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Spring Quotes & Flower Quotes with a Soulful Shimmer

I have created spring inspirational quotes to greet the season. Some hold a dash of soulful shimmer. After all, this time of year offers a beautiful rebirth. Nature grows from the deep cold dark of winter back into the light. It blossoms so many gifts along the way.

We, too, can take a cue from springtime. Renew our hope and find pleasure in the little things. Fragrant flowers. Lush grass. Sparkling sunlight.

Also, I fashioned some warm happy spring quotes. More than any other season, spring reminds us to seek joy and embrace Love. Nature’s radiance certainly puts us in the mood.

In addition, I composed some words that speak to presence. This is the perfect time of the year to bask in silence and stillness. In fact, I can spend hours doing both, marveling at nature’s artistry.

As you read my spring sayings, I hope your heart and soul glimmer with the season.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Spring is Coming Quotes

wintry trees quote
The wintry trees embraced the sun, a messenger that Spring would come.

Winter can wear shades of gray, and coats of snowfall. But when the sun chooses to brighten a more barren landscape, she brings a hint of Spring, telling us change will come.

Still, the sun lights up what is, and whispers. “Be here, now. Be well. Every season is to be embraced as beautiful.”

And just like that…Winter opened cold bleary eyes to the newborn colors of spring.

Surely, Winter is fatigued by the end of it all. I imagine the oldest season’s first glance to Spring as one of relief.

It is time to pass nature’s torch. Allow Winter to rest in peace.

and just like that quote
spring first heartbeat quote
Spring's first heartbeat honors Winter's last breath.

Nature follows a cycle. And I envision the seasons as honorable. While Spring is a newborn, the eldest season enters a deep sleep.

And so, kindly, she holds Winter’s weary hand. Offers comfort as she passes.

Spring san softly as Winter died, "I'll bloom for you; while my heart still cries."

Nature follows a cycle. And I envision the seasons as honorable. While Spring is a newborn, the eldest season enters a deep sleep.

And so, kindly, she holds Winter’s weary hand. Offers comfort as she passes.

spring sang soflty quote
mother earths quote
Mother Earth is awakening to springtime’s sunlit call; as flowers paint with the wind, breathing hope once more.

Springtime creates a magical awakening. As we watch flowers bloom, the sun shine longer, and the earth transform in color, life is reborn; and optimism feels near.

Make time to take part in it.

Lost in spring, the winter has passed, and hope’s enchantment is here at last.

Once winter thaws, the urge to roam rises. We become lost in the enchantment of spring, and it is here that hope finds us.

lost in spring quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Spring Flower Quotes

spring whimsical quote
Spring is a whimsical wanderer, blooming beauty along her path.

If I could personify the most hopeful season, I would slot her as this sort of wanderer. Youthful and merry, she tosses her magical seeds. Then, moves with grace along her way. She smiles amidst the orchestra of colors, scents, and sounds.

Day and night, she wanders barefoot. While her imagination only grows. After all, it’s her time to bloom.

Spring flowers are nature’s most fragrant charms.

Flowers are nature’s fine jewelry. Particularly in the springtime, they gleam with flair and entice with sweet scents. I hope my flower quote charms you!

spring flowers quote
flower has no time quote
A flower has no time to waste; her soul stems from self-love.

A flower’s life is short, but still blooms full and authentic in that limited space. Let’s make the most of our lives by blossoming self-love, digging deep in our souls, and growing as best we can our unique purpose on earth.

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Blossom spring in the heart and soul so hope flowers through winter’s cold.

In the springtime, flowers glow and sparkle. Likewise, we can mimic nature’s heart when we tend to our own well-being. So, stockpile beautiful and warm moments to carry through the long dark winter months.

blossom spring heart quote
flowers field quote
Flowers field the storms of life with brave blooms, and Spring’s warm guide.

Spring has a green thumb that gifts her flowers bravery. And also, the warm inspiration to grow beyond life’s storms.

Spring dresses in wildflowers and greens, a visionary for hopes and dreams.

Spring is that magical time of year when the heart nudges our hopes and dreams from hibernation. Possibility feels as endless as a field of wildflowers. And the path ahead is green, nature’s fortune in the making.

Wander through the season with a warm vision of your worth. Nurture your dreams, and take hope along for the journey.

spring dresses quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Spring Inspirational Quotes

we travel quote
We travel through life’s sharpest thorns to greet springtime with open arms.

This time of a year shows us that at the end of a dark tunnel, there surely is light. Spring! Welcome the reward with open arms.

Spring rises in the shadow, never to leave.

One day, I picked up my daughter, Summer, from her bus stop. It was a sunny, blossoming, spring kind of day. As she beamed at me, happy to ride home, I told her, “It’s beautiful outside. Create a spring quote!” Her mood was so giddy, and I anticipated something silly coming from her. But instead, she said without even taking a breath, “𝘚𝘱𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘳𝘪𝘴𝘦𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘩𝘢𝘥𝘰𝘸, 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘰 𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘷𝘦.” I was amazed at how quickly and powerfully she spoke these words.⁣

I asked her what it meant, and she told me, “𝘚𝘱𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘺 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘶𝘴.” ⁣

I love this concept of an eternal Spring. We can choose to keep Spring close, to hold her in our very being. When we do so, Hope is present, and the shadowed periods of life turn less lonely. We can also choose to be someone’s Spring, and bring the light. Summer does this for me. I am a proud mom!

spring rises shadow quote
spring rises quote
Spring rises, ready to love, and inspire others with a gentle nudge.

Spring is the spirit of renewal. Naturally, she inspires and nudges us towards growth. Feel her love in the warm air, and match her gentle energy. Be kind to yourself.

Spring reminds us that resilience is only a season away.

This motivational quote echoes life’s truth. At any given point in time, we remain one season away from change. Rebirth. That is, if we are willing to do the work.

Even in periods of despair, hope is an inevitable force. Her positivity promises to crop up down the road. We must always keep going, and never give up on ourselves.

So, find treasures in hard times. Look forward to unseen beauties. Spring will return.

spring reminds us quote
decorate my soul quote
Decorate my soul with spring. Fill its depth with lovely things.

The soul is a grounded sacred space. In the springtime, however, I imagine it levitating like the sun. Peering below with wonder. Then, fueling up with the season’s loveliness.

The soul then lowers once more. Silent. Now, spring’s grace garnishes its depth.

We are like blossoming trees: holding on, letting go, rising & falling into our weathered souls.

Nature reflects our diverse emotions. Like humans, trees grow and evolve through the seasons. In fact, a tree can show us how to embrace change and life’s cycles.

Blossoming trees in the springtime are a perfect example.

like blossoming quote
Angie Weiland-Crosby

Inspiring Spring Words

during the wild quote
During the wild uncertainty of a frightened land, Spring reached out her mystical hand; willing to give us hope.

Nature can serve as a conduit to hope. Even if cooped up inside, take time to look out your window. Feel how the outdoors can both mimic your mood, and also uplift it. Springtime can show us how to both grieve and shine.

Spring still blossoms in the dark; her heart resistant to give up.

Periods of strife are a part of life. The youngest season shows us that no matter the struggle, we still bloom, still survive. Carry a heart of springtime, and keep going . . . keep growing.

spring still blossoms quote
plant yourself quote
Plant yourself beside souls who long to grow.

This beautiful time of year also gives a perfect opportunity to focus on growth. As the world blooms around us, we can practice mindfulness, and connect with people who help us evolve. Allow this spring motivational quote to serve as a reminder to nurture your best self.

Spring is a sweet lullaby, a raindrop melody to soothe our cries.

The season of spring creates a symphony of sounds. One of the most soothing is that of rain droplets. They take us back to our beginning—a lullaby the soul tunes into and recalls. And even if for a heartbeat, our pain is quieted. Love christens us.

spring sweet lullaby quote
springtime hope quote
In the springtime, hope blooms in even the loneliest forgotten meadow.

This hope springs eternal quote may resonate with those feeling lonely or forgotten. 

Still, even within this state, hope can ignite sparks. Perhaps by memory. Maybe a phone call from an old friend.  Or the splash of sunshine on your face. Love is never fully out of reach. Like nature, we are interconnected.

Find hope’s golden thread in the loneliness. Then, try to grow it.

It is in the way the sun gives more of herself through the springtime that blankets us in hope. She warmly offers the dark a rest.

Spring offers us more daylight and warmth. She gives the night a rest, and room for us to feel more alive, and connected beneath the sun.

it is in the way quote
rejoice in happiness quote
Rejoice in happiness. Cry with grief. Forever blossom inner peace.

Simple words to live by. Be with each emotion and event, as you feel and live it. But try to bloom inner peace as a constant. 


“A mesmerizing and beautiful debut novel . . . Scarlet Oak will enchant you with its soulful prose. The novel is a magical ode to nature, and a story of grief, hope, and love, from a unique new talent.”

–J. Sexton, poet

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Happy Spring Quotes with a Splash of Beauty

spring awakens quote
Spring awakens the sleeping tree to sunlit magic and belief.

Spring ushers in the magical will to believe in miracles. We live in the midst of one, each and every day. It’s called Nature.

The forest takes the air of spring, blooming only hopeful things.

The forest joins with spring, as they take a journey together. Like two chummy travelers, they carry optimism, blooming in sync for all to enjoy.

forest lake quote
spring time traveled quote
Spring time-traveled, stirring what was: the whimsy of childhood, the magic of first love.

Spring takes you deep into the past. As such, your inner child awakens with the warm scented dawn and innocence feels close. Or memories of first love bloom, pure and true. Be present with these soul soothers. The youngest season has gifted them to you.

Spring rain is nature’s prettiest cry.

As rain falls in the season of flowers, it decorates with crystal drops. The end result is magic. And nature’s prettiest cry.

spring rain quote
forever wildflowers quote
You are my forever wildflower girl, with a soul homegrown to smile and twirl.

May you be blessed with beautiful souls in your life who give you the room to grow like a wildflower. And also, enough pure love to make you smile and twirl often, feeling the “forever girl” (or boy) in you!⁣

This quote is dedicated to my amazing daughter, Summer. You are a prairie of wildflower smiles. I love how you freely own who you are! 

Knee-deep in my garden’s soil; seeds strewn in my hair. Sunshine streaming, flowers dreaming, bliss without a care.

The youngest season is a gardener’s delight! As the fruits of one’s labors blossom, pure bliss comes along for the ride. It can all be likened to a lovely dream.

Feel this garden quote on a deep level next time you’re knee-deep in the soil.

knee deep in my garden quote
trees are dressed quote
The trees are dressed in emerald leaves to welcome Spring, hope’s eternal queen. Bright flowers dot the meadow’s soil and bow to nature’s fairest royal.

The transformation from winter to springtime is nothing short of regal. Bare limbs now dress up in greenery, as if set to honor hope. Flowers rise and bow in glory. We can welcome this time of year in the same way with open hearts and renewed goals.

A rainbow is the sky’s lovely garden.

This time of year mirrors a rainbow, as colors sprout wings. In my mind, the sky longs to walk the earth amidst this beauty. After crying over this impossibility for a spell, a rainbow appears and whispers. “All things are in reach.” It shows the sky her own garden of wonder.

rainbow in the sky quote
dances to her soul quote
She dances to her soul’s beat, with springtime’s spirit and bare feet.

When we are in touch with our soul, nature rhythmically greets us. We can access her every mood and⁣ heartbeat, in every season, and then dance her truths. Doing so with bare feet grounds us to the earth, and immerses us in the beauty of now.⁣

Spring is nature’s dazzling stylist.

Spring is a fashion icon. After all, she dresses nature in the finest pieces.

I crafted this quote in honor of my Summer girl. She has autism and so views life from a unique lens. A fashionista at heart, she pairs unexpected colors, patterns, and garments together.  As a result, her outfits are stunning and stylish. Summer shimmers through every season. And spring is no exception.

spring is natures dazzling quote
we are the soul spring quote
We were the soul of spring: a hint of flowers, a touch of fog, and the breathless greens that carry on.

A spring love is a memorable one. As nature unfolds its fragrance, colors, and youth, we are immersed in this sensory experience. It adds to a love story.

And the soul remembers.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Short Spring Quotes

In the springtime, the heart regrows hope.

No matter your age, there’s something regenerative about this time of year. As the sun warms the heart, it feels as if hope’s blossoming once more. This is the sweet reward for traveling a long cold road through winter.

in the springtime quote
weep not for the willow tree quote
Weep not for the willow tree. She knows only to be herself.

The weeping willow is such a graceful tree. Labeled with a somber name, the soul of the willow is undeniable.

Swiftly, these words came to me as I thought about my daughter. She knows only how to be herself…and that is beautiful. 

Likewise, we should all nurture self-love and acceptance.

Spring kindles in the soul, a love story from days of old.

Spring nudges your heart to wander through time. Close your eyes, and revisit childhood days, those endless hours playing in springtime’s promise. Feel the excitement, freedom, and adventure. Then, pull it to your present life—the love for aliveness. ⁣Hold onto this magic.

spring kindles soul quote
spring shimmers quote
Spring shimmers with presence, never looking ahead.

In the springtime, presence takes precedence. Life renews itself, and hope is reborn.  As such, we take pause to admire nature’s wonders. There is no need to look ahead.

Stay in my heart sweet loving spring to share your hope with humanity.

I am sending this beautiful spring wish into the world. May we carry on with more Love in our hearts. I hope that you find moments of peace and presence this springtime. Let nature’s warmth lead you there.

Be well. Warmly,

stay in my heart quote
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