Holiday Gifts from the Soul Soothers

Holiday Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and most certainly the best ones blossom from a loving heart.  After all, the want to give is connected to our basic human impulse to connect.  We revel in seeing those bright shiny faces of merriment as a loved one unwraps a handpicked gift.

Today, I’m going to help you out in the department of Holiday Gifts.  I have called on my subscribers (who I’ve nicknamed my Soul Soothers) to present their goodies.  In this respect, you will have a diverse arrangement of items to consider for purchase, all crafted by some truly beautiful souls.

Through this gesture, I hope to express gratitude to my faithful readers and supporters.  I feel honored to have you on my list!

If you are a visitor, grab some hot cocoa, do some shopping, and then stay for awhile.  My posts range from short soul stories and love letters to articles that inspire and uplift.  Also, subscribe to become a part of the Mom Soul Soothers family.  I love newcomers!

cute snowmen
gifts with pinecones and hot chocolate

My glorious friend, Patti DiMiceli, is an angel walking this earth, and she has an angel walking alongside her, Amber, her daughter.  Check out her website, Embrace the Angel, to read the heavenly story of their journey, and then purchase some of her gorgeous silks at Tobias & Co. LLC.

In Patti’s words…

For every Embrace the Angel silk scarf, necktie, or pillow cover purchased, Tobias & Co. LLC donates one to a bereaved mother, father, or critically ill child. We work with our divine Angel Partners—hospices, churches, hospitals, and organizations whose mission supports the critically ill and the bereaved—to help us distribute these silk pieces of wearable, lovable Angel Art with the hope that they will bring a bit of comfort, caring, and inspiration.

Here are a few items from her website.  Click on the image to order that item, and visit TOBIAS & CO. LLC to view her full array of products.

Embrace the Angel Silk Scarf
Embrace the Angel Silk Tie
Embrace the Angel Silk Satin Pillow Cover

My daughter, Summer, participated in this soulful angel pillowcase design.  Her angel exists in the heart of the pillow, as Patti likes to say.

US Naval Academy Silk Scarf
The “Art of Hearts” Silk Satin Pillowcover

If you live in the Annapolis area, you can also find Patti’s silks at the Local by Design store on Main Street Downtown, and at the Local by Design store in the Westfield Annapolis mall. 

Summer’s angel is the logo for Embrace the Angel.



Brenna Gertz is a keep designer for the company, Keep Collective.  A keep designer designs and sells accessories created from charms that tell a story.  Also, Brenna is a mom of two lovable boys, and a speech language pathologist.  She worked wonders with my daughter and served as a godsend to our family.

Words from the Keep Collections website:

Our CUSTOM-DESIGNED keepsakes are made with love by our AWARD-WINNING jewelry designers in Sausalito, CA. We use RESPONSIBLY SOURCED, QUALITY materials to create our Charms and GENUINE LEATHER Keepers.

Here are a few items you can find on Brenna’s link.  However, click and stay awhile.  There exists a vast selection of equally beautiful and touching keepsakes for every season of a woman’s life.  Purchase charmed accessories from a woman my heart will always consider a keeper.

Click BRENNA’S KEEPERS to shop. 


Spencer Vause is a mindful entrepreneur selling t-shirts that come packaged with simple; yet powerful messages.  He’s also my fabulous cousin and I adore him. 

In a play of synchronicity, his messages resonate throughout my posts, so I believe they may soul-speak to you.  I have purchased his comfy quality t-shirts and have worn them proudly!

In his own words:

Civil Goods is an up-and-coming t-shirt company that is dedicated to the promotion of human rights and social activism as well as pop culture trends.

Click on the image to purchase an item.


Because living your best life is living a blessed life.


Words are powerful.


Our bodies are our gardens.


A famous line from Othello by Shakespeare


For World Mental Health Day (and any other day).


Clean & Simplistic Lines


Denise Sirchie is a talented mosaic artist who handcrafts her unique pieces with love, soul, and meaning.  She is also not only my artistic aunt; but a wonderful supporter and cheerleader to me in all creative endeavors.  For instance, while in the midst of a funk, she sent me the book, Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it spurred me to create Mom Soul Soothers.  She also created a one-of-a-kind piece, Scarlet, inspired by both her beloved late employer, phenomenal fantasy artist/illustrator, David Delamare, and the main character in my upcoming magical realism novel.  Denise is a magic-maker! 


Scarlet is currently gracing the holiday window at The Village Frame and Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  If you are interested in Scarlet, contact Denise.

Artist Statement

I never did like staying in the lines when I colored, still don’t. Mosaic allows a sense of freedom in technique. There are no boundaries; chards come in unlimited choices, from the recycled, to the gem found in an old pendant. I strive for “adamento”, the visual flow and direction within a mosaic produced by the placement of rows of tesserae.  I want people to “take a walk” visually when they view my art. Perhaps they too, will take on different eyes as they view the world.

As a self-taught artist, this is my 17th year enjoying the highs the creative process gifts me. The medium arose my interest in the year 2000; admiring the art form at a local gallery. It became my silver lining in the following year as I began a successful battle with breast cancer. My “blankie” became studio time. Taught from borrowed books from the library, internet research, and learning from costly mistakes, the balance in life born from this art form feels somewhat complete. It truly makes me wonder how the universe knows when to curse you with a disease, only to allow you to rise above it, and with it, take a prize.

Visit DENISE’S ETSY SHOP to shop more artwork, as well as to see zoomed-in images of her works’ finer detail.  You will be spellbound!

Also, you can learn more about Denise at her ARTIST WEBSITE.


Nesting is a beautiful one-of-a-kind mosaic wall hanging designed for the bird lover at heart.  There’s much to discover, as the more you look at the piece, the more you’ll find.   


Zingo is a whimsical, graceful mosaic mask that I truly enjoyed creating.   She’s titled after a dear friend of mine who owned a gallery with its namesake. 


Asmara is a one-of-a-kind glass mosaic wall mounted mask that was created with respect and love for all living creatures.  Asmara is considered one of Africa’s most beautiful cities. 


This is a Pende Mask that I’ve interpreted into a mosaic art form.  The Pende use these masks to communicate with the spirits during rituals.  They are some of the most dramatic works of all African art.

Creating the art is my passion. Happiness is sourced from you, the buyer, who has decided you can’t live without it! I hope your buying experience is easy, kind of fun, and with genuine purpose.

Thank you, Denise.


Hunter Lee Hughes is an innovative filmmaker, talented writer, and brilliant actor.  He is also a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to call him my dearest friend.  His inventive award-winning film, Guys Reading Poems, integrates visual poetry with traditional narrative filmmaking. 

In the dreamlike mindbender Guys Reading Poems, a resilient boy uses poetry and his imagination to survive abuse when his artistic mother (Patricia Velasquez, The Mummy) loses her sanity after her lothario husband (Alexander Dreymon, “The Last Kingdom”) leaves town with his beautiful mistress (Lydia Hearst, “South of Hell”). This mysterious neo-noir fan favorite reveals the unseen scars of a creative, but troubled family.

“[Hunter Lee] Hughes’ film has a universal appeal. By channeling the pain of damaged youth into a unique filmic meditation, he has created a touchstone for anyone who struggles to reconcile these psychic scars within their own life.”

John Paul King, Film Critic, L.A. Blade

“There is never a moment in the film that looks less than gorgeous, thanks to the black-and-white cinematography.”

Jeremy Ross, Film Critic, Living Out Loud L.A.

Here is my favorite soulful clip from Guys Reading Poems, as Hunter delivers his original poem, I Want a Lover.


Ultimately, Hunter’s film speaks to the imagination’s power to create a space of solace that leads to resilience.  If you are an avid reader of my blog, you know I have integrated this very message into posts. 

I  also ventured the film festival circuit with Hunter a few times.  Viewing this film on the big screen was beyond magical.  So, click, purchase, and nurture your poetic soul.

Guys Reading Poems, brought to you by Gravitas Ventures, can now be ordered and watched via iTunesAmazon, VuduGoogle PlayVimeo, YouTube or


Tommy Crosby is an engineer by day, and during his off-hours the magical master-dog lover behind the website, Barking Laughs.  He is also a wonderful husband and father, as well as a tireless advocate for our daughter, Summer, who has autism.  Tommy’s choice to add a sweet lab, Cali, to our family helped us heal after a long road to diagnosis.  He extends this same love and care to his website, his audience, and his artistic dog-loving t-shirts.

Tommy helped turn me into a huge dog lover!  If you are too, or know someone who adores dogs, check out his paw-loving quality t-shirts.  Purchase some to offer soulful dog presence with each wear.  And subscribe to get a boost of Dog Love & Laughter each day!

From Barking Laughs:

“Do you know pictures and videos of big dogs, small dogs, funny dogs, and cute puppies will make you happy? If you want to smile, If you need to smile…Barking Laughs can help you Get Your Wag On!”


If you don’t want to disappoint the pooch owners in your life, then click our ultimate gift-giving guide.  It is quick and easy to follow with awesome ideas.  Be a gift-giving hero instead of a zero to the dog-loving people in your life!


Don’t forget this holiday about the one that truly counts, your pooch!   For all the love directed your way, your canine deserves a cool gift.  And as an added bonus, these gifts will make your pup happy, healthy, and relaxed.   

Crimson Rain Paw Print

These paw print t-shirts make the perfect dog lover gift.  Unique and only available from Barking Laughs, the paw prints come from original paintings.  Wear to show pride in the artistry and joy your dog has brought to your life.   

Cobalt Dreams Paw Print Shirt
Cobalt Dreams Paw Print Shirt

Amber is wearing a men’s size, and doing it with such beauty.

Forest Rain Paw Print Shirt

Style up your one-of-a-kind paw print shirt with a hat, a long-sleeved shirt, and a lovable lab.


All the items in this gift guide are under twenty dollars. By using this guide, you will save time and money.


Just look at these sweet sisterly faces as they wear their artistic paw print t-shirts proudly!  Click, buy, wear, and feel the Dog Love too!

I hope you found some great Holiday Gifts to purchase and wrap up in a soulful bow for your loved ones.   Before you go, check out the special features below.   Also, if you enjoyed this post share it far and wide on social media to give these creative hard-working entrepreneurs something to smile about this season.

Thank you for visiting, and wishing you happy shopping and a beautiful holiday season!


Do you feel overwhelmed already by the season?  Then visit the blog, One Wild and Precious Life, penned by Jeani, a daring and warm soul I cherish.

Jeani suffered an illness for an extended bout and it awakened her.  Weary of her fast-paced cookie cutter life, she rented her house, packed up her family with a few simple items, and then hit the open road in her beloved RV named Loraine.

Escape to picturesque places and deep into her soulful musings as you follow her trail on this One Wild and Precious Life.


Calm the nerves and ease into serenity as you shop by playing some soul-soothing music.

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