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Creative Meditation for Emotional Well-Being

Creative meditation can calm the nervous system and deliver you to a state of emotional well-being.  After all, using creativity unveils your power in the equation.  It reveals that you are in charge of something wonderful–the imagination. 

Even if life’s obstacles seem insurmountable, entering the positive realm of creativity allows you to breathe easier for a spell.  And it may even lend to a new perspective.  With practice and time, you could welcome it as a part of your daily routine.

I use creative meditation as a short soulful mind movie.  In this sense, my meditative story houses a beginning, middle, and ending.  Conflict most certainly exists.  But so does a blue-lit soul guide to lead through a specific obstacle.  As a result, I have generated focus, calmed anxiety, and lifted depression a notch.

For those who may believe they lack such creativity or power, I challenge you to reassess this notion.  Innately, we are all storytellers.  We fashion and mold our each and every moment in life.  Still, I will share my meditative scenarios.  You can try them or create ones that fit your personality and needs. 

Just make time for you.  Everyone deserves to be nurtured.  And sometimes only we know how to soothe ourselves in the most ideal manner.

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The Luxury Creative Meditation

If you have a chunk of me-time, by all means, shoot for luxury during your creative meditation.

First, set the mood for success.  Find a quiet peaceful spot and dim the lights.  If you want to add some luxuries, play relaxing music, recline on a heating pad, or even draw a warm bubble bath.  Sometimes, I add an essential oil diffuser to enhance the experience or light a scented candle.  Whatever makes you feel comforted, incorporate it into the atmosphere. 

Then, close your eyes and unwrap your creativity.

The Mini Creative Meditation

If your obligations deter you from creating a luxury environment, you can still take 10 minutes for a creative meditation.  That is the beauty of the imagination.  You carry it everywhere.

When I wash my face in the morning, I sneak in my visualization time.  The warm water relaxes me, and I would much prefer to go deep within myself than scrutinize my face.  Why focus on your exterior when tending to it has become so routine, second-nature?  

So, my message to you is to use creativity to find the time for meditation.  A lunch break at work.  Shower time.  An evening walk.  Locate that sweet spot and capture serenity.

Sensory Presence in Creative Meditation

As you meditate, assimilate all of your senses.  You need to truly “be” in your story.  I know this may appear like work.  But, trust me, the benefits outweigh the effort.  So, if you imagine swimming underwater, what do you feel, hear, see, smell, even taste? 

Dive deeper into your ocean of well-being.

Creative Meditation for Focus: The Ocean & the Balloons

When life moves at a rampant pace, my energy can mirror it.  I use this creative meditation to ground myself and channel the ability to focus.

First, I imagine myself as a blue glowing mirror image of me.  I call this shimmery wise “me” my soul guide. 

As my soul guide, I sit at the bottom of a serene ocean.  But my mind continues to race with too many thoughts to harness.  I look up and see bright reflections at the ocean’s surface.  Purposeful, I swim upward.  In time, I break through the waves to find floating colorful balloons scattered around me.  Surely, they represent my unfocused mind.  It can’t hold and enjoy even one balloon.  Pliable, I stretch my blue shimmery arms and capture each stringed balloon into a bundle.

Once I do so, I dive into the ocean with them.  Moving deeper, the bundle grows heavier until it morphs into a single large balloon.  Kicking and fielding the water’s force around me, I finally reach the ocean’s bottom and sit Indian style.  My bluish glimmering fades and I return as myself.

Content, I cradle that one weighted balloon to my chest.  It grounds me on the ocean’s floor. 

Then, I listen to the sound of silence as my mind stills.

Why this Helps Me:

Swimming to the ocean’s scattered surface and pulling one weighted balloon moves me from my mind into my core.  Holding it close clears my brain’s debris.  It reminds me to tackle life one situation at a time.

After this creative meditation, I write the most important task to accomplish.  Now, I own clarity to prioritize.  I can add more to my day’s list without feeling overwhelmed.

hot air balloon over the ocean...

Creative Meditation for Anxiety:  The Tiny Frantic Furry

When anxiety strikes, I alleviate its intensity with this creative scenario.

I am sitting alone against an oak tree in a soothing sunlit forest.  However, a racing heartbeat and panic deter me from experiencing the serenity of my surroundings. 

Suddenly, a warm blue light caresses me and I turn into my higher self, my soul guide.  With care, my glowing hand reaches through my chest.  I pull out the “Tiny Frantic Furry.” 

This piece of me manifests as different creatures based on my level of anxiety.  It could be a tiny version of a monster, fox, squirrel, whatever your imagination conjures.  While the creature may look frightening, it never intends to hurt.  Instead, it only longs to be seen, heard, understood. 

And so, on this day, I pull out a tiny fox and place it in my palm.  The fox paces my hand, speaking quickly.  With attention, I listen to its every concern.  Field all hyperactivity as it reveals the depth and breadth of my worries.  In time, the fox tires.  I allow it to rest in my palm and drift off to sleep. 

I remain with this image for a good while.  Then, I replace the Tiny Frantic Furry in my chest with loving intent. 

Sleep well, I say.

As my blue light dims, I am present in the forest.

Why this Helps Me:

By offering a concrete visual for my anxiety, I acknowledge its existence in a kind manner.  Vilifying something that has been a part of me since cognizance is not nurturing myself. 

In addition, animating a creature provides a dash of comic relief.  In this sense, I recognize that anxiety is exaggerated worry.  But oftentimes not based in my immediate reality.  After all, I am seated in a lovely forest. 

This meditation also shows that I hold the power to view anxiety as a part of me.  But, still, apart from me.  As such, I am the only person who owns the true means to calm it.

I now feel empowered; rather than ruled by anxiety.

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Creative Meditation for Depression:  Lift Me Up

Depression casts numbness around you so that even the simplest things in life feel difficult to manage.  And so, I use this meditation to grow more in alignment with my inner strength and vitality. 

My soul guide appears at the bottom of a wintry mountain.  She blazes in beautiful blues amidst the snowflakes.  As she begins to ascend the mountain with grace, however, I see she is carrying something on her back. 

It is me.  

I am asleep within my sadness.

No matter the weight, my soul guide continues the rocky climb.  Every so often, she whispers.  Rest.  You are so tired

With agility, she scales the mountain and reaches its apex.  Then, she places me down and allows me to rest some more near her.  She holds my hand.  If I cry, she stays.

In time, the sun beams as the clouds and snowfall cease.  Slowly, my soul guide disappears. 

Warmth caresses my face.  I sit up.  Open my eyes.  Feel the sparkling presence of my surroundings.

I am alive.  What a gift.

Why this Helps Me:

In this meditation, I see two versions of me.  As such, my soul guide presents strong enough to carry my depressed-self.  She refuses to cast me aside.  Instead, she nurtures throughout the arduous climb. 

At the mountain’s peak, my depressed self feels sunlight after a long cold spell.  The warmth offers the powerful message that I am awake and alive. 

Then, I return integrated in my body.  I may not smile.  But I am conscious of my blessings.  

Also, my soul guide serves as a reminder of my strength to carry on.

After all, she symbolizes the Love and life force in me.

mountain with sunshine and a heart in the snow...

As illustrated, I do not engage in a battle or belittle my struggles during my creative meditation.  Instead, I strip anger, shame, frustration, and self-pity.  Negative emotion is replaced with love and acceptance.

Everyday life delivers undeniable stressors, particularly for parents of children with special needs.  We require tools to soothe ourselves.  Integrating creativity and soul-work daily into my healing toolbox has altered my life for the better.  

Dorothy learns this potent message in the Wizard of Oz.  There is no place like home.

Likewise, YOU are the most beautiful version of home. 

Work with your imagination.

Decorate your soul with inner peace. 

Calm your heart.

Sending my warmest wishes your way, always.

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