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Grief Quotes to Soothe Your Soul

I have created healing inspirational quotes that speak to Grief. My hope is that if you are in present despair my words will soothe you.

Grief is sacred and personal, an entity which needs to be acknowledged and held close. Avoidance can lead to all sorts of maladies, as the heart, mind, and spirit disconnect. This diminishes the possibility to create an authentic deep life.

Facing your heartache and building a space in which to deal with it is soul work. My wish is that this post offers you a private place to grieve, and experience some glimmers of peace.

Grief, after all, is revealing your story. One which shows how much you have loved.

Love is always a gift.

grief quote set on the Hudson River...Grief is a bare forceful being. Soul holds it close. Stays.

grief quote with a silhouette in the sand...

Grief is a bare forceful being. Soul holds it close. Stays.

Grief is not a numbing force as with depression. I would liken depression to the want to crawl apart from the world, as if entering a snow globe and sleeping, unaffected by the cold. On the other hand, Grief shakes you awake as your life upends and the heart implodes.

Facing the darkness is the only way to work through it. I imagine the soul as embracing this willful energy, holding it as if a wailing inconsolable newborn. Staying.

grief quote with a frozen lake in winter | Photo by Eberhard GrossgasteigerIn this hollow I do grieve for all the things that cease to be.

Grief can feel like a living, breathing entity. It walks as a weighty part of us—the heavy ghost of “what was.”

At the same time, sunlit memories ribbon the journey, and we bring them to our present. They offer comfort for a while.

And so this is “what is.” Grief wades through the years with us. All we can do is find our own way to cope. 

grief quote with a sunflower | Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

If only time knew my sorrow, and gifted me yesterday instead of tomorrow.

The broken heart wishes for yesterday, or a string of them leading back to a lost loved one. It is a primal want, a deep longing for impossible things. If only time listened and we could rewind . . . even for one day.

grief quote with autumn forest...Like autumn, we pine for a peaceful place to fall.

Like autumn, we pine for a peaceful place to fall.

As the reality of loss settles in, we require a calming spot to cry. This could rest with someone we trust or a private peaceful place.

grief quote with lantern at night...The soul welcomes the bluest night, aware that light will return.

The soul welcomes the bluest night, aware that light will return.

The soul, that inexplicable deep quiet place from within, welcomes your Grief. It creates a stillness as vast and silent as the ocean’s bottom for you to fall and remain. When the time is right, the soul will swim you back to the surface to meet the light.

Move into your despair rather than away from it.
a shadowed man on the beach at night...The days are long and weary, and I'm barely holding on. But you breathe in my sadness and give my soul your calm.

The days are long and weary, and I’m barely holding on. But you breathe in my sadness and give my soul your calm.

Grief exhausts the body and the heart. Days stretch into eternity, and to look beyond the sadness feels impossible. Give the heartache to your soul and trust that its stronghold will weaken. Allow the soul to breathe in your sadness, and take from it some calm.

Each time we acknowledge our anguish, and pay our respects to it, we release some pain.

grief quote with an autumn tree and a hollow....My heart's hollow longs to hold you once more.

My heart’s hollow longs to hold you once more.

In the hollow of Grief exists unquenchable longing. There is no way around it; but to be in it, stripped bare like this tree. Who wants to be here? No one.

I imagine grieving in direct force and proportion to our loving. This thought has comforted me a bit, at times, when I feel like this tree.
grief quote with trees in the mist...

And time then stole our misty dreams the moment you left my world.

When loss happens, dreams collapse. Every relationship shares their unique set of them. An ending to what we hoped would be is a deep heartache in and of itself.

All we can do is keep the dream of what we experienced in that relationship alive in some beautiful way.
grief quote with moon...Sometimes I wonder on the what ifs. I always find you there.

Sometimes I wonder on the what ifs. I always find you there.

During the grieving process, there will always be what ifs. What if I did this differently? What if we had more time? What if this didn’t happen? But like the moon so far away, untouchable, we lack the power to rewrite our stories. We only hold the possibility to grow from them.

In this respect, you can then rephrase the “what ifs” into what can I take from this person I lost, or this story I lived, that will better myself and help those around me.a cardinal in the snowfall...Like snowflakes your words fall silent. But my heart still hears your voice.

Can we ever silence the voice of loved ones, truly? Even beyond life or presence, our hearts replay their words. Our souls hear what the heart can’t speak in a language close to divine. Love is larger than loss. Its voice remains.
grief quote with a leaf shaped like a heart...The heart is a mystical mosaic. Pieces live and die each day.

The heart is a mystical mosaic. Pieces live and die each day.

Our hearts are mystical mosaics. We live each day with parts full of our loved ones’ presence, and pieces tattered in holes from loss.

How the world may be different if we could hold this visual close. Imagine every person we come in contact with carrying a mosaic heart. Spread our light. Allow it to bleed through that person’s grieving gaps. Love.

grief quote with a cave and starlight...The grieving heart is a cavern. Memories echo, & Love lingers in soft immortal light.

The grieving heart is a cavern. Memories echo, & love lingers in soft immortal light.

The grieving heart is also like a cavern, mirroring an immense vacuous space. However, I imagine it beautified by profound memories echoing and love lingering in the softest light.

Our hearts crack, and what existed still ripples through us, carries on, in some soulful inexplicable way.

grief quote with a moody nature picture...

I long to ask the whys of you; the stories that I never knew.

When we lose someone we love, it is a personal pain. And with it comes the loss of all the pieces of that person we may not have known. In this sense, we also grieve for stories untold.

I look to this quote as a cue to ask people more about themselves. What a gift to hold histories from those we love to read in the warmth of our candle-lit hearts.

grief quote with waterfall photography by Eberhard GrossgasteigerGrief softened into tears and I let her flow. 

When we loosen the burden of grief and cry, our bodies thank us.
nature photography of a river in a forest...

With each teardrop falls a memory; a free-flowing river of our Love.

This is our shared journey through life. We love deeply, and within this magical realm we create lasting moments.

Once we lose someone dear, teardrops will fall. Feel these tears as a moving presence—a physical reminder that Love lives on. Then, when you grieve that river, you will flow into the beauty of your love story.grief quote with a stork in the rain...Nature births raindrops so the soul can grow.

Nature births raindrops so the soul can grow.

Nature knows tears are essential for growth. So, too, our soul begs us to release the pain. In doing so, we open pathways for acceptance and and gray clouds, nature photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

The clouds come and go. I wish grief felt a little like this.

There will undoubtedly be days when you want to wish the heartache away. It is a weight, no matter that grief is imbued with love. It’s okay to feel this way. We are only human to want pain to dissipate like the clouds.
grief quote with a full moon in Sedona...Gratitude is the gifts of sight in the darkest times.

Gratitude is the gift of sight in the darkest times.

Grief pines for a flicker of hope. Even finding one thing to focus on with gratitude offers a beacon of light, so the dark feels a little less lonely.

nature photography of the ocean...

I have loved with the breadth of the ocean; and lost with the grief of rainfall.

In the heart of loss, the expanse of our feelings comes in waves. And with it, we see more clearly. Love lifted us into a realm as majestic and vast as the ocean.

And so, we grieve equally so; as the sky weeps infinite raindrops.

To fully live, we must be open to both.
grief quote with winter trees...A beautiful echo whispers into grief's loved. you loved. you loved.

A beautiful echo whispers into grief’s chill…you loved. you loved. you loved.

Grief mimics nature’s chill, and emptiness can shade you like a canopy. Still, a beautiful echo resounds into the wake of loss, revealing the depth of your love.
grief quote | love and heartache quote | a picture of white flowers with rain...

Be kind to Grief that rains pure love.

Take time to be kind to Grief; which is honoring both yourself and your lost loved one.

While mourning, you are missing, and aching, and wishing. However, I can bet that person who you’re grieving would want you to be kind to yourself, and in this sense, to your heartache. Remember, as you recall your story together, the heart is raining pure love.

grief quote with a full moon and tree branches...When darkness branches to your soul, light still finds a way to rise.

When darkness branches to your soul, light still finds a way to rise.

Darkness can feel as if it has tentacles strangling the light from you. But your soul houses enough brilliance to divorce you from it once you’ve had your fill. And then lift you up in your beauty like this full moon.
grief quote with a white flower....Love forever exists in the soul-lit space of memory.

Love forever exists in the soul-lit space of memory.

Memory is a powerful soul space. We have our love stories tucked away there. How remarkable it is that whenever we want, we can retrieve a memory and play it like a movie. As such, we still our hearts to remember.
a stork flying in the rain...

Give grief to your soul. It will lift you when the time comes to fly.

Our souls are an intuitive loving space. Allow the soul to send you off in a more beautiful incarnation once it knows to do so. You aren’t meant to forever live with Grief alone.

You’re meant to Love.

You are Love.
grief quote with a heart and daisies...When the heart grieves, the soul makes a promise. Love will never leave you.

When the heart grieves, the soul makes a promise. Love will never leave you.

Sorrow floods the heart when we lose someone close.

Soul, however, promises that Love will never leave. When we are ready to receive this message in our own personal time, peace may rest within us.

Grief and Love Quote with a full moon | Photo by Altanay Dinc

The sun is sleeping. The moon’s aglow. Let Love’s soft whisper soothe your soul. 

When we lose a loved one, the sun sets. We can no longer see, touch, or communicate with that person in the same way. Grief takes us in to the night, a long stretch of heartache.

Eventually, the moon shines as a golden reminder. Our relationships still carry on . . . in a whisper of light, a full beautiful memory, a soul shiver.


The sun then rises once more, a testament that Love is never-ending. Faraway or close, we are forever bonded.

love quote | grief quote | photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

I have drawn the curtain from my heart to look back, and relive the wonder of our Love.

Taking moments to quietly open our hearts to the past is a gift.  We can keep our dear ones alive in doing so.  In time, we may smile, laugh, feel connected.  This photo by my friend, eberhard grossgasteiger , conveys this sentiment in the most profound way.  I imagine this tree feeling a little less alone, as it looks back to a deep love story.

beautiful heartbreak quote, nature photography of mountains and trees by Eberhard Grossgasteiger...

And this is what it feels like to fly your skyline, soak in your soul, remember, relive, cry . . . wild aching magic.

We form precious relationships on life’s journey, and each story is a unique gift. We name these bringers of Love. Mother. Father. Sibling. Lover. Child. Friend. 

When the time comes, we must let go. But in our dreams . . . a wide flowing skyline only our heart knows . . . we are free to remember, relive, and cry.

inspirational love quote with red poppies | Photo by Milos Tonchevski

The heart dreams in sunlit forever.

Create that warm place in your heart to go . . . to always feel connected.

Nature Photography of a spider web and raindrops by Genta Mochizaw

Threads of memory drape like lace, longing not to be erased.

Memory is the last trace of a relationship. Delicately, we weave it into our hearts. With tears, we revisit the intricate pathways of our moments on earth, and embrace those who enriched it.

Love will not be erased.

Beautiful Heartbreak Quote for the Grieving | Nature Photography by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

This I’ll leave in your soul, a rush of memories, our Love retold.

Sometimes a waterfall of memories return. Feel grateful. Your love story is being retold.

Tree in the Winter Photography by Jakob Owens

I will tuck deep in my soul the everlasting love I’ve known.

This is our mission in life . . . to love deeply, fully, so that it stretches into the everlasting.

grief quote with a bridge and hopeful sunlight...Meet me on the sunlit bridge where heart & soul embrace.

Meet me on the sunlit bridge where heart & soul embrace.

In a sense, Love and Grief are soul mates.  To enter a loving relationship, we make a pact, aware that loss may come.

I imagine this sunlit bridge as a beautiful space between this world and the next.  Take a moment to be here if you are missing a loved one.  Feel that person’s presence.  Know you are forever loved. These words of comfort for the bereaved are sent from my soul.  When I see that someone has pinned one of my grief quotes on Pinterest, I take the time to close my eyes.  I send that person my Love and Light.

I am doing the same for you right now.  My soul is connected to yours as you read.

Grieve.  Live.  Love.


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Grieving, Living, & Loving

If you found solace in this post, Soul Friend:  the Sacred Space of Silence may resonate with you.

Beautiful Music

My grandmother sang this song before she passed away, an ode to her Scottish roots. It is such a serene melody to nudge open Grief’s pathway.

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miss you quote with a yellow daffodil..."Most of all, I miss your warm hellos." Angie Weiland-Crosby
grief quote with a fog, trees, and a lake..."I long to ask the whys of you; the stories that I never knew." Angie Weiland-Crosby
grief quotes | mindfulness quotes | a picture of white flowers and rain..."Be kind to grief that rains pure love."
lost one quote grief | grief quotes | dealing with grief quotes | complicated grief quote | "Grief for the living lost aches in the heart's most hopeful chamber."
an autumn leaf with raindrops..."With each teardrop falls a memory; a free-flowing river of our Love."
a mountain with trees and mist...Eberhard Grossgasteiger | "And time then stole our misty dreams the moment you left my world."
miss you quote with a mountain in the Dolomites and clouds, photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger


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