the scarlet oak tree for her heart to bleed such lovesick leaves.

This autumn red leaves quote speaks to heartbreak. We all endure it, as pages of our stories may fall like lovesick leaves.  At times, it can even make us feel maddened.

My novel opens in a moody autumn forest, and a scarlet oak tree is an integral part of the tale.

Rainy Fall Nature Photography by Ali Karimibouroujeni

You are the magic that autumn blew forth, a seasoned love to rain light evermore.

When you find that magic love, you will know. That person will stand beside you in every season, raining light into your soul.

Autumn Leaf by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

To let go is to hold on for the promise of a rebirth.

To let go of a love story is one of the hardest things to do. But if you rephrase it in your heart. Hold on for the promise of a new love story, or even a fresh start to an old love story, it can shift your perspective.

Sunlit Autumn Forest Photography by Eberhard GrossgasteigerAutumn has come to unveil her truest beauty, all the while dying, still dreaming of love.

No matter that the end is near, still Autumn unveils her last breath of beauty.  It reminds me of the human spirit’s will to never give up on the dream of love.

Fall Love Quotes

Autumnal trees and moody fog by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

You are autumn in my soul, a faded love note from long ago.

Some loves are timeless, and leave an imprint. Like autumn, the story lives on, season after season, a faded love note tucked in one’s soul.

Maple Leaf in the Autumn Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Autumn whispers leaf by leaf, “Give Love to others. Fall in Peace.”

As I watch each leaf fall, I can hear Autumn whisper this simple truth. When you give Love, you can leave this world in peace.

autumn love quote with a woman's silhouette...

She fell into an autumn romance; her soul a harvest moon glowing to his vintage slow dance.

A woman falling in love (or staying in love) during her autumnal years is so lovely.  With a seasoned soul-glow, she moves in sync with her vintage lover, as romance still flames through the colored journey of time.

Fall to Winter Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

I will love you, autumn soul, through weathered winds as we age in snow.

When you love someone, life travels along with wonder and work, hope and hardship. When a couple reaches the autumn, and then winter years, it is a true love story for the ages.

Seasons Change Quotese. e. cummings and photography of a bare forest...

a wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think i, too, have known autumn too long.

These words touch me on a deep level, as does anything written by my favorite, love-at-first-read poet, e. e. cummings. His lyrical play on style and twists of grammar give power and soul to any topic. This season is no exception.

My soul lives in the heart of autumn’s immortal dream.

Of all seasons, the fall time teaches us the most about living and dying with grace. I imagine autumn’s trees, however, harboring a secret wish to hold onto their beloved colored leaves. Dangle them forever from their branches, or keep them near. end of autumn quote and a picture of the woods by Adam Bixby...

Autumn’s woods are weary; her leaves strewn like fallen prayers.

As the fall season closes, nature mirrors the weary soul. She has given all she can, and now her fruits descend like prayers.

In time, they will be answered as nature rebirths in the spring.

End of Autumn Quote with Nature Photography of the woods

Autumn packed her trunk and carried on, leaving with a windswept heart, and a bluesy song.

Goodbye, and be well, Autumn! We’ll see you next year!

Fall to Winter Quotes

fall photography of a chestnut tree by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

When Autumn’s work is nearly done, charmed trees fall asleep; Old Man Winter comes.

I love the idea of Autumn as a beguiling queen, charming her trees to sleep. And then, Old Man Winter trudging along fall’s dwindling landscape to assume her throne. Kindly, he advises her to go get some rest until next season. 

Beautiful fall leaf in the snow | Photo by Michael and Diane Weidner

Autumn will not yield to Winter until her last leaf falls with splendor.

First though, Autumn drops her final leaf in a radiant fashion. She then smiles and holds Old Man Winter’s hand for a beat, as their love and respect for each other shimmer in the most magical way. 

Autumn on the Hudson River, New York by Angie Weiland-CrosbyAutumn’s final color honors the bare soul of winter.

Of course, Autumn then honors nature’s cycle, in full acceptance. After all, the soul of old age offers its own wisdom and beauty.

I took this bare tree picture along the Hudson River, New York. Fall to Winter Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger Winter, come rest your soul on autumn’s weary head.  Twirl, shimmer, soften before tucking fall to bed.

This picture is a capture from a beloved friend and amazing nature photographer. Eberhard Grossgasteiger is based in Italy where he captures Mother Nature in all her moody glory. His images speak in quiet stories about the soul of the great outdoors, as well as her dark regal beauty. In fact, his pics have inspired some of my most popular quotes!

If you scroll my post once more, you’ll find his signature style in the foggy fall pictures.  Click his name above to land on his Instagram profile. Give him a follow! You won’t regret it.

Autumn Death Quotes

an autumn setting with fog, mountains, and a waterfall by Eberhard Grossgasteiger Though Autumn’s weathered end drew near, she graced her land beyond all fear.

This photo above took me on a graceful journey to autumn’s end. How we approach our own ending—with love in our hearts or fear—is always up to us. Nature shows us this in beautiful ways. Fall Leaves and Sunlight by Angie Weiland-CrosbyAnd we fall, one by one; but together we sure danced with the sun.

Like the season of fall, we are all on a glorious life path. And we all face the end at some point.

But in the middle, oh, it’s the place where we are free to dance together with the sun and love deeply.

What a blessing!autumn love quote with beautiful leaves | Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...Beauty lives in the extraordinary breadth, of Love known fully until one’s death.

Autumn shows us that beauty exists in the full stretch of her season. From the birth of her first tinted leaf, to her death in beautiful browns.In the same vein, from our first breath to our last, we can opt to see beauty in its purest form—Love. We can find it in all people, all living things, and in moments both great and small. Our time on this earth can be a breathing mosaic of rising and falling into Love, if we so choose.

And this is beautiful.

Moody Nature Fall Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

I wandered with dear Autumn as far as I could go, and in the end, I didn’t leave. I kept her in my soul.

And I would wander with her endlessly, for she is a part of my very soul!

Enchanting Autumn to Winter Quote

Autumn to Winter Quote by Angie Weiland-CrosbyIf I should fall in autumn’s spell, leave me in her enchanted womb; until winter wakes my blissful soul with a magical snow-laced moon.

The season casts a spell on my soul. It creates the perfect womb for my imagination to flourish. I meet its end with shades of sadness.

Until I witness the magic of snow, I’d much prefer to be left in the height of fall’s glory.I hope my words have immersed you in the magic of fall. If so, I’d be honored if you pinned your favorites to Pinterest! If you’d like to use my words as fall captions for Instagram, kindly credit and hashtag me. You can follow me @angieweilandcrosby.

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An Enchanting Autumn Read!

Let my novel touch your soul this season. Share Scarlet Oak with those whom you hold dear. Be well!

Scarlet Oak, a magical realism novel by Angie Weiland-Crosby

Scarlet Oak by Angie Weiland-Crosby

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