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Love Quotes to Romance the Soul

Love quotes touch the heart and soul, reminding us of the universal gift we share the power to manifest.  After all, Love is the most beautiful emotion granted to us.  Wrapped in its graceful blanket, we are uplifted, healed, and transformed.

My quotes speak to the soul in humanity, as we are all on life’s journey to discover, nurture, and grow the love of others and ourselves.

I hope my words romance your soul in the most lovely way.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Young Love Quotes

A first love is the soul’s purest kiss.

The purity of a first love shimmers in the soul, which always remembers. After all, a first love is our introduction to the beauty of romantic love.

When the heart runs out of words, a hug will warm the silence.

Young love is full of words and emotions and excitement. But eventually silence falls and a hug fills that void with the warmest embrace.

Love’s imagination creates limitless wonder.

In the height of young love, the imagination soars with possibility. Indeed, the world appears anew and magic seems to accompany every moment.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Love’s Hope Quotes

If I could shed my heart as ruby petals, the trail would always lead back to you.

Love owns a beautiful heart. It never gives up.

And the trail always leads back to those who have touched us.

Your soul is the light that sees my dark, & loves me all the same.

Life is not an easy path. As such, we long for a lover who sees and accepts our many shades.

Surely, Love hopes for no less.

He met her on life’s darkest road; her soul became my moon.

At times in life, we may be walking a dark route; no hope in sight. Then, we meet someone whose soul shines, drawing us in. That beloved becomes a muse to move us further into the light.

Here, we are responsible for mending ourselves. But it is a little less lonely with a worthy lover alongside for the journey.

You loosen pieces of me I’ve never met; fresh fearful pieces that long to be loved.

When you meet someone that breaks down your walls, and shines light on unacknowledged pieces of you, be open to it. This journey towards love may be outlining your fears or flaws. But in doing so, you can now work through them, and grow.

You are the sunrise that lifted my heart to love.

Hope arrives to those who are open to embracing it.

I envision these trees as two people meeting for the first time after an extended heartbreak. The possibility for something new and rich rises in them, as Love moves on the distant horizon.

Though our souls must part, time unripe to know our love story’s heart, I’ll keep us in hope’s sight.

Some loves enter our lives and feel destined. But sometimes time whispers…not yet. In this case, we must let go with the faith that if a love is pure and meant to be, it will return.

Still, hope shines like a beacon, keeping vigil in the fog of time. And as you grow, that true love may just do the same. Then, the future will find you.

Come…be with me before the night fades and our moonlight loses the will to fight.

I was intrigued by this image of a fading moon, and a night that appeared to be just holding on.  It reminded me of a love affair that still had a chance, if only given that second wave to breathe.  But both parties would need to act, and quickly, or the moment may forever pass.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Heartbreak Quotes

We lived an olden love poem, a haunted romance.

Some stories feel just this way. Tragic and romantic, hauntings from the past.  

You haunt the forgotten parts of us that linger in my soul.

Some people may make visits to your soul long after they have left your life. Forgotten pieces of your story may resurface, and even haunt. May you have the strength to deal with it as a trick, or a treat. In doing so, cast the visitation aside if the story is painful, and relive the memories if it is a gift.


After all, some hauntings may be welcome, and others need to be put to rest.

Like a blizzard, your words froze us into what was, and could have been.

Words hold power, and even a few can upend your life. I believe all of us can recall the moment we said goodbye to a love relationship; and how a split between what was and could have been fractured the heart. It mirrored a blizzard, as cold pain blanketed all that you shared.

You are then left with only memories and wishes.

I am a house with a heavy heart, aching chambers of memory since our love fell apart.

When love is lost, a sort of hominess disappears. You feel like a bare house, while the heart’s chambers ache with memory, a longing to return.

One must sit with this house, as painful as it is, and feel the love story’s end. In order to build a warm home again, we have to first say goodbye.

You were my mountain. I was your ocean. Some loves were made to wonder.

Not all loves make it for the long-run, nor should they. Still, that relationship teaches valuable lessons. It also can reveal hidden flaws and strengths as you exit and continue to evolve.

Of course, you may wonder about that former love. However, what is, and who you are in this moment, will always remain your place of power.

Our pages have fallen like scarlet leaves. Pain lives in the past. But the heart still longs in its quiet way for the happiness once had.

Relationships end, and the heart breaks. All the while, self-growth moves you forward. 

Still, this doesn’t negate the love or the happy times that may have existed. We may journey to the past in our minds and hearts to relive them. I think it’s normal and natural. 

But if far more pain than happiness occurred, in the end, you must return to the present. Keep carrying on. There is always more love and happiness ahead if you’re open to it.

In a faraway place that we never met, our love knew beauty until death.

Fairy tales offer the promise of a happily ever after. But life serves up plot twists, a kingdom of emotions, and detours, too. When a relationship ends, it is a grieving period unlike any other.

You may pine for that faraway place, a dreamland where things may have worked out. It is natural. You must go there to exhale that long ago wish.

Then, believe in your next step. Let your soul be a guide.

Time separates us. But your soul still moves my heart.

Some relationships end on heart-wrenching terms. But the soul nurtures that connection long after it has physically passed. It continues and changes.

Love is as fluid, deep, and permanent as the ocean.

It cannot be erased.

Though you left me in the dark, I searched for the sun to resuscitate my heart.

When you feel abandoned in a love relationship, a dark period issues forth. The ability to trust is shattered, and it takes time to rehabilitate the heart. At some point, it is up to you to search for the light. Shine it deep within as self-love. Heal, and keep going.

Her heart could no longer fight. So her soul took flight.

The heart endures so much in this lifetime, and it is a fighter. But there are times when we must give it a rest. If broken, allow it the time and space to regenerate and piece itself back together.

That’s when we need to dig deep within. Our soul is not only a kindly shelter, but that voice whispering, “You can do it! You can and will fly once more!”

Her heart broke into a chaotic sky, but she never lost the magic in her eyes.

When you are heartbroken, your world feels shattered. Within the fragments of your life, you struggle to ground yourself, find peace, and for anything to make you feel whole. At your core, however, lives your soul. It will never desert you. In fact, it will remind you that you still hold magic. The soul will also let you know that your eyes will see the world in a beautiful way once more, in time.

If tears make your face a home, fell that touch, a love once known.

Tears are a presence—a reminder that love happened, and mattered, and that you are never fully alone.⁣

The rain clouds are weary, and the stars are dim. Time to uncloak your heart and love deep again.

Everyone has experienced heartbreak. It is universal. But not all of us process it in the same way. Some may move on quickly. Others may stay with the grief one day too long.

I imagine the heart wearing a cloak to grieve. It does so until the person arrives powerful enough to disrobe it. 

Your heartache one day, darling, will fall beneath your feet; scattered ashes on a meadow of homegrown inner peace.

In time, pain lessens. And the heart eventually mends itself. Still, some lessons of a failed relationship may serve as warnings for your future. This is a gift.

And if you have done the hard work to heal, inner peace will also be yours to own.

That, my darling, is a treasure.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Beautiful Love Quotes

Be Love’s free verse.

Love is oneness, but doesn’t know only one path. Free verse is poetry without rhyme or a regular meter.

Find the infinite and unique ways to be Love, to show Love, and do it freely. 

You are the magic of a moon in daytime; a strange sort of love that I could never make my stranger.

When you meet a person so unique, he/she may seem misplaced in your ordinary world.  Perhaps this person has quirks unlike your own, or is vastly different from you.  For this very reason, you may resist. 


But a true connection isn’t concerned with comfort zones.  It demands that you step outside them to evolve.  And this sort of love’s extraordinary nature may help you do just this.  You may feel like a stranger in your life, but in a good sense. 


And this is the wonder of living and growing!

The stars spark on the fly a cherished skyscape where lovers pine.

How often do we look to the sky—that starry, heartwarming harbor? In those quiet moments, we reminisce, wish, and share in the magic of Love, near and far.

My soul has woven parts of you in a ceaseless rhythm, like the moon.

Your soul weaves the power, mystery, and beauty of the people you hold dear. Like the moon, glowing moments cycle through you. And in a rhythm close to poetry, you create a tapestry of your shared story. What a gift it is to be alive. What a blessing to be loved.

Rugged and beautiful is my soul’s terrain; a mirror image of the love you gave.

Each love relationship we enter changes us in some way. We take both the rugged and brilliant pieces into our soul, and synthesize them. In a sense, we are a reflection of the many people who have loved us and shaped our lives.

And, of course, we are still uniquely ourselves. And this is divine.

The last two pictures were taken by the amazing eberhard grossgasteiger.

He photographed her soul in sepia; a lover’s attempt to sculpt her in time.

A lover who looks deep in your soul sees past one moment in time.  Instead, he takes a mental snapshot of the most precious piece of your being and then sculpts this beauty in the past, present, and future.  You become indelibly a piece of his soul—a vintage dream in sepia.

My soul will love you beyond beauty, and there you will grow more beautiful.

Our souls view and experience beauty in a way that defies the superficial. A couple that travels from youth into old age surely knows this sort of profound connection. They witness their beloved grow more beautiful with time.

Your heart is the umbrella that shelters my tears.

A true lover remains by your side during times of grief. With a protective spirit, that person encourages your tears to fall; and in the process, accepts some of your pain.


I love the idea of our hearts as umbrellas! In this sense, we offer a warm inviting place as shelter to our loved ones in times of need.

Tucked into a fluid dream, the home of you is the why of me.

You can meet someone and immediately feel at “home.” And when you find that person it becomes a part of your “why” on earth. For, a healthy relationship allows you to grow in your story and purpose. This is a fluid dream, one that is streaming into all things beautiful.

“There is no distance in Love’s realm. You are close; even while far.”

The reality is that in Love’s realm we are forever tied to those who have touched our hearts. We hold those we love near, even while far. Never to let go.

Love is the moon: moments of oneness, souls in tune.

Love is as luminous as the moon. Beautiful heartbeats of oneness in an everlasting sky of wonder.

Look to the moon to recall your love stories. Feel connected.

Love can’t leave a story. Its pages are endless.

A true love story is ongoing. Like the air we breathe, it remains with us. We read its beautiful pages in times of cheer and despair, and this keeps us going.

We pass love on, an endless book of devotion binding us to one another.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Deep Love Quotes

Meet me in the middle of your story when the soul is worn but wise.

Love in middle-age grows deeper and wiser. After all, two people have experienced life and so have full stories and seasoned gifts to share. The soul, too, has had time to mature. This renders its own sort of magic to the relationship.

It is a very human desire to want to frost time; forever alive with those who touch our hearts.

True Love falls back to you.

When a love is pure, time or circumstance cannot delete it. Like the image of this sun misplaced on the sand, true love lost returns in unexpected and beautiful ways.

If you can fall in love, you can surely fall back into it.

Reading this beautiful love story is an unforgettable experience.

For a long time, tree sprite Scarlet Oak has watched autumn fall and rise in the same way amidst her forested society of sprites. Read more..

Brush the starlight from your skin. Journey soul-deep to truly love.

Stars are so far away and unattainable. But sometimes we long to reach for them. Just look at how our society worships the people we label “stars,” who are simply human like the rest of us. The sparkle, however, can blind us to this fact.

Deep within lives our soul, the space that offers us peace and authenticity. There is no need to reach for the faraway. After all, a true love travels deep to find you; rather than skims your surface appearance and nothing more.

Love me through the wintertime until I fall deep asleep; tucked into the glowing space where souls forever meet.

A soul mate walks with you through life’s phases and remains beside you well into your winter years. Beyond time on earth, this Love exists intertwined in a sunlit place that can never die.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Love Quotes for Your Soul

The wind breathes lonely, longing to be seen. Sometimes, the soul has days like these.

There are times in life when we lose our way. We feel lost, unseen, unloved, alone. In these times, the soul, too, feels the isolation, longing to be acknowledged, to hold you close.

A return to who you are in the depths of your being–to discovering and loving yourself–is the route from this despair. You may still be alone in terms of a romantic relationship. But growing your own love story is the greatest blessing of all.

Alone I stand, heartache brushing the soul of my land. Still, I breathe…free.

Some loves shouldn’t last forever. If you are unable to grow as a person into your most beautiful self, then that relationship is not serving you.

Still, heartache stands alongside the end of this dream. And you must feel the pain, allow it space to pass.

Ultimately, however, you are left with a gift—freedom. In this realm, you must love yourself more than ever. In doing so, you will in time choose more wisely.

Rest into this knowledge, own your fragility, and know your worth. The beast weakens in time, strife does pass, and the heart will beat on. 

A flower has no time to waste; her soul stems from self-love.

A flower’s life is short, but still blooms full and authentic in that limited space. Let’s make the most of our lives by blossoming self-love, digging deep in our souls, and growing as best we can our unique purpose on earth.

She nurses her scars into a force full of stars, aware that only she can turn them to light.

Life brings scars, and with them a choice. You can hurt others, and deepen those scars. Or you can turn them into light . . . into a path toward healing. Then, you can shine what you’ve learned, how you’ve grown, and the aura of survival.

Our scars can help others.

She was her own silent love story: a forget-me-not who grew her soul in a moonlit field of wildflowers.

What is more beautiful than your own silent love story? One in which you continue to grow your soul despite life’s adversities and setbacks.

In doing so, you blossom into a “forget-me-not.” In treasuring your worth, you extend that grace into the world.

When a soul knows peace the heart can sleep.

Our hearts can be weighted down with life’s burdens and losses. We label its malnourished state in so many ways…the heavy heart, the lonely heart, the grieving heart.

But when our soul cultivates peace and well-being, the heart has a safe place to sleep, rest, regenerate.

Sail me to my soul’s still shore. Shipwreck me forevermore.

We are all responsible for the welfare of our vessels. Living from a deep place of soul commands stillness. It also allows you to know your own beauty as well as how your purpose connects to others and the world.

Once I shipwrecked on the shore of my soul, I never left. I only dived deeper, and deeper.

Live from the soul and Love’s path will find you.

When you approach life from a rooted place of soul, Love naturally finds you.

In a sense, it is life’s ultimate magic trick. With synchronicity, people and circumstances enter your sphere to uplift and enhance you. And beauty abounds and surrounds you, as Love draws near.

Like the sun, she bloomed the warm want to know the soul of everything she touched. She fell in Love.

This is truly Love; that feeling of oneness that overpowers the soul with the wish to know everything in life on a deeper level.

With purity, we then see the beauty not only in ourselves, but in all people and earthen things.

I am so much more than the pages of one story. I am the epic roots of those who loved before me; the beautiful mist of presence; and the mighty branches to those who will love beyond me.

Our journey on this earth is interconnected to the past, present, and future. And so, we live more than one linear story. What an amazing fact!

For Love truly has a ripple effect, and we are forever a part of this undying flow.

Swim into Love, unafraid; to reach this horizon you cannot wade.

We exist in a spectrum as humans.  Love and fear assume polar opposite positions.  We are tugged between them.   This is life, after all.  We fear so much…loss, rejection, heartache, death. 

At some point, however, we have to cease wading in fear to love fully, authentically.  Once that happens, we swim with our soul’s current, and it keeps us afloat no matter the outcome.

We exist in a spectrum as humans.  Love and fear assume polar opposite positions.  We are tugged between them.   This is life, after all.  We fear so much…loss

Take that risk.  Love.

Love is the beautiful touch of flowing moments the soul dreams up.

We all are a part of a time stream that flows from moment to moment. When we dip into the wealth of Love that is our very being, we are in touch with our soul, enacting the dream of what it is to be fully alive.

When humanity’s soul blossoms, love is everywhere.

I imagine this is Love’s most sacred wish.

I hope my Love Quotes have soothed your heart and soul.

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