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Winter Quotes & Snow Quotes to Make Your Soul Sparkle

As the magical season that sparkles inspires me, I have created winter quotes and placed them on serene nature images.  I hope my words deliver you to a soulful portal of peace.  After all, winter is a time to quiet, still, and hibernate.

Of course, it can also represent old age and all of the wisdom that comes along with it.  If you are living and loving in your cozy wintry years right now, I hope my words speak to you.  If you aren’t, but love some dear souls that are, my wish is that you’ll hold them even closer to your heart.  Maybe even pay them a visit and sit fireside with a cup of warm coffee and some treats. 

I promise you that the oldest season has beautiful stories to pull from her snowy coat pocket. Indeed, your soul will sparkle all the more once you listen.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Snow Quotes

Winter’s firstborn snow dots the soul with magic.

Ah, to see the beginnings of winter—those first specks of snow twirling from the clouds.  My soul finds pure magic in them.  If you feel the same, this snow saying is for you. 

I also love the photograph by Eberhard Grossgasteiger.  It captures not only a snow-kissed fairy tale moment; but, also, deep soul.  You can find him on Instagram.  Follow him to view more moody nature pics!

Take me deep into the wintry woods where hope glitters freshly worn.

This snow quote sums up my love for the forest.  As I enter the freshly powdered woods, always I greet hope. In fact, everything gleams with newness and promise.

I have so many fond memories from childhood of playing in my grandmother’s charmed backyard forest.  My hope is you have a treasure-trove of snow-laced memories as well.

Like snowflakes your words fall silent. But my heart still hears your voice.

Originally, I created this beautiful heart quote with my nonverbal nephew in mind.  

However, these words stretch into so many interpretations.  Voices of those we love are never silent.  Our hearts hear them, always.

Though winter is a brittle beast; she snows pure soul in flakes so deep.

The coldest season can be a beast.  There are no mincing words in this respect.  The wind chill can get old.  Too much snow produces cabin fever.  And, at times, we long for pure warmth.

Still, winter holds undeniable appeal even in her moodiest state.  Taking a moment to admire the beauty of snow (no matter how deep), can calm the beast in all of us.

Winter wanders high and low, wrapping Nature in swathes of snow.

Nature is a gift, and only Winter knows how to wrap her in the wonder of snowfall. 

Breathing in a distant wintry realm, dreams soar as snowflakes, crystal shimmery worlds.

I love the idea of dreams as fully living entities, only out of our reach . . . for now. Like snowflakes that twirl so beautifully, they exist as tiny worlds. And once that magical time arrives, when we have put in the hard work, seasoned along our life’s journey, we greet them.

Then, it is crystal clear.  We’ve met before . . . in our dreams.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Cute Quotes about the Winter Season

If magic ever breathed, or ever was, the wintry forest holds her wand.

Winter’s forest is a breathing ground for magic. From the snowfall, to the crisp sounds, and the way sunlight dips and illuminates it all, the woods sparkle and enchant.

And the trees themselves are the wands that give that little extra spark of charm. It is a fairy-tale in the making!

Winter is gifted with a snowy old soul and a young heart.

I love meeting and greeting someone who has lived a lifetime; yet, holds the vibrant heart of youth.  Winter’s old sweet soul, no doubt, shares residence near a young heart.

This photograph is an all-time favorite of my daughter, Summer, in her toddler years alongside her sweet kissable snowman.

Winter sunlight is a warm old soul, spreading love in the bitter cold.

The cold weather season’s sunlight houses nature’s enchantment. Whimsical rays fall on the snow and create a sparkly new canvas to admire.

Likewise, a warm old soul gives to others with beaming eyes and a heart wise enough to spread only love.

Snowfall rouses your inner child to dream and play once more.

I do love a good snow for just this reason.  It taps into my inner child who used anything under the sun as a sled, even a tray table! Now, I love finding fun ways to go sleighing with my daughter.  And, of course, we adore making snowmen together using creative things. 

Snowfall also brings out the dreamer in me, as I give a wistful nod to the girl I once was.

The forest knows Old Man Winter well, aged wonder chatting for a spell.

I like to imagine Old Man Winter walking through the forest as a reunion with an old buddy. Kindly, he douses the trees with a bit of hope. And the trees showcase his magic. Then, Old Man Winter rests, and they hang out together, sharing wise words.

The stars line up in luminous strands, to decorate winter’s woodland.

Here’s a cute quote to keep the holiday spirit alive, year round. The forest lit up in stars, it is a wonder! Feel the enchantment. Carry it with you, always.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Inspirational Wnter Quotes

Blurring life with beauty deep, Winter lulls the world to sleep.

Winter blurs reality, and transforms it. As snow falls and blankets the world in a different way, we see beauty anew. It is a living lullaby. One that quiets us to sleep and wakes us to our dreams.

Spring rises in the shadow, never to leave.When life grows cold…a dog will warm your soul.

I can’t think of a better friend to hibernate with than a dog.  Loving, loyal, and true, a dog will be there for you during lonely and lovely times.

If this dog warms your soul, follow the owner, @tadekl on Instagram.

Winter took the time to freeze, and study the wonder of daily blessings.

Winter can freeze time, and make us stop in our tracks. In this sacred space, we can take stock of everyday blessings. Study the little things that matter the most. After all, life is a wonder.

Winter knits her forest with frost, as the wind chimes of dreams once lost.

Winter is an old storyteller, and every aspect of her landscape is a piece of her. As she knits the fabric of her life, she knows that there have been dreams lost along the way. Never has she greeted summer—an impossible feat.

We all have dreams that go to the wayside. It’s okay to remember, and still know you did your best. Life is a journey, salted with successes and peppered with failures. They have grown you into your unique soul. So when the wind chimes of dreams once lost, listen. Then, believe in your path.

sometimes, a path calls for you to walk alone quote
Sometimes, a path calls for you to walk alone. And, still, it is beautiful.

There are moments in life when a fork in the road appears, and you must make a choice.  It might be a cold solitary walk.  No matter, it may be a necessary path to travel for your own personal growth.  And once you begin that journey and keep on it, you will begin to find beauty along the trail.  Most importantly, you’re sure to meet self-love.

Winter echoed to the cold, “I’m old enough to meet my soul’s deepest glow.”

As age greets us, so, too, does the soul’s depth.  Time and experience teach us along the way what matters, and this truth glimmers through loving words and deeds.

Owning our soul’s deepest glow is a gift, and sharing it with the world is a treasure.

She walked life’s wintry miles for soul to flame her inner fire.

A woman who has walked through life weathering the coldest twists and turns and still shining, she is a marvel. After all, hard times beg one to retreat to the soul. Love lives there with a want to nurture and give strength. And as she endures, her radiance naturally extends to others.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Soulful Quotes about Winter

Winter, come rest your soul on autumn’s weary head. Twirl, shimmer, soften before tucking fall to bed.

My stepfather is a wise fun old soul.  He rather enjoys sending me photos from New York for me to quote up.  He took this one in his front yard in late autumn.

This lyrical stanza came to me in a flash, and then I sent it to him for approval.  He gave me two wintry thumbs up.

Winter perches like a bird; wings tucked in so the soul is heard.

I found this image of a bird perched in the winter a soulful commentary on old age.  The bird rests in a mindful way, appearing to be in touch with a deep internal landscape.

Winter’s sky is an old blue soul weaving dark clouds with wonder.

The coldest season offers so many shades to its sky that leave me with a sense of awe.  But this winter phrase speaks to an old blue soul who may have lived a hard life.  No matter, that person finds a way to weave wonder into the world, and give back.

Hope freshened in clouds of snow, falling gently to the whispers of soul.

I love the idea of Hope freshening herself up, eager to share her optimism with the world. At the right moment, she blows her magic as snowflakes. The soul opens and life feels anew, as we see things with clearer eyes.

Hope is just this sort of miracle worker!

Winter strips her soul bare to welcome the newborn cries of spring.

Winter kindly sheds herself to make way for spring. This means taking a step back to allow life to grow beyond her.

Likewise, an aged soul gives wisdom to us. It is a blessing for the next generation to hold close. While things do and will change in the future, some vital lessons only come from a life lived fully and nearing an end.

Winter kindly sheds herself to make way for spring. This means taking a step back to allow life to grow beyond

So listen with care. Winter souls gift you newborn perspective. 


Goodwill lights your soul when Nature is a beloved home.

When you spend ample time in the great outdoors, a glow is yours to own. One with nature, you return indoors with a peaceful demeanor and goodwill to share.

So make Nature the most beloved home in your heart and soul, and take kind care of her, too. She is a beautiful treasure.

We gather in winter with peace in our souls, and the hope that closeness will rekindle love.

Winter brings us together, from the holidays to the colder weather. It is a time to carry peace in our souls and share it freely with others. It is also a time to take stock of and value the relationships in our life. Feel them on a deeper level.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Peaceful Winter Phrases

The forest whooshed in a shimmery womb; snowflakes breathing as winter bloomed.

The wintry forest is a dreamy place; sleepy, yet still readying itself for a rebirth. Likewise, we walk the snowy woods and leave a little softer, at peace. Upon return home, we breathe that magic and well-being into our lives.

I also love to imagine the season of Winter as blooming. No matter one’s age, there is space to grow!

Winter, through your hoary frost, I travel on, longing to be lost.

Even in the bitter cold, I’m open to a fun, wintry adventure.  I hike along, happy, lost in the snowfall’s wise magic. And I only return when my frosty toes scold me to do so!

Winter knows to hush, still, listen, so the soul can speak.

The oldest season quiets the mind, body, and soul.  Surely, this time of the year begs us to embrace calmness, to slow down, and restore ourselves.

In the same vein, the elderly grows wiser and more attuned to their souls as their lives move slower.  I consider this a gem that shines.

When the earth invites snowfall to coat her aged limbs, the wind chimes with magic, a deep peace between friends.

We all have friends who bring us heartbeats of magic and much-needed peace. I imagine the aged earth and newborn snowfall to have just this sort of relationship.

Dusk lured me to the sleeping woods to rest in winter’s silence.

As an introvert and creative type, I crave alone time.  In the winter, meditative walks at dusk are one of my favorite things to do.  And if it’s a forest, all the better.

Silence moves me to a deep state of peace, and I can then return to my life situation restored.

The winter tree is a snowflake dressed in grace and bones, a simple miracle to behold on winter’s lonely road.

When life feels lonely, make time to “be” with a winter tree. It is a miracle of grace, a bundle of beautiful snowflakes. And when the snow melts, its bones are still there for you. 

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Winter Love Quotes

Winter whispered in my ear, “Quietly see me. Hold my life dear.”

Love is being seen, valued, held in the dearest way. Winter knows this all too well. 

I am built of snowflakes with your touch; a million storied diamonds in the rough.

Love is a beautiful multifaceted gem. When someone touches your life from this realm, you are meant to grow, sparkle, and transform. Never will you be perfect; but you will shine in your own way.  Indeed, with each moment lived you are building a unique love story in the rough.

A winter love falls deeper.

Love in old age reveals the most sacred level of depth and beauty.  I chose to photograph these trees as I admired how they stood rooted beside one another.  I even imagined them longtime loves.  A bird flew overhead as I took the shot, mirroring Love’s purity, freedom, and oneness.

This battle-weary heart will love, a ceaseless march to never give up.

I dedicate this quote to all who have lived long, challenging lives, and no matter the struggles, still find love to give.

If I could frame our story as a snowflake in my heart; I’d frost it with infinity so we would never part.

This hope-laced quote speaks to true love and the passage of time.  Our hearts long to hold on to not only our loved ones; but the magical moments we create.  This wish falls like a snowflake, so beautiful and delicate, yet aware of how love can end.

It is a very human desire to want to frost time; forever alive with those who touch our hearts.

The snow around us knows a romance of its own; one that dances with nature’s breath, a lovely earthbound poem.

Snowfall romances us with grace. It is like a powdered dance from the heavens, angel kisses falling. Rhythmic like poetry, we are entranced, and life feels pure once more.

Winter is a slow heartbeat, an aged murmur of lifelong love.

Winter is slower and more mindful. There is time for nostalgia. The heart murmurs a string of beautiful love stories: the tempo is elegant, the memories are dreamlike, and the heart is at peace.⁣⁣

Love is our most precious gift.⁣

A magical book that touches the soul!

“Weiland-Crosby weaves a moving tapestry . . . [T]his rich fusion of connection and resilience will remind readers of their own magic.” Book Life Reviews (the indie sector of Publisher’s Weekly)

“The magic isn’t just within the world Angie writes about. It’s within the power her words have to touch your soul too.” Mary Jo

Photo Credit: Sabrina Topic, @sabrina_bibliophile on IG

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Bautiful Sayings about Winter

the trees bowed their snowy heads quote
The trees bowed their snowy heads, a peaceful prayer in the forest.

I like to believe nature is rooting for this very thing . . .  humans to find peace in each other, each of us authentic in who we are, deep in the soul.

There is ceaseless wonder to be found in the home of Mother Nature. As she dusts with snow, even cobwebs sparkle in her magic.

Mother Nature keeps an enchanted home; and we are her lucky visitors.  In fact, I imagine her the most magical housekeeper of all!  When she cleans and dusts with snowflakes, we begin to see even the little things anew.

As wonder is hers to give, we must honor it in return.  Be the kindest guests, and cherish all of her seasons—even cold hard winter.

there is ceaseless charm to be found in the home of Mother Nature quote
we wander into the wintry woods to live a quiet dream quote
We wander into the wintry woods to live a quiet dream.

A forest draped in snowfall feels dreamlike. The silence is otherworldly, and the landscape a fresh romance. I fall for it every time!

I am home in the mighty stretch of winter’s soul.

All at once, this warm image conveys the majesty of home and winter.  Trees stretch regal towards a full moon, and snow caresses nature with purity.  Within this cold landscape, a welcoming light radiates.

If ever winter housed a soul, it lives in this picture.

And in the soul of the one who captured it . . .  eberhard grossgasteiger

i am home in the mighty stretch of winter's soul quote
winter soul quote
Though the winter night may be long and cold; wisdom beams through the old moon’s soul.

Life is a long walk; and, at times, it can feel cold.  But our most difficult experiences along our journey oftentimes reap the most wisdom.  By the time we reach the winter years, this reward is ours to fully own; and share with those we love, as well as the world at large.

And winter’s stars do shiver with a wish to fall as snow; landing gently on the earth, melting into life below.

We all long for what we don’t have from time to time.  And since we were children, we’ve been told to look to the stars and make a wish.  Perhaps as we age, we pine for the past.

However, we are who we are…in this very place in time.  There’s no changing this core fact.  But one must always take time to feed the life force of the imagination.  I envision the stars falling on the backs of snowflakes, and enjoying a new story.

No matter how old you are, we can always dream.

and winter's stars do shiver quote
winter's trees are gray soldiers quote
Winter’s trees are gray soldiers that long to travel home; marching back to springtime, the kindest field to roam.

As I took a stroll through the bare winter woods one evening, the stark trees looked like lean soldiers.  Of course, this led to thoughts of actual homesick soldiers.  I sent beautiful wishes through the world for their safe return to the arms of loved ones.  I also thought of my brave stepfather, Jack Jannarone, who served in the military for so many years.  We should always honor our vets!

The fullest soul is a shimmery reflector of Love.

What is more beautiful than an old soul who reflects Love?  Winter holds the fullest soul.  And it continues to create even more magic.

My mom took this shot of the Hudson River in her backyard.  You can decide if my stepfather or my mother won their cute photography battle.  They love to compete, as they send me pictures for quotes.

the fullest soul quote
honor old age winter quote
Honor old age. Winter has beautiful stories left to tell.

I created these words in honor of my dear late friend, George, who I wrote about in the post, Soul Friend: The Sacred Space of Silence.  He was a master storyteller, and I honor every moment I spent listening to him. Winter creates the most mesmerizing tales.

The moon rose timeworn as a grandfather clock; its hands strumming starlight to the night’s waning tick-tock.

The moon is aged and cyclical, trapped in time’s passage. There must be a hint of melancholy, as it watches the world below.  Likewise, we grow older.  We witness life’s ebbs and flows, its many rhythms. At some point, it sinks in that our time will end.

As the moon lifts its weary guitar and strums the blues, I imagine the stars keeping vigil. What a beautiful thought . . . to know even as we live alone in our bodies, and face our many truths, that there is company nearby.

The night wanes, but oh what a ride we experience on this earth.

winter moon quote
winter paused long enough quote
Winter paused long enough to feel the shiver of trees, the stars and the breeze, the marvel of nature in pure harmony.

Winter makes us take pause, keeping us cozy indoors, or playing in her snowfall. It is both a young and old season at heart, in this sense.

In the past years, we’ve been forced to slow down like winter. One blessing has been a greater respect for nature, and more time spent in her terrain. There is wisdom to learn from our natural surroundings. Beautiful things wrapped in peace and harmony.

Winter is a perfect time to honor the wonders right outside our door. After all, the little things will offer us fresh hope.

If the offering comes from soul, it is a rare gift to behold.

This season brings the holidays, and with it gift-giving. The rarest present of all is to give from your soul, in whatever way it speaks to you. Offering pieces of yourself to help others, it exists as the truest spirit that the world needs this time of year.

if the offering comes from soul quote
angie weiland-crosby winter quote
Peace sparkled in snow and a quilt of stars; my soul tucked in goodwill, a gift from afar.

May your soul be tucked in goodwill, and may you feel the power and presence of your loved ones, whether they are near or far.

Step outside and look to the starlit sky. Gift yourself a few moments of inner peace and connection.

Be well.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

A Soulful Winter Read

“Written in hauntingly beautiful prose and with a mesmerizingly original storyline, Angie Weiland-Crosby has crafted a spellbinding and wonderfully structured novel that is utterly entrancing, and incredibly moving.” INDIEREADER
“I’ve never read a book quite like it. That’s a fact. This world needs more Scarlet, Horace and Pin Oaks in it. This book creates a magical and beautiful world, that I wish was real. Maybe it is??? I’m going to be watching for sprites in all the trees now!” KRIS

Now that you are in the serene space to appreciate living and loving in the wintertime, enjoy it!  If you haven’t reached that stage in your life, look forward, not backwards.

Winter is a beautiful season, a time to make the soul sparkle.  Sending warm wishes to you for a lovely season!

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