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A Meditation for When You Feel Powerlessness

Life can be a wonderful adventure stocked with people we love.  And, at times, it can also offer powerlessness.  We cannot control every aspect of our journey; or always safeguard those close to our hearts.  Sometimes, we lack the ability to change the course of a loved one who may be traveling down a harmful path.

Likewise, we cannot direct how other people may treat our loved ones. Unconsciousness exists in our day and time.  Ignorance can be found in the unlikeliest of people.  And anger, ego, and hurt may incite people to act in unkind ways.  In this respect, we are bound to run into worry and grief. 

Still, you hold the power to offer healing energy to both loved ones and yourself through creative thoughts and prayers.  While there, you may also choose to extend it to those misguided souls as well.  This latter option may feel hard.  But your soul will thank you for it.

When I find myself in this powerless realm, I practice a specific mediation.  In a matter of minutes, I am able to immerse myself in beauty.  As I enter deeper into this realm of stillness, I also feel empowered.  In time, I even believe I can give well-being to my loved ones who may be struggling.

I have named this meditation “Love’s Sunlit Ring.”

a meditation that places you in this peaceful sunlit field with mist and trees...

Creative Meditation: Love’s Sunlit Ring

First, find a place to sit that brings you the utmost peace.  It can be a favorite spot outdoors, or a cozy nook in your home.  If you don’t have the time or means to relax in either, I promise you can do this anywhere.  I often engage in this meditation as I wash my face or brush my teeth. 

Now, you are ready to begin.  Close your eyes.  Imagine one place in this world that brings you to a level of serenity.  Sometimes, I opt for the bottom of a still deep ocean.  Other times, my place resembles the photograph featured above.  It is so heavenly; ripe with quietness and awe.  Wherever you are, allow it to serve as your lovely anchor.

Next, see yourself seated, head bowed, eyes shut.  You may be wearing your favorite outfit.  You may appear more beautiful than you ever could have glimpsed in a mirror.  For sure, you are radiating a soft light.  It can be any color that brings you calm.  I typically imagine soft gold swirling around me, protective.

If I do not feel grounded, and my mind begins to wander from the meditation, I envision holding something weighted on my lap.  Whatever the object, make sure it is soothing enough to keep you comfortably in this spot. 

I remain with this visual of myself cloaked in serenity for a few minutes at least.  Then, slowly, I allow the light circling me to extend itself.  Whoever I am worrying about, I bring that person into my sphere.  We do not engage.  Instead, the person sits near me, head bowed, eyes closed, at peace. 

Love and calmness blankets us.  And I focus on this visualization until my entire body feels empowered, as if I am able to create and gift healing.

Gradually, I bring others into “Love’s Sunlit Ring.”  All people I love, one by one, resting in a state of pure inner peace.  The circle can be quite large, as you may imagine.  But our hearts are mystical vessels able to field this vastness.

Stay with this meditation for as long as it takes to bring forth stillness.  Then, slowly, open your eyes.  If a mirror is nearby, take a look at yourself.  I find that my eyes beam brighter, and my face glows.  When I place a palm on my heart, it beats calmer. 

You see, Love forever wins. 

And you are always a part of that powerful force field. 

Now, you reenter your life situation from a point of well-being.  In this respect, your clearer mind, strong presence, and grounded soul will allow you to act in a conscious way.  Your loved ones will benefit from it.

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