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Growth Quotes to Inspire You When Life Feels Dark

I have created personal growth quotes to inspire hope, belief, and change. As we all do, I have fallen countless times during my life. Often, I felt trapped in a stagnant situation or despair. With age, I began to recognize the cyclical pattern to my fears, setbacks, and bouts of darkness. It inspired me, as I realized always that I moved from bleakness into self-growth. 

If you are here, know that the journey isn’t easy. Once you have resolved to make a change, expect challenges and pain to arise. But gifts, too, will surface–valuable gems. As you reach the other side of transformation, these treasures will be revealed to you.

This is the full-circle beauty of life. We struggle. Fall. Hurt, deeply. Grow. Then, we find our way in time, and move forward. As synchronicity beams, we meet others walking the same footsteps of our past. Then, we uplift them towards a meaningful future.

If you are on a solid path right now, I hope my growth quotes keep you motivated. If you are experiencing a dark period, use my words as a lantern. Then, take one step forward.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Growth Quotes in the Dark

For now, I exist in an unseen world; and it is called…survival.

This may be where you begin. You are merely surviving in your present reality. You may feel lost or alone.

Find yourself in this unseen world. Know that within it, the strength of you is still alive. You may just have to seek it out, and this will take time.

Imagine that you are this mountain. You will not disappear; no matter the fog around you.

When tears long to bathe your soul, let them fall so light can grow.

First, you may need a good cry. Tears don’t always come easily. We may push them down, perhaps out of necessity, to carry on. But a release moves us from the dark and toward the light.

We stand tallest in our weakness. For it’s the backbone to growth.

Sometimes, we feel defeated, stuck, hopeless. But our weakness speaks volumes. And, when ready, you will listen.

In fact, in your darkest hour, this choice will face you. Remain where you are, or answer the call to change. Only you hold the key to do so.

Garner your inner strength, and unlock the door. Push it a little bit, or with great force if need be.

You are now on your way.

Here I am, still shining; even as the night tries to swallow me.

There will be resistance. You can bet on it. This may arrive in the form of people accustomed to your old self or patterns. It may come from your environment. Most likely, your ego will chatter nonstop, telling you…stay where you are.

Focus on your goal, and hold steady to your light. Imagine this picture as you go. You are as brilliant as the moon, and refuse to dim.

You will shine even in the shadow.

A house exists. A home belongs.

This image speaks a telling story. It shows a house mirroring its surroundings. If your environment is negative, and your sense of self diminished, you become a part of it.

Sometimes, you have to make a move entirely to a new locale. And in doing so, you become in touch with your authentic self. Do you want to simply exist as a house, or create a warm cozy home?

When you make a home in your own body, you will always belong to your most beautiful self. Then, in time, you will meet your life’s purpose.

Sketch or paint an image of what you would look like as your best self. Color in a setting that matches this soulful version of you. Have faith that you can make this a reality.

I built a castle with your tears, & swam my pain to sleep; until my soul spoke clear & true that freedom dwells in me.

You may have tried to save someone else; while your pain slept.  This took so much from you—time, joy, spirit.  But now, you may realize that while you built that castle with someone else’s tears, it’s time to put yourself first.

Freedom exists within your soul.  Feel this truth, and then swim in that direction.

Only in darkness can we glimpse the fullest light our soul carries for us.

When times are dark, it can feel like life is folding in on us. But in this space exists a flame, and it refuses to flicker. If you travel toward your soul, you will find this light and it will be the very thing that helps you subsist. And eventually, you will see that it carries not only your weight; but your light, all the while moving you gently forward.

Peace streams in the flow of a waterfall that gracefully lets go.

Life presents us with forks in the road, many of which aren’t of our making. At times, there is the want to stand before the diverging paths, and not make a decision at all—to hold onto the past. Our hearts are legendary for doing this!

But at some point, like Nature’s beautiful waterfall, we must let go. And when we do so, we must call on grace, not fear. Momentum, and moving forward, and a new way can also guide you to a chapter you never imagined possible.

Let that belief stream to you, and peace will follow.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Inspirational Quotes for Growth

Fear not the dark, for we bloom in the womb before greeting our light.

We all face struggles, and to fear is natural. Still, belief is essential, the awareness that periods of strife can carry you in to the light.

After all, we begin in our mother’s womb—a nine month passage of growth from darkness to light. Keep this visual in your heart. Know even in the most challenging times, a birth is in reach. And that dark phase may very well serve you.

Uprooted and lonely, still I endure, inner strength woven to my core.

When your life is upended, you may feel displaced. Loneliness takes hold, and the world around you seems alien. It is unsettling, to say the least.

But within the struggle, you learn who-you-are. A reservoir of strength roots you to the earth, at the same time allowing for you to rest, realign, and then rise. A new chapter slowly reveals itself. You will transform to meet it. Keep the faith.  

Never be afraid to dive inward. Your soul will catch you.

First though, you must move past fear. Aloneness is a part of it, and can feel daunting. At times, we reach outside of ourselves to fill the void. But traveling inward reaps its own rewards, deepening a relationship with your soul. 

Mind searches for love. Heart longs. Soul falls deeper into Even when your spirit’s dying, imagine new wings and keep on flying. you.

Visualization is a strong tool to aid in moving forward. Even if your spirit feels broken, imagine it otherwise. Close your eyes and believe that your self growth journey is growing wings . . . that you will move through life stronger one day soon. Spend time each day doing so.

Believe in your fall. It’s paving a new way to your climb.

We stumble in life. There’s no getting around it. But I’ve often found that setbacks and failure lead to a new path, and typically it’s a better suited one.

So, I believe in my missteps. And I look forward to what twists, turns, and stories await in my future. I work my way there…step-by-step.

To strip our egos naked as the earth; there, the soul awaits a quiet rebirth.

For a growth mindset, the ego must be kept in check. It likes to dominate your thoughts. And listening to its voice can stunt self-improvement.

Make time to silence your mind, either through meditation or otherwise. Find that quiet sacred space within that soothes you. Or go to a locale that calms you and do the same. Revisit it as much as possible.

Your soul is awaiting a rebirth.

I am becoming whole . . . like the moon parts from her dark, ready to shine her fullest soul.

We all hold a basic human desire to feel “whole.” The dark can be likened to a cocoon period, a necessity on this journey. Time and hard work allows one to ultimately emerge with wisdom. You then apply it, and grow closer to your fullest self.

Always remember this. You are a light that can’t be extinguished.

Hope is a mighty seed that dreams in the dark.

Hope is just this sort of miracle. She dreams past suffering, keeping her spirit true and resilient. In time, she spreads and manifests. Always believe.

When you reach for what feels impossible, you grow into a beautiful version of what is possible.

Things may feel impossible. Thwarted by setbacks, you may want to backtrack into your comfort zone.

Keep going! The end result may not look exactly as you envisioned. But, I promise, if you move in the noble direction of your goal, beauty will find you.

You will become your own version of what is possible.

Sometimes life tells you to tilt your head, sideways squint, peer through a new perspective.

Slowly but surely on your growth trek, you will begin to see things anew. When this occurs, know you are heading in the right direction.

Life is a constant flow of change, and you are embracing it. Pat yourself on the back! You’re well on the route to a new perspective, and it will reap rewards.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Personal Growth Quotes

Some days, I still search for you, my soul windswept and wandering through the bones of our past.

Past pain will echo at times, no matter your progress. This pull can feel intense, particularly to people from darker periods of your life. Perhaps you need to wander there for a bit in your mind. It’s okay.


Then, slowly center yourself to the present. Envision yourself in a glowing light, strong, moving ever forward. Surely, these memories will trail along. But no longer do they define you.

There are days when even hope bows her weary sunlit head. It’s okay; a return is inevitable.

Sunflowers track the sun. Still, they endure a period of darkness as night falls. Then, they turn to the dawn and embrace light once more.

Likewise, hope may not always be felt or seen; but it is a force, I promise you. And when you least expect it, hope will lift you back up and nudge you on your way.


She paints her soul in the dark with hope traveling from her heart.

Hope is a heart-made force of nature. In the darkest of times, lift her paintbrush, and color the soul into her realm. May this coat you in moments of peace.

Surf darkness until light washes on your shore.

Periods of deep suffering do not last forever. As you move through, you can liken it to waves you must surf for survival. Keep up the fight.

Light always returns.

She wore the woodsy scent of survival; resurrected from flames, sticks, and stones.

Trauma scars, and walking from it is never easy.  I dedicate this quote to those who are in the fight to subsist and carry on.  May you resurrect yourself in the vein of nature–a force.  May you walk with awareness that you are worthy, ever moving to the sunlight.

Your road led to a copper trail of memories minted in despair.

Sometimes we are led astray. We may enter a relationship that appears to be paved shiny as copper, en route to good times. Still, there may be subtle warning signs that we ignore, ones that reveal this bond isn’t right. In fact, the high of the golden moments might blind us to them.

Then the road takes a detour, and pain follows. Reading the early cues of a toxic relationship is key, particularly as you move past one.

Or you may be that copper trail yourself. We all hurt people in this lifetime. In this case, taking the time to explore one’s past and one’s triggers is helpful. When we acknowledge our mistakes and seek healing, we are choosing a trail coined in self-love. Then, we can extend love and respect to others.

I have met you before. I must sidestep once more.

If you have braved leaving a toxic relationship, you can be sure to meet figures that mirror this experience, as you heal.  A draw to the familiar is always intense.  But time and space to grow conscious is your best defense.  Then, you will see the red flags more clearly.

Of course, that person may be wounded, as we all are in some ways.  Still, you may be further along on a path to self-discovery.  So, know this. It’s okay to sidestep with compassion, and keep walking to your light, and truth.  You are worth it.

Our trials so often lead to trails for self-growth.

Life can render all sorts of twists and turns. Some are unpleasant, trials we must endure.


When we carry on, however, the path can bring rewards. Self-growth is among the most promising. It proves that you are not only a survivor, but a wise one armed with tools to cope and transform.

Through the tangled marsh of despair, the sun shone forth and pain exhaled.

At some point, pain diminishes and light pours in. Our periods of suffering pass. We exhale the experience, and inhale a new story. Keep the faith.

I faced the wintry nights of pain to find resilience in my reign.

We all endure dark nights of the soul throughout our lives, and they can feel cold and barren as winter’s tundra. It is tempting to find things to dull, mask, or avoid the hurt. But only by facing it head-on can you mine the greatest truth. Resilience is a powerful light that grows stronger from within, the more you choose to “be” with and “deal” with your pain.

You rose alone through winter’s coldest storm; but look how full you’ve grown.

The stark truth is we are all on a journey alone. Others may play supporting roles, encouraging you. But the steps taken are yours to own.

If you have overcome adversity, you have grown. And that is not only admirable, but exquisite. Feel the value of your journey, and hold your self-worth close.

The night may have placed you in its landscape. But, like the radiant moon, you are now full, luminous, and ready to take charge.

Indeed, you have evolved into a storyteller of incredible luminosity.

The storm freed me from the past. The lesson gave me wings at last.

When life brews up a storm, and breaks you into pieces, there is struggle, without a doubt. But there is also a gift. For now, you have the room for retrospect, and the space to rebuild. In this period, exists the golden lesson. It will appear to you, if you remain open to it.

Now, take the lesson and fly with it, as you carry on. There are lighter days ahead, and more loving skies to navigate.

Believe in yourself!

SunsetsbyDarina is the lovely photographer of this image. Check out her inspired sunset imagery!

If someone only sees the shadow of who-you-once-were; shine your sunlight on a different shore.

So, now you have reached your goal, or have profoundly changed. Some people may not get it. They may want to slot you as your past-self. Or they may not be ready to accept your success or fresh perspective.

At this point, you may need to find people who are willing to see you anew. Build a support system and continue on! Do not give up on yourself . . . . ever . . . based on another person’s faulty perception of you. Oftentimes, it is intertwined with their own shortcomings or resistance to growth.

Own who you have become, and live your life. You earned it!

Step from the shadow, and let sunlight rule your show.

And another thing, step from the shadow that has taken your life, and live more time in the sunlight. Let it be your guide, and you will assume a path to shine.

Be a friend in nature; a moon to the sun, rising together; souls stepping as one.

There’s no better place to find true friendship than in nature!

A friend in nature is a special sort. The kind that sees the beauty in presence—what exists in the here and now. That friend acknowledges that you are a part of the earth’s sweet landscape, and walks with you night and day, uplifting you. Nature feels your togetherness, and her soul—a connector—smiles along with your every step.

Hope is a mighty seed that dreams in the dark.

Hope is just this sort of miracle. She dreams past suffering, keeping her spirit true and resilient. In time, she grows and manifests.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Wisdom Quotes for Growth

A heart that still glows in the night’s beast is a stairway to Love and peace.

When dark times crowd in, our hearts have the choice to dim and harden. We can submit to the beast. Give our inner light as an offering.

Or we can feed our hearts friendship, kindness, and a safe place to process difficult emotions. In doing so, we keep our hearts aglow, and in due time, we can ascend once more to the realm of Love and peace.

When the mind stills, presence grows.

With this new-you comes presence. There is no getting around it. In order for you to have made a big change, you adopted a growth mindset. You rewired your brain to a certain extent.

Bring this heightened awareness into your life, and keep it fresh.

The journey is a golden light; the quiet walk to soul.

To look in your rearview mirror, you may glimpse a golden light threaded within your journey. Yes, there was great pain. But, along the way, also moments of ethereal grace. They kept you going.

Quietly, you entered soul territory. Cherish this place, and keep it sacred.

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Beautiful Growth Quotes

If she wears the night’s cruel scars, her soul will gather an ocean of stars. Alone, she will not be.

We all house some cruel scars. Life isn’t a perfect ball of sunshine, and so people hurt us.

When we are suffering the most, darkness can visit, and hope may fade. Still, deep in one’s soul, illumination rests in wait, flickering, its waves keeping you above water. I imagine the soul then collects kindly stars, and your most humble wish—to feel less alone—is met with Love. 

You reemerge, wiser, stronger. And most of all, light returns in the form of self-worth.

There is fire in your bloom, an unquenchable wild.

Fire up your authenticity. Bloom into the wild true you.

Here I rest in Nature’s charm, a peaceful nook to keep me strong.

Because the more peaceful the space in nature, the stronger you become, if you mirror stillness. For stilling the mind is strength. Within that power, your soul speaks to you . . . “All will be well.”⁣

Sometimes, a path calls for you to walk alone. And, still, it is beautiful.

If you are alone at the end of your trail towards self-growth, then, this is what it is.

Still, you can and will walk in a meaningful direction. In fact, you will be in the proper space to do so with self-love and authenticity.

And this is absolutely beautiful.

When self-doubt shades the Heart’s pure want, acknowledge Fear, & Carry On.

Now it’s time to follow your life’s purpose.

We all carry self-doubt on this journey. We may question the merit of our dream . . . or, worse yet, our own self-worth. Fear may rise, mountainous, to block a path to success. We may even quiver before it, and nearly give up.

This is the point when your heart must stand tall. Acknowledge Fear as real, yet disallow it to be your fullest reality. Bow to it, if you must. Fear likes to be acknowledged. Then imagine it the fog that rolls in, only to dissipate the farther you walk.

After all, the purest sense of purpose is a want to share your unique gifts with the world, and better it as a result. Fear can’t take that on. It shrinks, so small . . . fear. Love ascends, nudging you along. The heart serves as your compass with each step through time . . . closer, closer, closer . . .

I’m rooting for your dreams!

I will grow the sunflower in me. Spread hope through my soil. Water my needs.

Make time in your life to tend to your growth and needs, and while doing so sprinkle your soul with some hopeful seeds for the future. Be that mindful, sparkling sunflower!

The sky blinked, and the night fell away; the sun eager to greet a new day.

When we have transformed, crisp time arrives, the sun an eye from which to view a more optimistic path. Hope lives here. We have the choice to blink her into existence.

And then we walk forward as best we can, with belief in clear sight.

The dawn is rising in my soul. I endured the night’s darkest throne.

You have made it. A new tomorrow is lifting you up. The darkness is slipping into your yesterdays.

Celebrate your spirit, resilience, strong-will, and most of all, self-growth.

The light within you is always brighter than the dark that falls.

Time reached for a fresh book, and Hope wrote her first line.

I like to imagine Father Time as an entity that is so ancient and weighted that even he needs to let go, and start over. As a New Year arrives, he wakes and reaches for a fresh book, and Hope, in all of her glorious longing, pens the first line.

I hope that your first line in your revised life story brings you hope and renewal.

Be a miracle that grows. Live deeply from the soul.

We all have the seed deep within our souls to be miracles, and to grow that Love around us.

I hope my words have served as soft candlelight in the dark if you feel alone. Growth is never easy, but always rewarding. Have faith in your journey!

Sending my warmest wishes for you to stay motivated, and make a change.

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