a dewdrop web symbolizing motherhood's intricate soul work

Nature and Motherhood: Soulful Companions

Nature and motherhood are soulful, fierce, and magical companions.  As these powerful pictures will show, attributes of motherhood mirror nature at her finest.

Nature is a force, and as mothers so are we!

Motherhood is delicate soul work.

nature, a dew drop web to soothe the soul

By nature, motherhood operates as life’s delicate connector.  With each passing day, we nurture, give, and teach our children so they can grow.  With time, this soul work passes on and on through generations until we create an intricate web of wonder.

Motherhood is a deep-rooted venture.

nature, a tree trunk to show a mother's strength and stability

Motherhood also requires grounding and stability.  In this respect, we are rooted for our children so they can know a safe place.  Like this tree trunk, we remain our child’s anchor in all types of weather, no matter stormy or calm.  Together, we stand tall so they can one day branch from us and blossom into their own journey.

Motherhood is a heart-felt creative journey.

nature, a field of wildflowers to show a mother's creativity

We are mothers and creators.  You cannot separate the two.  Our hearts, second by second, create a template for our children to emulate.  A smile.  Our laughter.  A mom-made hug.  These are our simplest yet most meaningful forms of creation and connection given to our child.  Over time we multiply this love, growing it at the same time in our children, day by day, hour by hour, second by second.

Motherhood is sunlight and fluidity.

nature, a sunlit waterfall to show motherhood's fluidity and consistency

We are our children’s light, and we are the force that allows their lives to flow.  Through nurture, we shine a path that will allow our children to thrive.  With consistency, we set the tone for their lives to move at an even pace, steady as a stream; but purposeful.  The warmth we project remains as vital to our children as the sunlight.

Motherhood is a steep climb that can be picturesque.

nature, a steep mountan to show a mother's climb each day

Each day as mothers we strive to reach our children through being our best selves possible.  Some days, we succeed effortlessly in this task, as if flying up a mountain and then reveling in the beautiful view.  On other days, we can barely take a step without feeling defeated.  Still, we rise each morning with as much fortitude as this mountain to take that climb.

Motherhood is worrisome even in its wonder.

nature, a lonely bird to show a mother's worry and isolation

We tend to our children, and without a doubt, worry.  At times, we feel alone or misunderstood, flying our fears ten miles into the future.  Our souls long for a place to rest, to connect, to replenish.  Like this bird, we need a branch to hold us and our concerns with compassion, and flowers to help us take pause in the present, to cherish the moment that exists to lighten us.

Take a moment for yourself today and marvel over everything you’ve accomplished as a mother.  Then, clear your mind and soothe your soul in one beautiful way.  Whether it’s smelling a flower, sitting beneath a tree or watching the clouds float by, simply be…and be you.