Quotes from Soulful Little Humans oftentimes pack the most profound punch.  That’s because children have yet to cultivate adulthood’s refined mode of wearing a social mask and speaking through a filter.  Instead, young ones possess a freedom of spirit and soul.  Indeed, this is the very thing I loved about teaching kindergarten and now cherish in mothering my daughter, Summer.

Standing in front of a class of five-year-olds each day, I taught the alphabet.  Twenty-six simple letters that hold the propensity to create peace or havoc in one’s life.  With the perfect orchestration, those letters offer consciousness.  The following Soulful Little Humans have arranged them in a most powerful way.

I have included quotes from sweet to funny to profound; echoed from my former students, my daughter and nephews who have special needs, and even an angel.  It is my hope that you take pause to laugh, think, feel as you savor the wisdom of these Soulful Little Humans. 



Sweet quotes travel deep into your being and make themselves comfy, at home.  No matter time and distance from the delivery, a sweet quote sugars the heart with a beautiful memory.  Enjoy!

“Do you have a husband?  If not, when I grow up, I’ll be your husband.”


I taught at a Montessori school fresh out of college.  During nap time, Billy, a charming delicate boy, stared deep in my eyes and delivered this sweet message. 

“Tell your husband he has to take care of you two now more than ever.”

Jasmine (LJ)

Jasmine, a former kindergartner from Los Angeles,  has been a delightful pen pal over the years.  While pregnant with my daughter, Summer, she created a beautiful letter and wrote these touching words.

“I am sure he’s going to grow up to be whatever his heart feels and desires.”


Karina is also a former kindergartner from Los Angeles and a soulful pen pal.  When I wrote to her about my nephew, Noah, who was born with a rare disorder, Rubenstein Taybi Syndrome, she sent me a sweet letter with this meaningful quote.

“Ms. Weiland, I will always love you.  You can count on that.”


Stephen, a former kindergartner from Los Angeles, brought sass, style, and smarts into my life.  Like all my students, he also stole my heart.  During my visit to LA during his second grade year, he spoke these forever-words.


Nothing spells comedy more than the first-week-of-school.  And I’m not even talking about the laughs the kids bring.  No, I’m referencing my first week as a kindergarten teacher in Watts, Los Angeles during which time I experienced many ups and downs in my own learning curve.  Laugh along with me as I feature some of my favorite quotes.

“Teacher, you’re sweating.”


There’s no elegant way to word the fact that, yes, gingers sweat under pressure.  On day one, Ashley, my line leader, reported this finding to my pack of kindergartners and their parents.  Luckily, since then prescription strength deodorant has been invented.

“Why do I have a teacher with fake orange hair and heels?”

La Ron

La Ron, a lively former student, vocalized his puzzlement with my appearance on the first day of school.  His expression as he spoke is a snapshot that will forever tickle my memory bone.

“Ms. Weiland, why is your hair in ponytails?  You’re all grown up.”


Ashley, my line leader, surely delivered the comedy that first week of school.  And, yes, I did bundle my hair in two ponytails and I cringe at the memory.  Leave it to a five-year-old to echo the stark truth. 

“Stop your crying and eat some food.  You’ll see your momma again.  You just gotta go to school first.”


Stephen’s voice boomed, and he extended that power and wit daily to my classroom.  On the first day of school, he took charge when I had difficulty consoling an upset student in the cafeteria.  And, yes, he calmed the boy who proceeded to eat his pizza.


To keep the love rolling, I’m going to include random heartfelt quotes; some of which hold a dash of spice, and one voicing the purest love. 

“Awww, Ms. Weiland, you’re on the Red Bull again.  You were doing so good.”

La Rue

Functioning with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) as a teacher, at times, could be brutal.  For my New Year’s Resolution I resolved to kick the energy drink, Red Bull.  La Rue (a student I nicknamed my jumping jellybean based on his energy levels) showed such deep disappointment and concern for me when he saw its return to my desk within a week’s time. 

“I hope your husband makes you very happy because if he doesn’t I will get MAD and don’t say anything because you won’t stop me.”

Jasmine (LJ)

Jasmine crafted this line to me in a letter after she learned of my wedding.  Indignant with the thought of any man treating me poorly, she wrote her mind in a forceful-turned-funny way.

“You have to talk to THIS LADY, and she has to talk to THIS MAN.”


My daughter, Summer, who has autism, holds a unique way of viewing her world and we oftentimes enjoy being swept up in it.  At dinnertime, however, she wants all focus on HER, and grows upset if my husband and I converse.  One evening she stood up and with intensity pointed first to me, and then to my husband as she echoed these fiery words.

“Goodnight mom.  I love you bigger than the sun, the moon, the stars, and all of the planets.  I love you bigger than anything.”


Ayden is my nephew, and like Summer, he has autism.  Every night, he speaks these words to his mom as she stands outside his bedroom door.  My sister, Heather, says it makes her heart smile.  For those who believe a child with autism lacks empathy, I strongly disagree.  A child with autism feels and loves intensely; but, at times, has difficulty processing and expressing it.  Ayden’s love for his mother speaks loud and clear.

ladone 002c

Some of the most profound words I’ve ever heard have come from children.  Take pause to let them sink in as you look at each photograph.

“I’m scared that the helicopter will shoot God in the sky.  And then where will we be?  Without a God?”


Priscilla, a gentle former student, spoke these words as a helicopter circled during a lock-down.  I have never forgotten them or her frightened face.  I held her and tried to calm her the best I could.  A child’s world should never include these thoughts.


“The gangs chase you…they run and they get you.  And, Ms. Weiland, I can’t run that fast.”


Before I left Los Angeles, I had a conversation with Stephen.  I told him, “Stay on the right track even if you may feel alone at times.”  He returned my wisdom with words reflective of his reality.  I wanted to huddle in a ball and cry forever.  Instead, I hugged him. 

In the photo below, Stephen is leaning into me with inner peace.  I place him and all of my former students in the wooded sunlight for strength and fortitude.  No matter time or age, I will always hold their light in my soul and send it back to them through my everlasting love.


“Even though it’s different now, you’re still here somehow.”


Amber, my former kindergartner and now east coast daughter, wrote this profound message to me within a song she created.  Yes, the spirit we leave behind remains in the soul of a place.  Her words remind me to always strive for the best version of myself so others will want to keep my spirit close long after I’m gone.


“George’s condo is all done.  The lights are off.  The doors are shut.  George is in heaven.”


My daughter spoke these words after our dear elderly friend, George, passed away.  I found this sentiment profound and enlightened.  Her visual of his condo shutting down remains in alignment with our bodies ending as our spirit moves on.

a girl hugging a tree...

“Mom, when I die, I’ll still be Amber, I’ll just be different.”

Amber, Patti’s daughter & angel

I asked my dear friend, Patti, if I could use her daughter’s quote.  Amber struggled with cancer and then crossed the threshold to heaven at the age of four. 

“These were, by far, the most precious dozen words I’ve ever heard…a lovely birthday gift she gave me.  Amber died on my 27th birthday.”

Patti Dimiceli

From Patti’s book, Embrace the Angel:

“Amber’s last words have sustained me during the tough times and transformed me in ways I have yet to discover…This is Amber’s message to the world:  Death does not delete our lives, it transforms them.  Knowing that death is simply change, I did not “lose a child,” she did not “pass away.”  She is still with me today, but different.”


”       “


Noah is my nephew and godson.  As mentioned before, he has a rare disorder called Rubenstein Taybi Syndrome.  While nonverbal, he still communicates…just in different ways.  I imagine the quotation marks wings and Noah’s words flying with them to parts divine.  


a woman and boy hugging in a snowglobe...

I hope these quotes from soulful little humans have transported you deep into your soul.  If you found them as unforgettable and profound as I have, share them.  Oftentimes, children are the most sincere truth-tellers if we’re open to listening.

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