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Rain is Magic for the Soul

Rain is nature’s take on magic.  If everyone ran, played, danced beneath rainfall together, we might solve a problem or two.  Likewise, I can’t imagine anyone watching Gene Kelly perform Singin’ in the Rain without experiencing some sort of feel-good surge.  And so, I have created a list of rain’s finer points.  I hope after reading, you’ll be inspired to make the most of the next rainy day.

rain and beautiful flowers

Rain Cleanses the Soul

Rain is nature’s soul cleanser.  I find that whenever my troubles stockpile and the sun only shines a spotlight on them, I welcome a downpour.  In fact, you will be sure to find me taking a nice leisurely walk in it.  With each step, my worries become fluid, move, may even stream as tears.  Indeed, sometimes I imagine my pain drizzling from me and merging into the raindrops.  Splash.  I stomp on them.  Goodbye.

For example, I was pregnant with my daughter, Summer, during the H1N1 virus scare.  For weeks I cooped myself up even after receiving the vaccine (which felt worrisome in and of itself).  Then one day raindrops struck my windowpane.  Told me to come visit.  I stepped outside even as it shaped up to be a torrential bout of it; and the further I walked, the more my concerns evaporated.

Now my husband wasn’t too amused when I called him to pick me up after I wandered too far off.  But my soul, it rejoiced.

Here I am after that very walk as proof of rain’s soothing ability!

a woman smiling in the rain

Rain Nurtures Creativity

Water promotes calm for me, and then my creativity blossoms.  Inspiration strikes most of the time while either washing my face or showering.  But on glorious rainy days, a long walk grounds me, soothes me, and then rewards me with my best ideas.  When I come home, I rush to my notebook and scrawl them across the page.

Recently, I suffered a concussion during an extended heat spell.  Finally, rainfall arrived with a desire to heal and uplift.  I hobbled along in that warm shower and returned with a handful of quotes that I used to create pins on Pinterest.  So far, this one below is the most popular.  Of course, I partly credit my muse–the rain.

an autumn tree with scarlet leaves

Autumn knows a mother’s heart.  It gives and then lets go.

Rain Resurrects Memories

Rain recalls potent memories for me and mostly from the playful realm of childhood.  Sometimes, I close my eyes and a flashback surfaces with a smile.  Like the time my cousin, Craig, drifted off and became lost at the Washington Zoo.  My father packed his non-wandering family members in the car, telling us to stay put.  He then searched for Craig for a good long while in the height of a downpour.  I can still remember with vivid delight the drenched image of my father tugging Craig along to our car.

Needless to say, it was a soaking soppy silent mess of a ride home for the two of them.  But my heart chuckles when I think of it.

rain, two bears sparring

Rain is Meditative

Rain is nature’s call for meditation.  When I can, I like to recline somewhere, close my eyes, clear my thoughts.  I listen to the melody of raindrops and allow the sound to hypnotize me into pure presence.  My mind calms and my body thanks me.

When wet weather isn’t in the forecast, I oftentimes play tracks of rain on my computer as I write or if I need soul-soothing.

rain on a purple leaf

Rain is Playful

There is nothing more magical than to watch my daughter, Summer, play in the rain.  Whenever it rains–no matter the season–she races to put on thermals, winter boots, and a shower cap.  Then, her happy hour begins!  She runs, laughs, sings.  She even jumps on her trampoline.  All her challenges and worries dampen, and only her purity of spirit glows.

In her toddler years, Summer loved to bolt up our street during a rain shower, cackling all the while.  Surely, she inherited this love while whooshing in my womb during my rainy walks.  Again, my husband wasn’t thrilled as he chased her.

But like mother, like daughter, our souls propel us headfirst into a rainy day adventure.

a girl playing in the rain

Rain Cozies the Soul

Rain is a cozy advocate of hibernation.  If you are an introvert, you understand this on a deep level.  When blessed with a stay-at-home day, rain is your most beloved companion.

My family, an introverted herd, adores a rainy day.  We move our sectional couch into a bed that we dub our “womb.”  Then, we snuggle, talk, laugh, nap.  In addition, we may enjoy “family reading hour” or watch a show.

a dog sleeping

I hope your next rainy day fills your soul with magic!

Bonus Rainy Day Fun

When I belted out Singin’ in the Rain to my lab, Cali, earlier this week, I actually think she cracked a smile as she panted.  But now the thrill is waning.  I have translated her lab body language as the video progresses…

Ok, it’s a good song.  Singing needs work.  And then her final reaction (pause it and you’ll see what I mean).  Human, I’m tired-beyond-dog-years of you and this ditty.

Here is Summer jumping on her trampoline.  This is a mild version as she’s typically screaming and laughing for the entire neighborhood to hear.

I dare you to watch this video clip and not have Singin’ in the Rain twirling like a pinwheel in your head all day.  If it happens, relish it.  Sing out loud.

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pink flowers in the spring rain