lonely life quotes from angie weiland-crosby

Lonely Life Quotes

Presently, the world is facing a pandemic. Uncertainty, fear, and anxiety have risen to the surface, inescapable. And the popular hashtag, #alonetogether, rings true. So many of us are restricted to our homes. Still, we must be mindful that not all of us are experiencing this pandemic in the same way. Some are isolated, all alone. Others face financial peril and great need. Some of us have lost loved ones; while others have been spared. Indeed, our current crisis is not a “one-size-fits-all” sort of situation. It’s far more complicated.

In this respect, I have created words to inspire that span diverse experiences, hoping to soothe in some small way.  Let us find safe ways to help others during this challenging time in our history.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Words to Inspire Mindfulness

In an instant, we gazed from the glitter of starlight to those humbly tilling the earth.

Our society honors pop culture, as well as the rich and famous.  But in this era of COVID-19, the focus has shifted to the quiet, brave and humble people who give service every day: health workers, grocery clerks, janitors, delivery people.  May this virus remind us to show gratitude to the people who provide us our basic human needs.  They are risking their health and lives right now to do so.  

Yes, stars transport us to beauty—a welcome escape.  But, in the end, we walk the earth.  It is vital.

When you long to wander far from your realm, seek stillness as a journey. Place your soul at the helm.

We are confined to our spaces, some of which may be compact.  There exists a longing to return to our former lives when we could move freely.  Certainly, the wish for wanderlust seems strong.

During this challenging time, however, we may travel into the quiet space of our souls, and connect with stillness.  Perhaps, we return with a new perspective.  It may even be a deeper one.

We search for hope from afar; while the little things keep us solace in the dark.

Since the largeness of life is reduced, it is now easier to identify the little things we take for granted on a daily basis.  A simple hug.  Connection.  Time with loved ones.

In the end, the little things are always the big things that truly matter.

When you peer through the keyhole of judgment, you miss the wider view.

At times, impulse leads to judgment.  Human nature has the tendency to veer in this direction. But taking a beat to ask one simple question can change this course.  “Why?” When we look beyond to see the wider story, we open the door to empathy and understanding.

As some of us are cooped up together with stay-at-home orders, it’s a good time to practice this exercise.  I do so daily with my daughter who has autism.  When she nears meltdown mode, I take a breath and stop to ask, “Why?” Then, I decode her story, and better know how to handle the situation.

We can also apply this concept to the world at large.  Let’s take pause first.  Then, seek to understand.

Gratitude is the gift of sight in the darkest times.

Although much around us feels bleak, try to see the world with fresh eyes (if even for a heartbeat).  Find one thing to be grateful for, no matter how small.  It may be fresh air, the scent of spring flowers, a distant voice of a loved one replaying in your mind.  Hold onto that as a flicker of light.  Gratitude is a force.

Stack your blessings higher than your hurts.

Making a list of your blessings is a practice in gratitude.  If things are particularly dark, it may feel like a struggle.  But as you begin to write, the blessings grow clearer.  Some of us have more quality time to spend with our loved ones.  Others may pursue an abandoned hobby.  Each day a loved one is safe and well, it is a blessing!  Be as mindful as you can.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Words to Inspire the Lonely

And in my barren branches I hold you like the moon; a distant dream of closeness I hope to relive sooon.

Right now, it feels as if we’re existing in black and white—that we’ve stepped out of the HD colorful movies of our lives. I took a walk one evening and spotted these tree branches reaching to the moon. It reminded me of social distancing, so I took a picture. The loss of human touch can feel crippling. ⁣

I wrote these lines to give a voice to those souls who are all alone, frightened, struggling, cooped up; dreaming of holding a loved one again. In time, may we live our colorful stories once more…deeper, richer. 💗 ⁣

The wind breathes lonely, longing to be seen. Sometimes, the soul has days like these.

There are lonely souls right now—young and old—that long to be seen.  We cannot forget those isolated without loved ones.  Find creative ways to connect, and brighten someone’s day.

Let’s search to identify our greatest purpose.  It is always connected to love, and a giving spirit.

In a world too full of spring, I know not how to be alone.

In the springtime, we leave the cozy confines of winter’s hibernation to reenter nature’s open warmth.  We gather with friends and family amidst flowers, and sunlight, and sparkling trees. 

But this year, a virus has us going against human nature.  We must social distance ourselves and remain at home.

Yes, spring offers rays of hope.  But it also may magnify loneliness in those of us who are all alone.  So, I wrote this quote to place a spotlight on such private pain. 

You are seen.  Be well, and stay strong.   

Summer strummed on a lonely shore, “My heart is young; but my soul feels worn.”

Youth houses the desire to roam, to socialize, to feel free.  For the safety of humankind, all of this now needs to be contained.

With that said, the young are missing key events in their lives.   Everything is relative, and so it can feel like a deep loss they must grieve.  At the same time, this experience serves as a crash course that life can be full of setbacks, disappointments, and sacrifices.  I’m sure this generation will emerge wiser than their years. 

Deep in this forest of loneliness, a stream of Love still flows; sweet memories ripple into my dreams, bridging warmth into woe.

During this time of social distancing, I have experienced vivid dreams.  Some reveal my fear, sadness, and loneliness.  But others warmly bring family and friends into my sphere.  These comfort me in the most beautiful way. 

Even as we undergo this dark phase, Love is still growing and flowing.  Feel this as much as you can.  Daydream it if you must.

In the lonely dead of night, the moon arose, a friend of light.

For all those struggling in this moment, look to the night’s sky. Focus on hope’s candlelight. Let it soothe your soul and befriend your heartbeat. Be well.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Words to Inspire Hope & a Helping Hand

During the wild uncertainty of a frightened land, Spring reached out her mystical hand; willing to give us hope.

While the climate is filled with worry, Spring, on the other hand, is growing hope.  One glance to the world of nature is enough to provide some moments of peace.  Bright flowers, emerald grass, birds singing—all of this can bring you to the present moment.  Find solace in it when you can.

Even in the bruised deep dark; hope creates a tiny spark to lead you out.

During this trying time, some people remain at true risk.  Consider those in closed spaces, and its effect, such as: women trapped in domestic violence, children in abusive homes, those with mental illness, or others recovering from addiction, or in its throes.  Also, so many families have lost a source of income and are in dire need.

Please take pause for a moment, and send a prayer or spark of hope to them.  We are all connected.  If this pandemic hasn’t shown us this in a profound way, I don’t know what will.

If you feel at risk, please hold onto hope.  Reach out in a safe way for help.  May humanity show a collective soul of love, and a giving heart.

I have loved with the breadth of the ocean; and lost with the grief of rainfall.

Heartbreak has entered people’s lives in a sudden tragic way.  Some are mourning the loss of loved ones; and to make matters even more difficult they cannot attend funerals and grieve in a communal way.

Again, please take a moment to send blessings to those enduring such pain. In a tidal wave of their grief, shower them with love.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Words to Inspire Light

When darkness branches to your soul, light still finds a way to rise.

Though this virus may seem as vast as a bleak night, look to the moon.  It shines—a force—refusing to be swallowed by the dark.  Take moments to imagine you and your loved ones as the moon, carrying the strong will to survive.  Also, glow your light to someone who is deeper in the dark. 

And still I give because Love won’t be kept.

In this grim time, still a giving spirit is present.  And this want to offer more of oneself—to help humanity—comes not from a place of fear.  No, fear wants to retreat and hoard.  But Love longs to share more of its bounty; refusing to be kept locked up. 

We’ve seen more Love than fear, I believe.

Spring reminds us that resilience is only a season away.

Nature can serve as a reminder of humanity’s resilience.  As we move forward, let us keep our strength in sight.  Look to the future for reprieve; while still accepting what is for now.  As spring shows us beauty in action, let’s grow together as a society, aiding each other in a responsible way.  And always keep hope in the forefront of our souls.

As the moon finds its place in the darkest of skies, Love will uplift despair.

We are navigating a dark horizon.  But we have also seen Love in its fullest form.  The human spirit is rising as angels on earth.  We can find them everywhere: those caring for the sick, delivering us food and supplies, people working the front lines during this pandemic.  At home, families can treasure time with each other.  Or we can revise our purpose.  Yes, times are hard, and grief is near.

But Love will always uplift, and shine the most soulful light into despair. 

Love is the mountain that refuses to fall.

A virus can’t take away Love.  The heart beats too strong to allow it. 

I do hope my words to inspire have brought some sense of comfort to you.  For now, take life day-by-day, moment-by-moment, if you must, and stay connected in the safest way possible.

May the world return from this dark time with a greater sense of unity.  Wishing you wellness.